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Many many years have passed in the Kingdom of Fairwood... Everything has changed. I would like to say all is peaceful, but I cannot. I am Timber Wilson and I am on the run. Timber Wilson writes an account of what it is like to live in the future on the island known as Fairwood. Despite the name, all is not fair in Fairwood and never will it be. The vigilantes are there to help, though, which makes things slightly better.

Scifi / Adventure
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Many many years have passed in the Kingdom of Fairwood... Everything that everyone had ever known has died away and everything is new. The fields are gone, the woods are gone, and the ranch is gone... There is nowhere left to run and nowhere left to hide...

The wolves who once lived in the woods now living on city streets among the humans and some even have their own apartments. For a short period of time, cars existed. It was an awkward time, I hear... Cars no longer exist... Instead, there are flying busses everywhere that run on carbon monoxide and cleanse the air. Books still exist, which is lucky for me... You see, I am a writer like many of my ancestors were.

I know I said everything changed, but I’m going to take that back now... Everything is still free or only require a little effort to obtain. Fairwood has never had a currency. The other kingdoms don’t seem to understand how we get on with no money, but we just see it as a way to prevent fights.

I would like to say everything is peaceful... I cannot. I am Timber Gold Wilson and I am currently on the run...

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