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You may be wondering what it is that I have done to make people chase me. Well, not only do I write books, but I also ended up in a series of movies telling of my ancestors’ great journeys. Now everybody knows I exist... I am the only person in Fairwood with naturally golden hair and everybody wants it. It glows brilliantly, sometimes more brightly than other times. I have no idea why it does that. Nobody else has glowing hair so they all want a lock of mine.

It is early in the morning and I just reached the air bus station. They are after me still and I’m hoping they didn’t see me go into the station. My heart is racing and my forehead feels like it is on fire. I look around nervously and take a random bus ticket.

An air bus comes floating into the station and I hurry and grab hold of it. I climb inside and shut the door behind myself. Everyone in the bus looks at me and I know they are thinking, ‘Hey, she doesn’t look like us!’ I gulp nervously and walk past them.

“Next stop, Fairwood Mall!” the driver of the bus announces.

I freeze in fear. The Fairwood Mall is the worst place for me to be. It could also be the best place for me to be though. The Fairwood Mall is a huge area built around what used to be Lake Fairwood (Lake Fairwood was created by man by diverting the water supply. Well... The Lake of Pondering Roses was destroyed to make such a thing exist). Lots of people go to the mall to exchange outfits or try new foods from around the world. The mall is also where the theater is located. The theater playing my movies...

“Who’s that girl? She looks like a wolf...” one person whispers to another.

“That’s a Wolf Girl... Hmm... I bet she’s that actress from that movie series, Legend of the Wolf Girl...” the other person whispers to the first.

Everyone starts to whisper amongst themselves, casting curious glances my way.

“I’m not her...” I lie, “This is a wig...”

“Yeah right! No wig can ever be that golden!” someone calls out.

“Now arriving at Fairwood Mall!” the driver calls out.

The air bus dives and floats into the next station. As soon as the doors open, I dart out. I transform into a wolf while running. I can’t help it, it always happens. I dash into the mall narrowly avoiding crashing into hundreds of people. Some people freak out and scream.

“Sorry! I don’t mean any harm!” I cry out.

I have to keep running... No matter how safe I feel somewhere, no matter how far away I run, I must run even further! I will never be completely safe from them... I run out of breath and collapse in a bedding isle. My forehead is still burning... I don’t know why, but I have the mark of bravery on my forehead. I am the opposite of brave... I am timid and I am constantly afraid... In fact, I bet I am the least brave in all the world.

Sometimes I feel so very lonely... Nobody ever understands me... Nobody wants to be my friend just to be my friend; they all want something... As I am laying on the ground exhausted, the very people I’ve been running from show up and point their guns at me.

“Please... Don’t hurt me...” I cry.

I see them smirk, I know they’d never let me go so easily... I hear the gun shots ring out and the piecing pain. They aren’t real guns... I can tell... They hurt though... They hurt so bad... Probably tranquilizer guns... Sleepy... So sleepy...

Everything goes black.

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