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The Approach

The building was much like all the others in this part of town. Run down to the point of being uninhabitable, it had attracted an assortment of squatters and loiterers which would make any sane person give it the widest of berths. Glancing at a group blocking the entrance he raised an eyebrow, which was apparently enough of an instruction for them all to clear a path for him. Subtlety was key in his line of work but so was an air of authority and strength, which he possessed all of in large and equal measures. The chances of someone alerting the buildings inhabitants was slim, given most would only be concerned with themselves and what impacted them.
The first thing that struck Travis was the smell. It was like a mixture of sewerage and rubbish left in the sun to ferment. He didn't dare cover his nose because that would mean taking his hand away from his belt, where he kept his assortment of "toys" as he liked to call them. Making his way up the stairs, he couldn't help but feel as though they were just on the verge of collapse and every creak and crack had him bracing for a fall. It never ceased to amaze him the conditions some people were willing to live in, although admittedly some may have had no other choice. Looking down at the tracker he could see Avery was on the next floor and he made sure his steps were slow and quiet. Sound seemed to travel unnaturally well in these hovels and it often took away the advantage of surprise.
He approached the doorway, it had not had a door in it for some time by the rusty look of the hinges, and prepared himself for the chase. Going through a quick mental checklist of equipment, his current surroundings and those he had passed and the contents of the open planned room in front of him, he felt confident he was in a great position for a quick and clean take down. He took one step inside the room and it was suddenly very clear he his confidence was not only misplaced, it was unfounded.

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