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Some Kind Of Sci-fi Story

By Steve7 All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


This is my first attempt at writing, so don't expect much and please comment constructive critisism. I will publish new chapters whenever I choose to. The interval between the chapters could be a week to several months. Also, since I am not a big expert on writing, the chapters will be fairly short.

Chapter 1: The New Job

It was a chilly day in October. It was morning. I hurriedly got out of bed, took a quick shower, and ate breakfast which was biscuits and gravy. I quickly got dressed because I was hurrying to my new job so I wouldn't be late on the first day. When I got into the car, it did not start because the battery was dead. I looked around and saw that the one of the lights in the car was on from last night, and realized that I forgot to turn it off the day before. I started to worry and thought about how I’m going to get to work. I decided that the bus was the best alternative, and looked on Google Maps for the nearest station or stop. When I found one, I sprinted on the sidewalk, and did my best to try not to get hit by cars when I jaywalked.

I got to the so called bus stop all sweaty and stinky. It was more of just a pole similar to a stop sign that the bus stops at. I waited for a little while and there were no buses stopping. I checked on my phone again and realized that the bus that I need to get on to does not stop here. So I ran to the correct one, and when I got there my bus is actually there. I get on, pay the fare, hastily greet the driver, and sit in a seat near the back of the bus. While the bus was going to the destination, it got stuck in traffic, and I decided to play Clash Royale just to waste time and because I had nothing better to do. When the bus got completely stopped in traffic, I got anxious because I do not want to be fired on the first day. When the bus slowly edged forward, and I could finally see what is the cause of the traffic, I saw a traffic accident. I opened the window and screamed, “learn how to drive you fascist,” but the police just gave me a blank stare and called me an idiot. The bus finally got to its destination and I got off. I looked around to see how I could get to work faster and noticed an alleyway. I decided to go through there even though I might get jumped by some homeless people. As I was scurrying to the other side, I saw a homeless person who seemed to be dying of thirst and decide to give him my water bottle to drink. He thanks me and his voice is instantly recognizable and unmistakable, even though I have never actually heard it before in my life. It is the voice that narrates the thoughts in my head!

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