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Slowly, the weak became controlled by the strong...and no one was the wiser The year is 2080. The world as you, the reader, knows it no longer exists. It ended because of a large group of people containing mutations in their DNA: Telepaths. Slowly they rose through the ranks of every powerful agency and government until they had every powerful nation in the palm of their hands. That's when they came out of hiding. Our story starts after the war, as society tried to return to normal. Natalia and Diana are trying to thrive in a world run by the Telepaths while staying off their radar. Neither one was prepared for what the Telepathic World Army had in store for them.

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The year is 2080. The world as you, the reader, know it no longer exists.

Your world didn't end because of a Third World War. The world powers worked together (for the most part) in order to keep the general world safe. Your computers didn't rise up and revolt against humanity like many of you feared as seen in the creative movies of your time. A virus didn't spread across the world, wiping out most of the human population due to your reckless misuse of antibiotics. And luckily, none of the powerful countries got trigger happy and set off their arsenal of nukes resulting in radiation seeping into the ground and air.

The list of apocalypses really could go on. But none of the scenarios your world created were the reason your world ended. It ended because of a large group of people containing mutations within their DNA: Telepaths.

Telepaths are humans who evolved new abilities your creative geniuses dreamt of time and time again. Surely, a few even tried to create these special humans in illegal laboratories. If only you knew Telepaths were right under your noses the entire time.

Every Telepath you will read about here has a set of basic abilities. They can all read minds, defend themselves from mental attacks, and even control the mind of another if the Telepath is strong enough. The true difference between Telepaths resides in the one of the four elements of the environment under their control. Each of the elements are unique and have their advantages, if utilized correctly.

Storm Telepaths control the weather. They can manipulate the wind, rain, clouds, and lightning. They were crucial assets during the war. Storm Telepaths were able to easily knock down entire buildings, flatten whole cities, and sweep away any army the humans were able to muster together with a flick of their hand. They were the main foot soldiers sent out to destroy the humans.

Electro Telepaths control electrical currents. They can control any current, man-made or natural. Mind control is easier for them, although their control is only temporary. That didn't mean they weren't effective in the war. They only needed a small window of opportunity to make sure their victim did something they'd regret once snapping back to their senses. Human soldiers were forced to turn on their brigades before regaining control to see their slain brethren.

Terrain Telepaths reign over any terrain they choose: desert, forest, earth, water, etc. Typically Terrain Telepaths use their powers for protecting and nurturing Mother Earth. During the war, they tried to keep the humans alive. Terrain Telepaths protected them the way humans used to protect endangered animals before Telepaths eliminated that need.

Molecular Telepaths, the final type, are the most powerful of the Telepathic community due to the vast number of possibilities at their fingertips. They can move and rearrange molecules and atoms with a single thought. Anything around them is a weapon they can wield, including the air. Their only limit is their own imagination and skill. Molecular Telepaths are the hardest to kill because their control over the molecules around them makes them quick healer from wounds that would be fatal to any other Telepath. However, that little fact didn't keep them from being the main target of the human armies. The humans targeted the Moleculars, doing everything in their power to end Moleculars where they stood. It makes them a rare breed.

Before the war, Telepaths were always among you humans. However, in thirty years or so, they begin to climb through the ranks of every powerful agency and government until they had every powerful nation in the palm of their hands. That's when they come out of hiding.

Weather patterns will slowly shift, which humans claimed were the effects of global warming. That was a problem until around 2040 when the Telepaths begin their plan to take over the world; they required a healthy planet in order to manipulate it properly.

It'll get hot in the winter and dangerously cold in the summer. The wind will blow harder causing tiny structures to fail at first before taller, more important buildings fall. Humans will scramble like little ants trying to find solutions to a problem they don't understand. Scientists will spend months trying to find sturdier materials to use for building while only a few will actually attempt to figure out the cause of your predicament.

In 2052, humans will finally understand what they're fighting against because Telepaths will officially declare war.

Storms will wipe out major cities like New York and Tokyo. Farmland will catch fire, destroying important crops for the civilians and eventually the armies. Slowly, the weak will be controlled by the strong and no one will be the wiser.

Some Telepaths will refuse to join the fight against the humans due to their morality. They'll see nothing wrong with their lives as humans' equal instead of their conquerors, however they'll refuse to help. These Telepaths will be determined to stay off the radar of the Telepathic World Army, TWA, supplying no life rafts for the drowning humans.

I don't blame them really. The TWA shows no mercy toward the human soldiers and any of their supporters.

The human armies will fall in a matter of weeks. Not soon after their fall, a rebel army of humans and Telepaths forms to pick up where the purely human armies left off.

The TWA will hunt down the Rebels with no problem wiping them out like the purely human armies. Humans will be captured and either killed or enslaved. The Telepaths will be forced to join the TWA or suffer an agonizing death the humans aren't forced to endure. Most of the Rebels will choose to die for the cause they fought for, staying loyal to the very end.

Within five years, the Telepaths will rule the world. Humans will be put in their place and the Rebels will destroyed beyond recognition. Everything will start back up again after the war as if nothing happened. Children will go back to school, adults will return to their jobs, buildings will be rebuilt, new laws made, and people will complain.

The only thing different is the danger posed to everyone not associated with the TWA. Humans are enslaved when jobs grow scarce, half-telepaths (those who posses only the basic abilities of Telepaths) are cast away and unwanted by anyone loyal to the TWA, and lastly all the Telepaths against the TWA are on the run.

That’s where our story starts.

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