Furry Humans

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Throw me to the wolves and I’ll return leading the pack.

Early morning wind blew causing the tree leaves to sway and brush against each other, and creates a rustling noise. The temperature continued to drop from the incoming winter that rushed towards us with blinding speed, the cold will take some getting used to with living the rays that drowned California; luckily Mom bought winter clothes when she heard of the move.

The morning light lit up the area giving it a bluish glow as I stood outside the SUV, leaning up against it while my eyes gaze up at the tall building that will soon become my new school. On top of the school’s entrance was a white letter board with big bold letters.

Home To The Wolves

“Oooh my goodness, this is so beautiful,” Mom exclaimed.

I scoff, shaking my head. “School isn’t supposed to be beautiful, Mom, it’s a hell hole and always will be.” I chided, watching her close the passenger door as she got out.

She glides over, wrapping her arm around my shoulder, “Awh, honey, school can’t be that bad.”

Giving her a look, it only causes her to laugh. I look back up at the building, scanning the open windows, the rooms seeming to be occupied, on the second level my eyes colliding with brown that belonged to a boy that looked from a window of the class room.

It was hard to make out his features from the distance but his eyes stood out the most, almost glowing as they stared right back into mine. Something zipped down my spine that caused me to shiver, the cold not being the only reason for it. The connection was broken when the sound of keys jiggling brought me back and to look at Dad as he came up beside us.


I nod once and Mom squeezes my shoulder pulling me forward as we walk in sync, up the stairs. My eyes linger on the spot the boy sat to see he was gone, shaking my head, I let it go. Once we make it to the doors, Dad holds it open for us walking inside after we passed under his arm; instantly a blast of cool air hits us in the face.

“Isn’t it cold enough outside? Jesus.” I comment, shivering and rubbing at my arms.

The halls were empty, considering we arrived a couple after the day actually started, there was nothing but a hand full of students lingering in the hall which gazes I felt on me. I gaze up and see signs that showed directions to a certain place with arrows. ′Office′ pointed in the direction ahead of us.

“Dad the office is straight ahead.”

He looked down at me, “How do you know?”

“There’s a sign above that says so,” I reply, nodding up at the sign.


“You must be Abigail Simpson?”

I was immediately greeted by a lady with bright blonde curls that was pulled into a tight neat bun and forest like green eyes. Her smile was wide showing all of her pearly whites, not to mention kind of creepy how she looked at me with unblinking eyes.

“Uh, yeah,” I smile awkwardly, quickly glancing at Mom. “That’s me.”

Her smile grew if possible, her eyes brightening with it. Her gaze soon shifted to Dad before she held her hand out.

“My name’s Vivian. It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Simpson.”

He straightens his back, putting on his ‘business face’ as he shakes her hand, his own engulfing hers.

“Likewise,” he says gruffly.

The lady suddenly sniffed and turned to my Mom with a gleeful expression on her face. “Congratulations on your pregnancy!”

My pulse quickens and I couldn’t help but step closer towards mom, who smiled back at the lady.

“How did you know I was pregnant?” she asks, though a tone took over her voice.

’That’s what I want to know.

Vivian simple laughed, “You’re practically glowing! And from what I heard most pregnant women are, I was just taking a lucky guess.” she explained, not missing a beat.

Mom’s mouth shaped in an ‘O’ form while Dad nodded his head laughing a bit, a sudden tension behind him that didn’t go unnoticed. I narrowed my eyes at them both and the lady.

Doesn’t explain why she sniffed. .

“Shall I get started on the paperwork?” she inquires while holding an arm out in the direction of another room.

“Yes, please.” Mom replied, walking over to the room with Dad in tow.

“Dylan, would you please interact with Abigail for a bit while I get her schedule ready?”

I turn around, finally noticing a boy I didn’t know was in the room. He lifts his head up from a book and smiles at Vivian before his eyes glide over toward me, widening a fraction as he did.

“Sure,” he replied calmly.

She nods her head once, moving into the room my parents already transitioned into. The door shut, leaving me with the thought that I’m alone with a total stranger- someone I didn’t need and didn’t know how to talk with. The silence stretches between us as he closes his book and gently sets it down at the desk he was at.

I give his appearance a once over, his slightly orange and brown hair fit his toned skin, his bright blue eyes caught my eyes. They were the brightest blue I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t help mind from bringing up the image of the wolf, the second time I’ve seen the color. My head began to throb.


I was startled out of my thoughts at the sound of his voice so close to me, blinking, I see he now stood in front of me with a raised brow.

“H. .Hi,” I clear my throat, taking a small step back and straightening myself out. “Hey.”

He chuckles low and soft. “It’s nice to meet you. My name’s Dylan Goldberg.”

He holds out his hand, excepting a shake, and I hesitate to return it. Slowly, I place my hand on his looking him dead in the eye.

“Abigail Simpson, but you can call me Abby,” I tell him, giving him a small smile while I shook his hand.

A sudden twinkle lit up in his blue eyes catching me off guard for a second, his eyes seemed to brighten as he pulled his hand away.

“Nice to meet you, Abigail.”

I nodded, finally examining the office admiring the leather furniture and how things were arranged neatly.

“So I’m guessing you’re new around here?” I hear Dylan ask.

I nodded, now looking at a bowl of candy, my mouth begins to salivate.

“What makes you say that?” I say, distracted.

I hear shuffling and before I know it he was beside me taking the bowl of candy in his hands and digging in it himself. My shoulders slump.

“Considering the fact that you’re joining the school after we’ve come back from summer break. Our town is pretty small, unheard of and miles away from a normal city for anyone new to be moving into,” he explains, looking at me through his lashes.

I roll my eyes, “Well, surprise, my family and I are the first.”

He chuckles, leaning against the wall beside the desk. “How are you adjusting?”

I shrug, running my finger along wooden desktop. “It’s too damn cold here. I’m used to the California heat, I want to go home but that’ll make me sound like a whining brat.” I shrug once again.

He nods his head again, placing the candy bowl back down on the desk while he plopping a jolly rancher in his mouth. A sudden bringgg! echoed and caused me to jump and at that exact moment, my parents came out of the room with a, still, smiling Vivian.

“You’re all set! And just in time for second period.” she shoves a paper to my chest and pushes me towards the door.

“Uh, w-wait-Mom!”

“We’ll see you after school, sweetie! Have a good first day of High School.”

And the door was slammed in my face. Silent laughter was heard from behind me, I slowly turn around to see Dylan laughing at me.

“Shut up.”

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