Furry Humans

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❝You’re a warrior, warriors don’t give up and they don’t back down. Pick up your sword and shield and fight.

I sat waiting for something to happen, immobilized next to the empty body that once held the kind soul of my Mother, she was now gone and there was nothing I could do or could have done. My anger still lingered in my veins, the bloodlust simmering down from a boil to a soft hum, but nevertheless, still there, I stared down at London in my arms — ignoring the screams down the hall as the sounds slowly grew closer.

Another roar shook the walls, vibrating the ground and rattling my bones and mind, but I didn’t respond in any way while stroking the flesh of London’s hands. I watched him sleep despite the ongoing sounds that filled the air, scanning his features; his button nose already starting to look like Dad’s, his eye shape similar to his as well.

The shape of his face was same as Mom’s, full cheeks and small plump lips, everything about him was small; from his body to the tip of his fingers nails that were curled around my pinky. A muscle in his cheek twitches and the movement beneath his eyes causes my heart to lurch, slowly his thin, small eyelids part open and I’m greeted with dull grey eyes that stare up into my eyes, innocence in the depths.

The sight brings tears to my eyes, one lone tear curving around my cheek and dripping down my chin and onto London’s nose in a splash; he flinches at the contact but doesn’t take his eyes away from mine.

‘If only Mom could have this moment. . .’

His gaze tears away from mine and begins to look around the cell, taking in the dull colors, shapes, and objects despite the dark lighting. The hairs on my arms start to stand and the air begins to shift at the awareness of a predator approaching, but this feeling was all too familiar, the door to the cell was yanked open with a loud creak and the human instincts still within me urged my limps to run away from the threat that slowly grew closer; but I didn’t. I stayed planted in my spot continuing to gaze at London that had his eyes on someone in front of me.

“I remember it all. . .” I whisper, not lifting my eyes from the only thing holding me down. “I remember every single detail, emotion, event that’s been taken away from me.”

“Abigail. . .” his voice was nothing but a whisper in the breeze to me. I finally lift my eye up to collide with green ones that have constantly been in my dreams.

“I always had someone protecting me from afar.”

He closes the distance between us, the air now silent with the lingering smell of death and the feel of sorrow, his hands hovered in the air near my body, hesitantly, before resting it on my shoulder while gazing deeply into my eyes.

“Isn’t that right. . . Elijah?”

He doesn’t say anything but his eyes sadden further, the small flicker of movement as he switch gazes to me then to my mom.

“We have to go,” he spoke, looking over his shoulder where a commotion was beginning to echo our way.

When I didn’t make a move to speak or pull away from his touch he inched closer on his hunches and effortlessly lifted me into his arms as if I weighed nothing. He stood to his feet and his gaze drifted to a place I didn’t dare look back to one last time; I hold onto London tighter, pulling my sweater more around his body as Elijah finally turned away and walked through the exit.

I kept my stare locked on the fabric of his shirt, never looking back because I knew if I did, everything would come back at me in a tidal wave. With every step, we grew farther away from the dark and closer to the light, my freedom. I shut my eyes; enjoying the cool breeze against my cheek as we finally made it out into the open.


My heart clenches at the familiar voice that calls out to me, I don’t open my eyes to look into his, to see the expectation and the feeling of knowing I failed at doing something so simple. My nose begins to burn with the tears that I hold at bay, his scent drifts into my senses and causes the beast in me to stir, I feel his body heat against my arm as he stands close.

“Oh god, Abigail,” he whispers, his fingers trailing down my cheeks and cups the side of my face.

My bottom lip trembles as I finally peel my eyes open and connect gazes with Dad. He looked horrible. His eyes were swollen, bloodshot, alert and a hint of insanity in them, his jaw was littered with untamed hair that was growing into a beard. He searched my eyes for a moment, relief brimming them until his eyes glided down to the squirming boy in my arms. Gone was the relief and now shock replaced his expression as he looked down at the bundle in my arms.

I watched as tears welled up in Dad’s eyes, his hands shakingly move away from my face to London’s smaller hand, stroking and lifting his fingers to hold between his forefinger and thumb. London holds onto Dad’s finger as tight as he little body could muster, his grey eyes searching around the area and not directly looking at Dad but near him, his arms and legs flailed while his tongue sticking out as if licking the air. The sweet moment between father and son was soon shattered.

“Where’s your mother? Why isn’t she out here with you?”

The questions he asked and that I dreaded to be said were finally out, I look away when his gaze turns to mine, I could also feel Elijah’s arms tense and lock up beneath me. I knew Dad knew something was wrong, he pulled his hand away from London and took a step back before looking down the dark hall we’ve just come from then back to now focusing his attention on Elijah.

“Where is Diana?” he asks forcefully, teeth gnashing together and chest rising and falling with harsh breathing.

Elijah doesn’t say anything. He casts his eyes away from the slowly breaking man before his eyes, I could hear Dad’s breathing increase further as he takes off down the hall; calling out to his love who was long gone, a desperate plea that he didn’t want to believe what his mind and heart was telling him. That was Elijah’s cue to continue his path to where ever he was going, I go numb and prepare myself for the worst.

A gut-wrenching wail pierces the air before the veil to my mind could completely fall, it yanks at my heartstrings and pushes forth those tears that wanted to spill like a cracked dam, but I didn’t let them, each time my mind would flash the nameless vampire’s image: a spark of rage would ignite and burn deep inside of me. The sound was soon followed by a heartbroken howl, everything poured into it, the sound of a lost lover and broken man.

Chaos erupted and I was passed along to someone else’s arms before a wisp of wind moved my hair about, with the silver still in my system it was hard to smell the person’s scent until I felt them. . . the tingles that rushed up and down my spine, arms, and through my whole being.

My eyes snapped up and connected with warm brown eyes that were overflowing with relief and something deeper and sweeter as he holds me tighter.

“Xavier. . .”


This book is coming to an end, and the next book for this series is already up and ready to read <3 its called ‘Fur vs Skin’

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