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The Rainbow Spire

It is a long trip from wherever in the world I was just locked up to the Rainbow Spire. Such a long trip, in fact, that around half way to our destination, night had fallen. Apparently nights in the middle of nowhere are very dark.

“Say... How did all this open land get left untouched?” I ask.

“Huh?” Johnny-Mo asks.

“I always figured that all of Fairwood was a busy mass of cities and factories and what not. Yet here we are, in the middle of a treeless plain that has yet to be crammed full of chaos,” I say.

“Well, soon this plain will be gone as well. I heard rumors of the plans of what to do with this field. More towers and factories and such,” Johnny-Mo says.

“Look!” Nicky-Mo says, pointing a metal finger to the sky.

I glance up and my eyes are filled with the light of many stars. Thousands or millions of stars are glittering and shinning. I am amazed by this as I have never seen so many stars in my life. Nicky-Mo is smiling and pretending to grab the stars.

“So pretty!” Johnny-Mo agrees, staring into the night sky.

While I watch the stars, a few owls fly to us and land around me.

“Hooo! Ms. Timber has a liken for stars! Hooo!” one owl says.

I do think I forgot to mention this, some animals can talk and others can’t. I do not know what decides which ones can speak and which ones can’t.

“Hooo! But Ms. Timber is in danger! Oh my! Hooo!” another owl says.

“Any more danger than usual?” I ask them.

“Hooo! It is unclear... A trap awaits, I do believe! Hooo!” a third owl says.

The owls fly away and silence falls. Being part wolf, I am capable of seeing the figures of my two new friends laying amongst the darkness. They have fallen asleep and I am unguarded. It’ll take pure luck to get through the night without trouble.

The night hours pass and the stars glide very slowly across the sky. Luck is on my side and nobody knows we are around. I was visited by a few other animals throughout the night who kept me company. Oh how nice it would feel to actually get some sleep.

When the sun begins to rise over the horizon, the beams of light brush gently over our faces, tickling the boys awake. I yawn and stretch before standing in my human form.

“Morning already...?” Johnny-Mo asks.

“It would appear so. We best get moving if we want to get Timber to the Rainbow Spire,” Nicky-Mo says.

“What if... What if I get captured again...?” I ask.

“You won’t. Nobody messes with cyborgs. At least, I don’t think they do...” Nicky-Mo says.

I smile at him.

“Thank you,” I say.

Nicky-Mo leads the way and we finally get through the second portion of the trip to the Rainbow Spire. We enter Pilon City and I instantly recognize it. Everything seems so gray and gloomy in Pilon City. The buildings are mostly broken up and trash lines the sidewalks. Tons of people live in this city despite how bad it is here.

We walk past a broken wooden fence and a bulldog glares at us. He is probably jealous that we are free to move about while he is stuck on a chain. I gulp nervously as an eerie feeling hits me.

“Timber? Are you alright? You’re looking kind of pale...” Johnny-Mo says.

“It’s just... This place is creepy...” I reply.

“The Rainbow Spire isn’t too much further... Look up!” Johnny-Mo says.

I look up and see the same spire I once saw way off in the distance. It appears to have a rainbow staircase twirling about it, going upwards. From the highest point of the Rainbow Spire, a bridge that appears to be a band of glistening colorful light most similar to that of a rainbow connects it to a smaller spire that resembles the first, but rather than an upward moving staircase, it has a downward twirling staircase.

Looking at the Rainbow Spire, I nearly forget about the gloomy atmosphere of Pilon City. That is, until I hear commotion behind me. I snap back to reality just in time to see some jerks trying to hurt my new friends.

“HEY! STOP IT!” I growl at them.

I run at them, turning into a wolf and attack as though they were the villains from the movies I act in. Distracted by me, the fools don’t notice Nicky-Mo readying an attack. He knocks them unconscious with his metal fists. I return to my human form and stare at the unconscious bodies.

“Oh shoot, I’m going to be in so much trouble...” I whisper.

“It’s alright! You were brave!” Johnny-Mo says.

“What do we do...?” I ask.

“Well, it would be reasonable to take them and place them where they won’t get hurt. I suggest we hide them in that house over there. It looks pretty empty right now,” Nicky-Mo says, pointing to a house.

“Alright,” I say.

We work together to hide the bullies in the empty house. We then flee in case anyone alerted the police of our actions. Without wasting any more time, Nicky-Mo, Johnny-Mo, and I finally reach the base of the Rainbow Spire.

“It’s a long trip to the top... Are you sure you’ll be fine with this?” Johnny-Mo asks, just loud enough for me to hear over the chattering of the other people in line to go up the Rainbow Spire.

I take a deep breath, imagining myself back in the Fairwood of my ancestors. Trees, flowers, life... The wind in the trees, the freedom in life, peace... Johnny-Mo and Nicky-Mo try to keep me focused on the task ahead by nudging me every time there is room to move up in line.

A few police officers watch the people boarding the spiraling staircase to make sure nobody is going to cause trouble. Pushing and shoving at such height may cause someone to fall and die. I board the staircase eventually and Nicky-Mo and Johnny-Mo wish me luck. It wasn’t until I got on the staircase that I realized another reason why the trip may take so long. Apparently, the staircase stops moving every once in a while. I guess this is to let people get off at the top and get to the bridge before the next person arrives.

About halfway up the Rainbow Spire, an Air Bus flies past and someone attempts to take a picture of me. Well, all they probably got was a picture of their own reflection seeing as it is hard to take pictures through reflective surfaces. I giggle a bit and the people around me start to take notice that I am there.

“Say... Aren’t you that Wolf Girl everybody is talking about...?” the person behind me asks.

“No...” I lie.

Again, this lie is not one people actually fall for. The guy shakes his head and laughs.

“I know you are her. Nobody else looks like you,” the guy says.

I am getting nervous at this point, but it is much too late to turn back. Much to my convenience, there is still plenty of sun light when I reach the top of the Rainbow Spire. When I step onto the platform, the spire stops spinning. I stare out across Fairwood Kingdom. From this high up, I can see the entire island. I can see the mountains and volcano, Fairwood Mall, all the flying Air Buses, the empty place I just came from... and something else too. It takes me a moment to realize that that something is exactly what I’ve been looking for. A solution to my problem.


My ears go down and I tuck my tail between my legs, slinking off to the bridge of rainbow light. I step lightly across it, afraid that it will break. Then I get to the downward spiral and go back to the surface.

It isn’t until awhile past nightfall that I return to the ground. Nicky-Mo and Johnny-Mo are fast asleep in a random house filled with other sleeping people. I smile, trying to hold back my excitement so not to wake anyone up.

All this time, there has been a place in Fairwood completely untouched by any human. The unexplored region they mark on the maps but never go into. Nobody knows how big the area is, but nobody has dared enter. Why? I don’t know... Seems like the safest place for me to hide for awhile, though. At least until the evil people give up trying to find me.

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