The Tower of Mount Everest

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An elevator to outer space? Sounds great in theory. Problem is somebody has to pay for it, build it, and make money from it. Is this just another Tower of Babel, or something far worse?

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It was designed to be an absolute masterpiece! A veritable work of art! It was to be the culmination of all mankind’s creative enterprise, achieving the ultimate crowning moment in architectural and engineering genius. It sat on top of Mount Everest, an amazing feat in itself. From there, it penetrated the clouds, entering into the great beyond, seemingly going up to the very gates of heaven. The top of the tower could not be seen from the ground, even in the absence of any cloud cover, nor from its base atop Mount Everest. In fact, it could not be seen from the air, even at an altitude of 39,000 feet. It could not be seen because it stretched far beyond the altitude ceiling of even the most sophisticated commercial aircraft. Including the 29,000-foot base provided by Mount Everest, the tower was designed to stretch all the way into outer space to a total height of 300,000 feet, almost 57 miles straight up! In short, it was an incredible, unbelievable, and frightening sight to behold. How could men build such a thing? What would be the cost in time, money and lives? And how would God react to another Tower of Babel?

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