Furry Humans

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I am the monster you created.❞

Elijah keeps Susan from going anywhere all while the smile on his face turns deadlier, she stands in front of him, the muscles in her body clenched together as if she’s getting ready for an attack. Everyone stumbled out of the house, Logan staying behind to calm the pack members that began to peek out from their windows and came down the stairs to investigate the noise.

“What are you doing, Elijah?” we heard her hiss at him, “We’ve been looking everywhere for and here you are residing next to these mutts.”

The smile that graced Elijah’s lips vanished, replaced with a cold blank look in his eyes as he regarded the woman in front of him.

“My decision to leave is none of your business and never will be. I don’t think you’re entitled to be asking the questions in the situation you are in n right now,” he states calmly, his words causing her to clench her hands together.

Before she could open her mouth again, kicks her legs out from under her.

Her back was met with the ground, snow kicking up with the force of her fall, a small grunt passed her lips, the movement seeming to have caught her off gaurd. She didn’t get a chance to recover as she was hauled up by the roots of her hair and turned in our direction.

“Have at her.” Elijah gestures.

No one spoke for a moment, the situation finally sinking in that someone they seen as harmless and sweet is some killer.

“Who are you?” I spoke, staring her down.

She scoffed but didn’t speak, the action causes me to bristle, Xaiver placed his hand on my shoulder, the sparks doing little to clam me down but it kept me level headed.

“What’s your real name? And why did you come here?”

Silence greeted us.

“Why did you do it?” Mason was the one who spoke and I cut my gaze over towards him, his face blank and dull as he looked down at the woman who he seen as his mate.

Her tongue rolls along the inside of her cheek, eyes flickering over towards Mason before they looked down at the ground. She soon hissed in pain when Elijah jerked her head back roughly by her hair, her face scrunching up in pain, when their gazes met anger flashes through hers.

She opens her mouth in a vicious hiss her chest rumbling with a growl, fangs extending from her gums.

Vampire. She was a vampire just like Elijah. The thing is how didn’t we all notice it when she first came?

Elijah’s expression shifts into a deep scowl as he leans his face into hers. “Hiss at me again and I’ll rip those fangs right out of your mouth and I know you don’t want that, they’re the key to your survival.”

For the first time fear was stricken across her face, her lips tightening together as if to hide away the weapons that reside in her mouth.

“That’s what I thought, so you better start talking.” Elijah grumbles, straightening his stance behind her as he released her hand from his fingers.

With a sigh, and clenches fist she begins speaking, “My real name is Eleanor and I’m a bounty hunter for the government that controls the werewolf community. And I’m also a vampire.”

“What are you doing here?” Samantha was brave enough to ask.

“They sent me here to kill her,” she nods her head in my direction. “If you guys didn’t know, the treaty between humans and wolves has been breached the moment she was born and it was my job to kill her.”

“Why kill her? What’s the whole point of this?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t ask questions, just do what I’m asked if I want part of the agreement.”

“How did you know about Mason? Why did you fake being his mate?”

She turns her attention towards me, meeting my gaze head on. “I so happened to find out that you were his sister and that he hadn’t found his mate yet. I concluded sooner or later he would meet with you again and why not see you in person as his mate.”

“I had a witch cloak what I was really was and fake that I was his mate.”

The sharp intake of breath came from none other than Mason as he sharply looks away, taking a step back as if the information hit him physically. Samantha stood next to him, her fingers trembling with the need to touch him and comfort him yet her face said she wasn’t he wanted to feel anything after being lied to.

“What was part of the agreement?” Elijah asked this time.

There was a glint in her eye. “Many others are having a trouble adjusting to drinking blood, so the government our attention with a deal if we kill all halflings we won’t have to drink animal blood anymore.”

She laughs, “You guys are in for a ride for what they have in store.”

“So you’re telling me,” I start, strong anger coursing through my veins that I was sure that Xaiver felt. “that you guys kill is because you motherfückers aRE HUNGRY!?” I explode.

My body began to heat up, my nails tingling and eyes throbbing. “My cousin is dead because you guys were hungry. My MOTHER is gone because you guys couldn’t be problem solvers, NOAH, the one who jumped in front of me to take that arrow is gone because you dumbâsses couldn’t survive without blood though you all are immortal and nothing can kill you.”

Eleanor’s eyes harden as she stares, “That was his fault—” she didn’t finish her sentence as I was in front of her in the blink, my foot connecting with her face in a sickening crunch.

She tobbles back as blood gushes from her nose and split lip, before I could pounce on her, arms wrap around me while pinning my own against my side, lifting me in the air and away from her.

“Put me down! She deserves everything I have, she is the cause of my pain!”

He walks with me kicking and shouting around the house that leads to the forest, I wiggle in his hold, trying to brake his arms from around me but he only tightens his hold grunting with every attack I rained down on him.

“Xavier!!” I cry out, eyes burning, having trouble breathing. “She killed Noah! She’s the one that killed Noah!!”

I go limp in his arms, wailing into the air for all to hear, sobs shattering from my chest as the endless flow of tears fall down my cheeks and splash into the snow below. I could feel Xavier’s emotions as they mingle with mine, him feeling his heart ache from my emotions, he stops and settles down on a root of a tree that was growing out of the ground.

“Abigail. . .” he whisper, holding me tightly to his chest.

“It’s not fair,” I cry, opening my eyes a bit, tears clouding my vision. “Why?”

My chest felt heavy once again, weighing me down and sinking back into he dark abyss below.

“You can’t kill her. It won’t do you any justice.” every word is felt against my shoulder.

He’s right, killing her won’t do anything, it’ll only mark me as a murderer but I didn’t want to believe it. She deserved to die, maybe more, maybe suffer like I’ve had for the past days.

“But she—”

“No!” he grabs my chin and turns my face to look him in the eyes, I could see his eyes were filled with his own tears, my emotions getting the best of him. “Killing her won’t bring him back, you have to accept it, he’s gone.”

“You’re better than this.”

My lips tremble and I’m crying all over again, choking on tears and letting out everything that’s consumed me from the moment I got out of the car and stepped foot inot moonbrooke.

“I love you, Abigail.” he tells me wholeheartedly, squeezing me tighter with his hand on the back of my head.

“I love you too.” I respond when I couldn’t cry anymore, throat parched and dry coming out scratchy.

He was right. I’m better than this, thinking that taking another life will bring back another and set everything right, killing her will loosen the pain that sits comfortably in my chest but actually worsen it. Maybe, just, maybe I can look back on this and be glad that I hadn’t done anything drastic and learn to. . . live with everything.

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