Furry Humans

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* Epilogue *

The story is not over, it’s far from over.❞

Three years later. . .

“London, don’t get too close to the water!”

His head whips around as if he’s been caught, a small blush blankets his cheeks before he steps back from the pond and squats to play in the dirt, running his toy cars over the small hills he made.

A smile tilts at my lips as I rest my head on the back of the foldable chair that was set under a tree, this was one of those rare times that the mountains would be melted of snow and the sun would grace us with its light and heat. As I relax with my hands folded over my stomach, I shut my eyes, my mind pulling me into the abyss of memory lane.

Over the years, I’ve worked to restore my mental health, everything I’ve been through causing a serious damage that didn’t show until after it was all over with. Xavier was patient and worked with me every day to get me back to a stable level, pushing away the dark times that wanted to reside within my head, he sparked another flame of hope that I can move on and live in the future though everything that has happened will never be forgotten.

I discovered later on that Elijah was originally sent out to kill me by the government, to them, he was their personal hitman, the best they had; and only being sent out when a situation got too difficult for others. My case was the biggest one yet being that Dad moved us around a lot when I was younger and kept me off any records before we moved to moonbrooke, it was my first year at a public school and I actually enjoyed life then.

Elijah told me he didn’t know he was sent out to kill a child, was just given the information that the treaty has been broken and this person was on the run. When he met me that day scared and about to be ripped to shreds by a rogue, he couldn’t do and it opened his eyes to who the government truly were. He couldn’t leave me alone that day, knowing that others would come after me and try to do what he couldn’t do.

That wasn’t all that happened.

A year back, Dad came pack on his own, looking different than what he used to, he lost a lot of weight and was starting to look the age he was supposed to. The reason he came back was because of instincts and his heart, his instinct told him that he needed to protect the pup that his mate left behind and be the father he actually needs to be; his heart told him not to give up because this wasn’t something that Mom would have appreciated, him being a coward and leaving their kids behind.

It took more than just saying sorry for me to move forward knowing that he left when we needed him the most, but I couldn’t put the full blame on him, the guilt still ate me alive that I was the cause of her death, no matter what anybody said; I should have done something, anything, for her to see the first birthday of London.

Then there was the Mason and Samantha situation, after what happened with Mason he’s kept his heart guarded and asked for things to go slow with Samantha, disheartened she did what he asked. Since that day thing has been hard on him, doubts have been clouding his mind if Samantha was his real mate or was it all fake like the one with “Susan”, there was even a time he was avoiding her for two months straight, always taking errands and assignments to go to other packs.

Samantha told herself that she couldn’t blame Mason for keeping his distance because he was liked to for however he and “Susan” we’re together, yet that still didn’t stop the hurt from consuming her heart from not being able to enjoy her mate as she always dreamed. As the years passed they’ve been working on it, Samantha decided to get a further education and use that to benefit the pack, Mason supported her through it all.

It was hard to tell whether they would get into a relationship any time soon.

A deep sigh heaves from my chest as I open my eyes when I feel his presence near me, probing at the back of my head, tugging at that silver lining.

‘You okay?’ Xavier asks me through the link.

I turn my head to the side where his wolf form stood, looking down at me as his body heat radiated onto me. The added heat had me fanning myself as sweat began to drip from my forehead, only wishing for the harsh winter to come back soon.

“I’m okay, just hot as hell,” I say out loud, using the armrest of the chair to pull myself up.

Xavier was quick to help, taking a step forward and using his snout to push my lower back and into a standing position, I sigh again, holding my stomach.

“Thank you,” I say softly, smiling when our eyes collide.

‘Please don’t overwork yourself, it’s too hot out, maybe we should head back—’

“Xavier,” I laugh, moving towards him and run my fingers through his fur. “I’m fine, we’re fine, I told you before if there was something I would tell you.”

His sigh passes through the link as he rubs the side of his face against my pregnant belly, his nose flaring as he takes in the scent of his unborn child. I smile down at the image that blesses my eyes, running my hands up and down the top of the head before scratching behind his ear.

‘I know, I can’t help but worry.’


We both look over to see London smiling wide in Xavier’s direction, the size and existence of his wolf always exciting him. He gets up from his place by the pond and runs over towards us, stopping a few feet away, almost bursting with energy and enthusiasm.

Xavier’s eyes dancing with amusement and adoration, he bends his giant head and nudges the side of London’s face and huffs against his neck causing a round of giggles to slip past his lips. London stands on his tippy toes and runs his fingers through the wolf’s fur.

“Cool. . .” he murmurs in astonishment.

He’s been like this ever since Xavier showed him his beast for the first time and he’s been in love ever since. Xavier steps back and nudges London’s face one more time before he begins to move back.

‘I’m going to go shift back and find some clothes.’

I nod just as he disappears into the woods again, and not soon after he was gone does something from the left of me caught my eye, I turn my attention and there was Elijah standing in the other side of the pond smoking sadly as he gazed at the both of us.

“Hey, London, why don’t you go back to playing? Sis has to go talk to someone.”


Elijah met me halfway when I began to walk in his direction, moving us to stand in the shade of the trees.

“How have you been, Abigail?” he asks, setting an icebreaker.

I sigh, “Better. It feels like I’m about to pop with this belly despite being three months.”

I turn to look at him, brow clashing with green as we stared at each other, the softness in his eyes squeezing my heart when a hint of sadness lingered.

“But I know you didn’t come to ask me about my day and how many times I went to use the bathroom.”

My hand runs over the building curve of my belly, a thumping being felt against my palm.

“No,” he chuckles, “I came here to say that we’re leaving.”

“I figured,” I mutter, feeling Eleanor nearby, my eyes cutting to her direction where she stayed in the shadows, watching London splash in the water with Xavier.

“I don’t know why you keep her around,” I grumble, fully turning my body towards him.

After staring at his face for a moment I begin to feel choked up, “I’ll miss you.” I softly speak.

If possible his eyes soften more, the small breeze in the area weaving through the strands of his cut hair that reached his ears. He steps towards me and tucks a lock of my own hair that was cut into a bob, and places, it behind my ear before he folds me in his arms, hugging me close to his chest; an ache forming in my chest as my eyes watered.

“I’ll miss you too.” his cool breath rushes over my ear.

I only hug him tighter, burying my face in his chest, inhaling his sweet scent that coats the layer of his body as if he’s been rolling around in a meadow. My belly makes it a bit difficult to bring him closer, after a few moments we pull away and he wipes away a tear that managed to slip.

“You know you’re always welcomed back,” I tell him, holding my stomach, “I want you to come back and meet her.”

A smile lights up on his face, making it just as beautiful than when he’s not.

“Of course.” he agrees, “If you ever need anything, you know what to do.”

I smile, ‘Call your name.’ I think to myself.

Elijah leaves shortly after one last hug, taking Eleanor with him. I walk back towards Xavier who stood waiting at the edge of the pond, immediately wrapping his arms around me when I was close enough, he sticks his nose in the crook of my name where his mark laid at, a delicious shiver runs down my spine as he places a feather-light against it.

“He’ll be back,” he says in my ear, looking on at London having a blast in the water.

“I know,” leaning back against his chest, we stand and enjoy the moment as we watch the moment we’ve finally got.

My hands overlap Xavier’s that rest on my stomach, the heat of his hands seeping through my shirt, my baby girl kicking up a storm as she feels the presence of her father. The rays of the sun glare down at the little clearing the pond resides in, surrounded by trees, little ways from the packhouse, the peaceful moment making me believe that after everything I went through I deserve this.

“Have you thought of a name for her?” Xavier asks, rubbing my stomach.

“I have actually.” I grin just thinking about it.


I turn my head to the side on his shoulder, staring deep into his eyes, while taking in the structure of his face that seemed to fill out more as the years past. His hair grew thicker but always kept it short and the color in his eyes seemed to have lightened to a hazel color.

“Yeah. I think you might like it.”

“Hit me,” he teases as I turn back around, staring out at the water as the sun reflects off its surface.


He hums, staying quiet for a minute, dripping his chin on the top of my head. “You’re right, I do like it.”

The End.

if you're curious about mason and sam's story, there will be a side story (bonus chapters) about them which will be available on wattpad before inkitt because i don't have internet at home (currently at the library). my wattpad is XxRiah916Xx.

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