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Meet the Vigilantes

I am awake. I do not know how long I’ve slept or where I am now. I try to get up and stretch, but my head hits a collection of metal bars.

“Ouch!” I cry out.

My voice echoes in the dark. Well, the darkness doesn’t last long. A sudden burst of light appears before me, emanating from my forehead. I am startled at first, but then I relax in the warm light.

“Hmph... I’m in a cage... Yuck... I’m part human! Treat me like one! You never put the wolves in cages!” I cry out.

Again, my voice echoes, but there is no response. My guess is that they are wanting to taunt me before they cut off my golden hair.

Well, that doesn’t happen until awhile later. So... I just remain in the cramped little cage stuck in my wolf form.

The door to the room I am in opens and more light comes in. An ugly person steps in. His nose was the ugliest part as it looked like the noses of green skinned witches...except that it wasn’t green.

“Hello, silly wolf! Hah! Now where is your courage?!” the man taunts me.

“Okay, sir... That’s lame. I predicted you would come in here and do that exact thing! Come on! I’m an actress! I need some more excitement!” I yell.

“YOU WANT EXCITEMENT?!” the man yells and bursts out laughing.

“YEAH!” I yell back.

He pulls out a pocket knife and is about to approach my cage.

“I’m gonna be the one to cut your hair! I’ll be the luckiest man in the world!” the man says.

“No! This is my hair!” I cry out.

He gets closer and closer...and then a bulky metal arm bursts through the wall.

“Not today!” The owner of the arm says.

The man with the pocket knife drops his pocket knife. Mouth and eyes wide open.

“Oh shoot...” he whimpers.

“He said shoot! Give him what he wants!” another voice calls.

A large beam of energy comes out of the palm of the metal hand and knocks the evil man clear across the room. The dark curtain falls off a window I hadn’t noticed before and in through the glass jumps a young man.

“Johnny-Mo and Nicky-Mo to the rescue!” the young man cries out cheerfully.

He was quite the interesting person. Never before had I seen anyone so willing to jump through a pane of thick glass. His friend bursts through the wall after him. Never in my life had I seen anyone like them before. That’s crazy because I’ve seen tons of people.

The young man who leaped through the window has perfect round brown eyes, rounder than most eyes I’ve seen. His skin is perfectly smooth and a rich brown like his eyes. His hair is composed of a bunch of dark brown or black curls. His smile, his smile is perfect! I can tell he’s fully human as he has normal human ears. He probably can hear pretty well with them too. He’s also got these perfect arm muscles, not too big, not too small.

As for his friend, he appears to be a robot at first. However, I soon am realizing he has a human head. He has ginger hair and green eyes. I stare at the two, not knowing what to make of them.

“We’re here to break you out,” the human boy says, breaking the lock on my cage.

I step out nervously. The robot-human checks around the place as if anyone else was trapped with me.

“All clear, Johnny! This girl was the only one,” the robot-human says.

“Let’s flew before anyone shows up to catch us!” Johnny-Mo says.

“Huh?” I ask, tilting my head.

“Follow us and I’ll answer all your questions,” Johnny-Mo says.

The robot-human, whom I figure is Nicky-Mo nods his head in agreement. Well, I have no better option than to go with these people who have rescued me. So I follow. They run and I run and we reach a place that is rather empty compared to everywhere else in Fairwood Kingdom.

“Alright, you promised me answers,” I say, turning back into a human.

“What are your questions?” Nicky-Mo asks.

“First of all, how did you guys find me?” I ask.

“Well... I heard word that famous actor Timber Wilson was kidnapped. I asked Nicky-Mo to scan the area for you,” Johnny-Mo says.

“And I found a tiny bit of soft golden fur. I used that to further my scanning abilities until I was able to figure out your exact location,” Nicky-Mo says.

“Exactly. So then we came to your rescue. It’s what we do,” Johnny-Mo says.

“Why?” I ask.

“We are Fairwood Kingdom’s Vigilantes according to the police. Ooh...if they ever catch us, we’ll be in big trouble!” Johnny-Mo says.

“Oh dear... Is being a hero against the law?” I ask.

“Apparently so. It used to be alright, but now the police say to leave the tricky stuff up to them. They don’t want to be responsible if anybody gets hurt playing as heroes. If anything suspicious happens, it is to be reported to the police,” Nicky-Mo says.

“However... We aren’t the type to play by the rules. If we spot a problem, we are definitely going to take matters into our own hands,” Johnny-Mo says.

I point to Nicky-Mo with a confused expression on my face.

“Robot or human?” I ask.

Nicky-Mo smiles gently before answering my question, “Technically, I am both. I am a Cyborg. I once was fully human, but I got injured very badly and the only solution was to put me in a suit.”

“How did you possibly get hurt that badly?” I ask.

“You know about the Air Busses, right?” Johnny-Mo asks.

I nod my head.

“When they first started out, they had windows you could open. Turns out, that wasn’t a smart idea. Nicky-Mo fell out his window from the Air Bus’s maximum height and survived,” Johnny-Mo says.

I just stare at the two for a few moments, my mouth wide open.

“Anyhow...” Nicky-Mo says, trying to change the subject, “If my calculations are correct, you are still not safe. Would you like for us to show you the way to safety?”

“Oh, yes, please... Thank you so much...” I say, smiling.

“Best day on the job. We are headed to the Rainbow Spire,” Johnny-Mo says.

I notice he is pointing to something off in the distance so I look the way he is pointing. Many miles away, a tall rainbow colored spire is rising up from the ground like a giant antenna. My heart begins beating faster and I am yet again filled with fear. ‘How exactly will going to the tallest place in Fairwood save me?’ I wonder to myself.

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