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The Land of Golden Grass

Well, the trip to the land of golden grass went a lot smoother than I expected. We evaded all attacks from the hunters, except for one, but Nicky-Mo didn’t let him lay a finger on me. I do believe he also no longer has fingers. Day turned to night and we found shelter in a little ditch. It was there in the dirt we slept.

Anyhow, I am now in the land of golden grass with Nicky-Mo and Johnny-Mo. It’s so much prettier than I first imagined it to be from the top of the Rainbow Spire. The grass (which happens to be nearly the same color as my hair) is so tall it nearly hides me completely. Also, there are trees! I’ve never seen a real tree before in my life, and yet here I am, surrounded by them. They are huge, with umbrella-like leaves that provide shade from the hot sun.

Also, there are so many cool animals living in this area untouched by humans. The lion and his lionesses come to great me, accepting me as though I was one of them. For once, I feel at ease. Nobody can ever hurt me, nobody can steal my golden hair.

I turn from the beauty of my new surroundings to see my friends. Johnny-Mo high-fives Nicky-Mo triumphantly.

“That’s another person saved!” Johnny-Mo says.

“That’s right! Our record must be fabulous by now!” Nicky-Mo says.

“Thank you so much for your help, both of you!” I say.

“No problem, Timber!” Johnny-Mo says.

“But... You will return to visit me one day, won’t you?” I ask.

“Of course we will! That’s what friends are for!” Johnny-Mo says.

Nicky-Mo gives me a thumbs up in agreement. I nearly cry, seeing those two walk away. However, one thing changes everything.

As soon as Johnny-Mo and Nicky-Mo assume they are out of earshot of me, they begin speaking to each other.

“Do you think we ought to tell her of what happened to her sister?” Nicky-Mo asks.

“Lillian Wilson? The one reported missing? Nah... Best not to stress the poor girl out. We can handle this on our own and she’ll never know!” Johnny-Mo says.

I stand up abruptly, startling a lioness who was resting beside me as I laid in the grass.

“Wait a second! My sister?!” I cry out, “I forgot all about her! How could I be so selfish?!”

“Oh dear. I suppose we should either have spoken quieter or gone further away before speaking of Lillian,” Nicky-Mo says.

I turn into a wolf and run after them.

“I must help my sister! I must!” I cry out.

“Seriously?! You’re willing to sacrifice your safety to rescue someone else?!” Johnny-Mo asks.

“It’s what you two do all the time. It’s called being a hero!” I say.

“How are you possibly going to find her? This kingdom is much too large to search entirely!” Johnny-Mo asks.

“She’s my sister, my heart will tell me where to go!” I say.

Much to their distress, I take off running before thinking out a good plan. I leave behind the beautiful land of golden grass.

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