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The Ambush

In each corner of the room a man materialised, previously hidden by a cloaking device, no doubt provided by Avery before his father had cut him off. The small watch like devices bent light around the wearer so that the only clue to their presence was a slight distortion of their surroundings if they moved and even this was only noticeable if you knew what to look for. The fact they had been stationary meant there was no way any Collector, regardless of his skills, could have known they were there. Anyone except Travis that is.

The first man on the far right pulled out a rusty metal pipe, no doubt something he had found lying around the building, and swung it threateningly in front of himself. His counterparts were also equipped with similar makeshift weapons which meant they were obviously not trained bodyguards but more than likely street roughs Avery had recruited with what little money he hadn't blown on coke. Whilst this was an advantage it also meant Travis had no idea how they would attack or what level of threat they might be until they engaged him. He didn't like uncertainty and even though he was confident in his combat skills, he wasn't going to make the same mistake twice by assuming is he was in the clear.

The man on the left reached him first and tried to bring down a crushing blow on his head with a short but thick plank of wood. He dodged this easily as the man's movements gave away his intentions before he struck and used the opening to land a stunning right hook to the side of the man's skull. The thug grunted as Travis felt bone crack under his knuckles and his attacker crumpled to the floor. On reflection Travis would laugh at how it was like all the guys bones had just turned to jelly but it wasn't time for that right now. One down, three to go and now they had seen his strength, they would likely be more prepared than their friend.

The two men on his right came at him at the same time, their rusty pipes leveled at his chest in hopes of crushing his ribs or at least knocking the wind from him. They swung the pipes like bats, high and straight, leaving their legs completely unprotected and Travis took advantage of it. Dropping to the floor he pulled out his hunting knife and jammed it behind the kneecap of the first man, his screams causing his counterpart to pull up short on his swing and stumble the the momentum. Blood flowed freely from the wound and Travis swore he heard the sound of the metal grating along bone. What a sweet sound.

To his left he noticed the one remaining thug who had not yet attacked was watching him and blocking access to the next room, probably where Avery was hiding. He reached out and grabbed the last attackers ankle, pulling his leg out from under him and causing to pitch head first into the door frame. The stun was all Travis needed and he grabbed the man's hair roughly and smacked his face back into the door frame again, the wood splintering along with his teeth. He fell and didn't move which was surprising given the force Travis has applied.

"Look man, I'm not sure who sent you but this kid is paying me a shitload of money to keep him safe." the remaining thug said.

"Look MAN," Travis replied in imitation. "I don't know who you think you're protecting but trust me when I say that kid has some real nasty enemies with real deep pockets."

"Shit dude, I don't even know who he is."

"Well he's the reason you're about to be one eye short." Travis said with a cold smile.

Before the man knew what was what, a small knife deeply and sickeningly embedded itself in his left eye socket. He didn't even get a chance to clutch at it as it drove into his brain and killed him instantly. Travis never missed when threw a knife. The giant hit the floor hard and a whimper came from the next room.

He walked up to the doorway and poked his head in, not stepping over the body but instead resting one foot up on it. He leaned into the room and looked down to the right side of the opening and there was Avery, all colour gone from his already pale and sunken face. His eyes were wide and his mouth worked uselessly as he tried to make sense of what was going on. Then sprang with unnatural speed and was out the window.

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