Furry Humans

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I grew up to the smell of the lake and the feeling of the woods.


The wind howled, creating a song with the trees leaves that were slowly falling to the ground below; the wind swirled as the leaves danced amongst each other. People started to pull up to the school in their cars, parking them around back and others appeared from around the corners and sidewalks from walking, I lean against the stair railings that lead to the entrance to the school, my arms crossed over my chest. My ears perk and heighten at thumping against pavement that made their way towards me.

“Yo! Xavier.”

I turn to look to my right to see Justin strolling toward me with a grin on his face. His hand slaps against mine as we pulled each other into a side hug, snapping our fingers in the end.

I went back to leaning on the school’s wall, while Justin stood beside me, looking out into the sea of students to hustle into the building. It was thirty minutes before homeroom started. Students were talking with others catching up from the long break.

“You heard the news?” Justin suddenly speaks, glancing at me. “The rouge and those two humans moving into town, I mean.” he adds when he sees my confused expression.

I grunt, “Yeah, My Dad told me he arranged a meeting to talk with them to see if they’re dangerous or not.” I stated.

He nods his head slowly, his hair slightly hanging on his forehead, flipping it away, he watches a group of girls walk by as they giggle and wave flirtatiously at him, he sent them his ‘charming’ smile.

“You think the humans know about. . us?” he inquires, turning back to me.

I gaze ahead, looking at nothing but the forest, acknowledging people who gave me respectful nods as they passed by me and into the school.

“Let’s hope not.”

A moment of silence engulfs us as we wait for the bell to ring, the area buzzing with conversations here and there. I then hear Justin shuffle closer, I side-glance at him.

“The human girl is going to attend this school,” he whispers, making sure no other wolf can hear us.

I narrow my eyes at him, “And how do you know this?”

He shrugs, leaning back up, lifting his arms up to interlock his hands behind his head, tilting it back a bit to look at the sky. “I heard the desk lady and the principal talking about it on my way back from meeting with Stella.” he laughs.

“I heard she was a babe,” he says even though he has a mate of his own.

That smirk of his forms on his face once again while he looks at me, I roll my eyes, taking a deep breath.

“That doesn’t matter, I wasn’t informed of this.” I stand straighter, my brows creasing together. “I’m the next Alpha and I wasn’t informed of this? What if she’s a danger to the pack or school?”

My chest rises and fall at the thought of a human in the school.

“Chillax, dude,” Justin warned, “They did a background check on all of them, and she’s definitely clean. It’s also very unlikely that she, a human, can be a danger to us.”

He gives me a look as if my accusing was a joke to him-which seemed to be- and I only huff. In that moment the bell rung, causing the sea of students that was hanging in front of the school to rush towards the school building and pass us.

Justin gives my shoulder a pat. “We’ll talk about this after to school, c’mon. Mr. Grey will blow a fuse if we’re late this week.”

“We have ten minutes left of class so I have a bit of time to discuss. . .”

I zone out the teacher, looking out the window when a black SUV suddenly pulls up in front of the school. Unfamiliar scents reach my nose when the doors began to prop open, it causes me to lean closer towards the window, curiosity getting the best of me. A girl with dark brown hair steps out from the back, immediately looking up at the building a frown on her face. She was human.

A woman steps out from the passenger side, my eyes immediately flicker down to her stomach catching a whiff of a different scent mingling with hers.

’She’s pregnant.I thought.

I see the two interact, my eyes mainly focused on the teen girl while I strain my ears to listen to their conversation.

“School isn’t supposed to be beautiful, Mom, it’s a hell hole and always will be.” the girl says, her voice, droned as she continues to look up.

The women wraps an arm around her shoulder, “Awh school can’t be that bad.”

In response, the girl gives a look to her mom. She returns her gaze back to eh school building when she suddenly meets my gaze, we both stare at one another, her instense brown eyes staring deeply into my own; slim brows rest atop of her eyes, making her sullen eyes stand out more then they already were. Her features seemed a bit similar but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Then a man walks around from the other side of the car casuinb her to look away and break the connection that was buzzing through my body. My nose catches a whiff of his scent. It was the rogue, I growl lowly under my breath before sitting back in my seat. A few seconds later I look back out the window to see they were gone, my thoughts began to run wild all filled with intense brown eyes.

Ten minutes later the bell rings and everyone scrambles out the door, the teacher yelling at them to do their homework as he hands worksheets out, I gather my things, being the last one. Justin appeared at my side.

“What had you so focused outside?” he immediately asks.

I sigh, walking down the halls to the stairs that lead to the first floor.

“The human is here.”

His eyes widen, “Are you serious?”

I nod, reaching the ground floor the both of us turn the corner, the halls were crowded as people moved to their next class shuffling out of the way when they felt my prescence.


I stop when a voice echoed in my head. ′Yes, Dylan?′ I felt Justin guide me over to the wall of lockers so I can catch my surroundings.

I met the human, he tells me through mind-link, Her name is Abigail Simpson. . he trails off cautiously, and I stiffen at the last name.

The sister ofhe cuts me off.

Yes. And I wanted to let you know, that we’re both heading your way in about—′

He never finished, every movement in the hallway stops as everyone’s attention up ahead. My eyes focus back and that’s when I see her. Both the girl and Dylan stand at the end of the hall with every wolf’s attention on them, mainly the girl.

She walks forward, ignoring the stares from the people yet I could see the uneasiness coming off her in waves, she looks at the lockers to the side probably looking for her own and she stops in front of one then turned to Dylan. They exchange words and he pats her shoulder throwing her a smile before walking our way.

He pauses in front of me, the shrill sound of the late bell rings and once again causing everyone to scramble away to class.

“How did you get her to talk to you?” Justin asks, still looking at Abigail.

“I. . talked to her.” Dylan replies unsure.

Justin narrows his eyes at him, “You know what I meant—”

“No, I actually don’t.”

“—she looks comfortable when she was talking to you despite everyone looking at her.” he finishes.

All he does was give a shrug and goes to stand by my side, while we look at the human, in the now empty hallway. She closes her locker and slings her book bag over one shoulder while walking in our direction. Her head was down, focused on looking at the paper in her hand; her schedule, I presume. She slowly lifts her head, and our eyes connect, once again.

A jolt goes through my body, different than before, her brown eyes gleaming with the hallway lights. Everything seemed to slow as she walks past, strands of hair drifting behind her in waves, the scent of cinnamon and apples flowing into my nose. My eyes followed her form as she walked by; time speeding up again, her back to us now, the fading of her footfalls were the only thing heard.

“What was that just now?” I hear Dylan ask from beside me.

I run a hand through my hair, gripping the edges. “I have no idea.”

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