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I run for a long time without Nicky-Mo or Johnny-Mo catching up to me. My paws pound against the ground like roaring thunder as I soar across Fairwood Kingdom guided only by my heart and not my mind. I tear through King Herbert Street and hang a left at Parkersdale Road. I rush past some fancy houses until I reach an area that looks less populated.

I stop only for a moment and stare around, panting. The few people who are around stare at me weirdly and keep on going. I whimper, unsure of where to go next. I sniff the air and am instantly greeted by the familiar scent of my sister. I follow the scent into an old factory-type building.

I paw open the door, which was conveniently left open just enough for me to stick my paw in. I walk inside, looking around. I wander the empty halls until I reach a room with a fat black wolf dangling by her foot from the ceiling.

“Lillian!” I cry out excitedly.

I run to greet her and she snaps awake. Her red eyes glowing frantically.

“NO! TIMBER! IT’S A TRAP! YOU MUST GO!” Lillian cries out, snarling at me.

“What...? I know you are stuck in a trap. I am here to rescue you!” I say.

“DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!” Lillian snarls.

“But, how can I reach you from far away...?” I ask, surprised that she doesn’t want my help.

“Listen here, Timber... You know how they usually put a worm or smaller fish on a hook to catch bigger fish? I am that small fish, the bait!” Lillian explains, coughing a little.

I do not understand what she is talking about and step closer. She face palms as I, too, get lifted into the air by my foot.

“Oh shoot!” I cry out.

“I told you not to get closer! You never listen!” Lillian snaps.

“I just... I just wanted to save you...” I say.

“You could have called the police... It’s illegal to be a hero...” Lillian says, “Just because you play one in the movies doesn’t mean you can be one in real life.”

“So... How long have you been hanging here?” I ask.

“Eh, a few hours longer than an average human would last. Good thing I am a wolf,” Lillian says with a snicker.

“Yeah, good thing,” I say.

“You know, it is only easy to kill a wolf if it is convenient for the plot... You should probably write a story about me. That’d be cool,” Lillian says.

“Huh...” I say.

“Oh, and my hip is popped out of place from dangling for so long,” Lillian says, grinning.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” I ask.

“Well... Not really. You stop feeling it after a while,” Lillian says.

There is an awkward silence as we just hang there together. Eventually, one of the hunters enters the room and a huge grin scrawls across his face as he sees me. I snarl, but Lillian just closes her eyes.

“Well well well! Lookie here at what I’ve captured!” the hunter says.

“You are a horrible person! How dare you attempt to capture me?!” I ask.

“I didn’t just attempt to capture you, I did capture you! I knew you’d come looking for your sister and end up here,” the hunter says.

“I was captured not many days ago and I got away then. Who says I can’t get away this time?!” I ask.

“Even if you do get away, I’ll still have your precious sister held hostage!” the hunter says.

“I demand you let her go!” I say.

“No way! She’s dangerous!” the hunter says.

Lillian snickers.

“That’s true, actually. You have no idea how much power I have,” Lillian says.

The hunter backs up a bit.

“Yep. Any closer and I’d probably kill you,” Lillian says.

“Good one, Lillian,” I say.

“Nah, I actually ate the last guy who came in here to see if you were caught yet. Upside down. Hanging from the ceiling. I am talented,” Lillian says, smirking.

“And yet you can’t get either of us free?” I ask.

“The trap is too tight,” Lillian says.

“Shut up! Both of you! I will have myself a golden pelt before long!” the hunter yells.

“What in the heck would you do with such a tiny pelt?! Look at her! She’s just one scrawny wolf! She probably doesn’t have much fur to take!” Lillian says.

I wince.

“A gold pelt is a gold pelt no matter how small! It will bring luck!” The hunter says, “And if I keep her around long enough, she’ll keep producing pelts!”

“No way!” I say.

“Mr. Hunter... I’m hungry...” Lillian says, making a puppy face at the hunter.

“You aren’t getting any food!” The hunter snaps.

“Please?!” Lillian asks.

“I just told you, you aren’t getting any food!” the hunter says.

“Then don’t be surprised if I eat my sister,” Lillian says.

“WHAT?!” the hunter and I both exclaim at the same time.

Lillian winks ever so slightly. I don’t think the hunter even noticed.

“You better not! Not that it is possible!” the hunter says.

“Just you watch, Mr. Hunter. We live in a kingdom where anything is possible!” Lillian says.

The hunter watches in horror as Lillian grabs me by my muzzle and begins swallowing me whole. Lillian’s secret is that she has two stomachs. One is used for eating things and one is used for storing things typically for her to consume later on. Both are super flexible and can hold things three times her size. Lillian pulls my foot out of the trap connecting me to the ceiling and finishes swallowing me.

“See? Told you it was possible!” Lillian says, smirking.

Everything sounds muffled, so I cannot hear what the hunter is saying to Lillian.

“What do you mean the trap isn’t strong enough to hold that much weight? I ate your coworker earlier and that didn’t break it!” Lillian says.

I hear a cracking sound and suddenly, we are plummeting to the ground. I get hit against the ground roughly.

“Sorry Timber! It had to be done!” Lillian says.

Lillian is running, I can feel it.

“Are you going to let me out of here any time soon?” I ask.

“Hang on! I’m trying to out run the hunter on a full stomach! Actually, make that ten hunters with tranquilizer guns!” Lillian shouts.

I’m pretty sure Lillian will get away safely because she hasn’t fallen yet.

“I’ve got them good!” Lillian says, panting.

“Thanks, Lillian!” I say.

“No problem, but you still owe me a story!” Lillian says.

She speeds up, going around corners rapidly. Eventually, though, she does stop and pukes me up.

“Ugh!” I say, falling to the ground.

The first thing I see is Nicky-Mo and Johnny-Mo coming around the corner.

“Whoa! Timber! We were just coming to save you! Looks like you already have been saved, though!” Johnny-Mo says.

“That’s right! You two, meet my sister, Lillian,” I say, beaming happily.

“I’m still hungry,” Lillian says, scowling.

“I suppose we could go get you something to eat,” I say, grinning.

Lillian transforms into her human form and pulls her shirt down as it was rising up a bit. She licks her lips and smirks.

“Of course you can!” Lillian says.

I transform back into my human form as well.

“And what is all this fuss over your hair? It’s not that pretty! Black hair is so much more gorgeous!” Lillian says, flipping her hair.

“In your opinion. However, plenty of people here have black hair. What everyone wants is gold hair,” I say.

Lillian rolls her eyes.

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