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Chapter 1

The email, sent by someone with absolutely NO knowledge of quantum physics, made the R & D department of the ‘Top Secret’ facility go into overdrive. The FBI were called in to trace ownership. Maybe the email had the right answer, but how could the sender have known? Okay, so the email was sent to NASA for want of an address, and they did say why they sent it but everyone wanted, needed, more concrete knowledge of the sender.

Dr. Zachary Semloh re-read the email,

To whom it may concern,” it began, “I know that somewhere someone is working on tele-transportation, just as someone is working on warp drives and someone else on invisibility. This is obvious according to humankinds natural curiosity. This email is for the perusal of the someone working on Tele-transportation (TT).

You are probably working on the premise of molecular dispersion and re-alignment, (although you most probably use different terms).” Actually, the same terms were used at the facility. “All Sci-fi books and movies use this method and end up with disgusting deformities, as I am sure you have.”

Dr. Semloh looked grimly at the rows of photos surrounding him, grimaced, and read on,

“The problem is the re-aligning of all those billions of cells. Dispersion is the easy part.

Now, every scientist know, or should do anyhow, (but most probably have forgotten as they work with on more complicated methods and the simple basics get lost in the hidden recesses of the mind), every object, living and ‘dead’, every rock, stone, grain of sand, animal or plant – EVERYTHING, has its own frequency of vibration. This is how TT should work – on the individuals vibration.

Read a persons vibration at terminal A, send the frequencies via microwave/satellite or whatever you use to terminal B and hey presto! You have tele-transportation. The details I leave to those qualified - The ‘readers’, ‘senders’ and ‘receivers’ etc!!!

I hope I have been of some assistance to you.

Yours sincerely

A Sci-Fi fanatic.

(Who knows Sci-Fi can and does become Sci-fact).


The upheaval this silly little email had caused! Because, s/he was right about the basics being forgotten, the basic tenet that everything resonates at it’s own unique frequency.

The great scientific minds working on the still Sci-Fi machine allowing Tele-transportation – written about by hundreds of Sci-Fi writers, filmed by hundreds of film makers, discussed and fantasized by thousands of people, scientific and layman – all kicked themselves mentally, and each other physically. Zachary even put a huge sign on his back “KICK ME”. (Who said scientists don’t have a sense of humour)?

Then, Back-to-the-drawing-board they went and started working on the ‘vibration’ premise, scrapping molecular dispersion, using ultrasound to ‘read’ and ‘receive’.

So far, so good. A special frequency logger was designed to read the objects vibrations. The only problem was that the more complicated the subject was, the more vibrational frequencies they have. Not just one frequency, but layers of frequencies, made up a more complex creation. A stone had 1 frequency, a small bird or animal about 10 different frequencies and a human being had many dozens of frequencies. The trick was to be able to read them as a whole and put them back together again as the same whole.

An inanimate object was easy, whether of one material or many, even a motorcar or aeroplane was easy. Living creatures were another kettle of fish altogether! If they moved, the frequencies changed. If the heart rate changed slightly, so did the frequency. All this and more caused quite a lot of consternation. They HAD to find a way.

This was the day that the team thought that they had the problems ironed out and were about to test their theories with their first complex organism test. Today was the crucial test - In about, (Zachary looked at his watch), 29 minutes!!!

9 minutes to go and the phone rang. Ellezig Ivar, FBI agent extraordinaire, had found the sender! “She is a South African Student and, well – I’m faxing you a picture of her as soon as I can!” Ellezig informed the Facility uncomfortably.

“Thank you!” Zachary said ferverently, “and how did she come to her amazing conclusions?”

“She’s a sci-fi fanatic, as she said, and an internet addict – and a Wiccan!”

“A what?”

“Wicca, Witch, Pagan, New age practitioner! – They work on a persons auras and frequencies to perform magic and healing.”

“Oh!” was all Zachary managed to mutter.

“Well, good luck in about, oh, 5 minutes!”

“Thanks, see ya!”

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!”

The dog disappeared from terminal A and reappeared in terminal B. The door was opened and…

…A perfectly healthy, normal dog emerged, barking wildly!

There was stunned silence for about 5 seconds and then all hell broke loose as they all laughed, cried, cheered and congratulated each other jubilantly. The dog ran around everyones ankles, joyously barking and carousing. Suddenly the fax machine clattered and silence reigned once more as the expected photo arrived. Everyone crowded around the machine waiting to see the face of the genius that had made all this possible. Slowly the picture emerged, the picture of Norahs Nosnikrap……………..

………….A ten year old child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Little Alfred played with his new alien space ship in perfect bliss. It had 2 aliens in it that he could take out and play with too. They were like no aliens he had ever seen before. They were a see-through electric blue in colour and had 4 legs, 4 arms and a teeny-weeny little elongated head with no ears or mouth, just one large eye in the middle of the forehead that glowed an electric indigo. Alfred picked up one of the strange aliens and looked at it carefully. Alf was very small for a ten year old and was very unhappy as he was continually being teased and bullied. He looked at his aliens and thought he was very lucky that he wasn’t THAT small. He did wish that he was just a little bigger though. He sighed sadly.

Suddenly he heard a strange voice, or more precisely, a voice seemed to talk to him in his head, “would you like to be bigger?” it asked softly.

Alfred looked around, but his room was seemingly empty. “Pardon?” he asked no-one in particular.

“Would you like to be bigger?” the voice repeated.

“Oh yes.” Alfred muttered ferverently, “just enough to stop being bullied or teased.”

The alien, which was still lying in his hand, almost forgotten, seemed to vibrate. Alfred looked down in surprise and saw the indigo eye glowing brightly. Suddenly rays of the light seemed to shoot out at him. Alfred yelled, stepped back and dropped the Alien in fright. The light now seemed to surround him and Alfred felt a funny tingling feeling all over his body. The voice in his head remonstrated, “Hey, that was painful… be careful!”

Alfred looked down at the alien, and saw it was moving. It was dusting itself off and prancing around like a dog.

“What the-?” Alfred started.

“My name is Belgeeus, I am from the planet Mitzy and you, my friend, are holding my friend and I hostage.”


“Never mind, never mind. I know you are one of the young ones of this planet and cannot be held responsible. Our fault entirely really – we hid ourselves among a lot of toys in a large store and your father bought us from a bewildered shop keeper who had never seen this ‘toy’ before and couldn’t think what to charge – oh, well, you ended up with us and we had to pretend…. Never mind. The fact is, we belong to you, until you willingly let us go.”

“Let you go?” Alfred said sadly, “But you are the best toy we have ever had!”

“Your choice.” The voice ‘shrugged’ in his mind, “We will only leave if you release us willingly.”

“You’re telepathic!” Alfred said suddenly, “So I can think at you, like I am doing now, I don’t have to actually talk!”

“Affirmative!” Belgeeus laughed, “Now, do you want us to make you bigger?”

“Can you? Really?”

“Of course, why else would I offer to do something unless I can do it?”

“Please!” Alfred said heartfeltedly.

Alfred went dizzy as the indigo light enveloped him again, then he passed out.

When he awoke it took a while to remember all that had happened then he scooped the aliens up into their ship and put them away into the toy cupboard. His cupboard seemed strangely smaller. He looked around, everything seemed smaller. “No,” he realized, “I am bigger.”

He went downstairs where his parents were watching TV. “Hi mum, hi dad.” He called cheerily. His parents glanced toward him, ready to greet but instead did a double-take and then stared!

“What the devil-?”

“How the-?”

“What’s up?” Alfred asked innocently.

“You’ve grown tall!” His father stammered.

“Very tall!” his mum added.

“How did this happen?” his father asked.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you!” Alfred replied.

“Try us!” his father challeneged.

“No-way, this is MY secret!” Alfred laughed, “Watch out bullies… here I come!” he cried jubilantly, and went back upstairs leaving two bewildered people to stare at the TV without seeing a thing.

He took out his aliens and thanked them, and promised he would let them go soon, but not quite yet. The aliens said they understood and bid him a good night.

* * *

School the next day was great fun. He bullied all the bullies and suddenly found himself the center of attraction and many new friends. After all, it wasn’t often that someone grew from under one meter short to over two meters overnight!!! He felt wonderful.

* * *

That night Alfred asked the aliens if they would make him telepathic too. They tried to tell him that telepathy carried great responsibility and wasn’t all fun. They tried to dissuade him, but he was adamant! Finally the aliens gave in and the room became full of indigo light.

He went downstairs, greeted his parents, and sat down to watch TV with them.

His father glanced at him and thought, “This cannot be happening. What if he KEEPS growing?”

His mother thought, “No good will come of this!”

Alfred laughed in his mind and thought back at them, “I won’t grow anymore, just yet, and only good will come of this!”

He never forgot that look on their faces, not as long as he lived, surprise, shock, horror and then fear.

The next day at school he had some great fun – and lost all his friends!

Back home his parents refused to be in the same room as him and eventually locked themselves in their room – terrified of their son.

Alfred found himself tall, telepathic – and lonely.

* * *

That night a voice in his head woke him. It was more of a feeling than a voice – a feeling of fear. He felt that the voice was ill and dying. Suddenly he realized it was his baby sister, only 10 months old. He flew out of bed and into his sisters room. “What happened?” he asked her. An image of a spider biting her filled his head. He flew to his parents room, banged loudly on their locked door. “Come quickly!!!” He screamed, “Mom, Dad! Bethany is sick, a spider bit her! She is dying! QUICKLY!!!” His parents flew out and rushed her off to hospital and Alfred described the spider. The antidote was quickly administered and Bethany lived!

“How did you know?” His Mother asked.

“Telepathy!” His father replied shortly.

“Yes dad, I heard her call, in my head – I – I –“ Suddenly he burst out crying.

His parents held him tight, soothing him. He felt their love radiating out to him.

Their thoughts were filled with their fear of his power and their love for their only son.

Alfred found himself blurting out the whole story to them, the aliens, the growing, the telepathy, everything. His father looked into his eyes steadily, “Son, if you can control this telepathy, it can be a great asset to you.”

Back home at last, Alfred introduced his Alien friends to his parents.

“Son, you need to let these good folk go home. They need to be with their own kind, their families.”

“I – I know.” Alfred sobbed, “I am truly sorry, really!”

“We understand, son.” The aliens replied gently.

“But will you teach me how to control this telepathy and PLEASE adjust me to the correct size, I’m a little TOO tall now?”

“Of course”

* * *

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