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The Hunter and the Wolf

My group of three stops by a food place to eat breakfast before we head out. The food is free, of course, but as a tip, I give them one of my erasers. A few hens are wandering around inside the building or eating corn from a feeder.

“That must be where these eggs came from,” Nicky-Mo says, clumsily scooping scrambled eggs into his mouth.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a real chicken before... Hello,” I say to the hens.

Apparently these hens cannot talk, they are just meant to be pets and to produce eggs. They cluck at me and eye me suspiciously.

“Oh, don’t worry, I don’t eat pets,” I assure them.

At that moment, a wolf enters the food place and orders some food as well.

“Well well well, look who it is! The wolf who became famous!” the wolf says, walking toward me.

The hens flee, just in case this wolf wants to break the rule about not eating pets. The wolf sits on a chair near my group.

“I’ve seen your movies. Though, I do not comprehend how this movie stuff works... Hmmm... Humans are strange...” the wolf says.

“Are you a Wolf Person?” Johnny-Mo asks.

“Nope. Just a wolf. I have an apartment not far from here,” the wolf says.

“Right... Okay,” Johnny-Mo says.

“What brings you to Pilon City?” the wolf asks.

“Sight-seeing!” I say, excitedly.

I have to remind myself not to spill the beans to this wolf that there is an unexplored place in Fairwood Kingdom. If the wolf is listening, then surely a human will be listening too and then my one escape plan would be ruined.

The wolf turns her head suddenly and stares out the shabby window. I turn too and a cold dread bores into me. Outside is one of the many people I’ve encountered who want to hurt me and steal my hair. Quickly, I duck behind Nicky-Mo who is still attempting to eat his scrambled eggs.

I do not know what is happening, as Nicky-Mo hides me pretty well, but I hear the door to the restaurant creak open. Next thing I know, I hear the heavy boots clunking against the floor as the hunter enters in search of me.

“You didn’t happen to have Ms. Timber Wilson stop by here, now did you?” I hear the gravelly voice of the hunter ask.

Luckily for me, he is stupid and didn’t see me duck behind Nicky-Mo.

“Ms. Timber Wilson? The famous actress? Why would I ever tell a random person if an actress visited my shop or not?” the person at the front asks.

“Because! I want to know!” the hunter says.

The wolf I was speaking to just earlier growls at the hunter.

“Don’t growl at me!” the hunter yells.

“You leave the girl alone! Can’t anyone live a decent life?!” the wolf says, snarling.

I hear the hunter smack the wolf and she whimpers.

“FINE! DON’T TELL ME! BUT I BETTER NOT SEE YOU WEARING HER GOLDEN PELT NEXT TIME I STOP BY!” the hunter says, storming out of the restaurant.

The door falls off its hinges and collapses to the floor as the hunter leaves.

“Darn door...” the person at the front mumbles.

A chef peeks around the front person to see the broken door.

“Oh yeah! It also broke just a few days ago! Man that thing isn’t good!” the chef says.

“Timber, the hunter is gone...” the wolf says.

I step out from behind Nicky-Mo nervously. The wolf smiles.

“I’m sorry you got hurt...” I say.

“Oh, no worries! It’s an honor to take a hit for a famous person,” the wolf says.

“According to my calculations, it would be well advised to head out now and avoid any more trouble,” Nicky-Mo says.

“We’ll protect you, Timber,” Johnny-Mo says.

“Thank you, everyone...” I say.

Johnny-Mo takes the lead and Nicky-Mo covers my back.

“Where are you headed?” the wolf asks.

“Away... Far far away...” I say.

“Oh darn... I guess there won’t be any more films with you in them...” the wolf says.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but my life is at stake here...” I say.

The wolf waves goodbye and I head to the land of golden grass surrounded by my two friends.

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