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Chapter Nine: Diana

Todd was acting especially strange at school on Monday morning, I finally learned his name from one of my wannabe classmates. He was in his seat way before any of our other classmates. Typically, he was out roaming the halls looking for Natalia before class. But not today. Instead, he was fidgeting in his chair nervous about something. Is he avoiding her?

I’d never seen a Telepath freak out in my entire life. They were usually composed and carefree since they were at the top of the food chain. I had to admit, it was a nice sight to see.

Natalia walked in and Todd tried to act natural, resulting in an increase in his fidgeting. “Hey,” said Natalia.

Todd jerked his head up. “Natalia?” He began to relax a little. “I can’t see you anymore.” He had to be extremely nervous to use that as his lead in.

Natalia looked hurt for a split second, which was out of character for her. She was constantly chewing him out and embarrassing him in front of the class of humans in an attempt to get him to leave her alone. What changed? Their date must’ve gone really well for her to change her tune so drastically.


Todd lowered his eyes. “I really like you, but my parents don’t approve of our possible relationship.” What a shocker. Anyone could’ve guessed his TWA parents wouldn’t like a human, if that was really what Natalia was.

“I don’t expect them to approve,” said Natalia with a hint of sadness laced in her velvety voice. I would’ve rejoiced at this news.

Suddenly, the trailer rose up into the air and began rocking. Outside the window, I caught a glimpse of a lady in a navy blue jumpsuit. She was a Telepath for sure, but I wasn’t sure what kind. I hadn’t taken the time to study their uniforms. I spent most of my time running from them.

“Come on out, Telepath.”

Todd stood up from his desk. I wasn’t worried about him, we all knew he was a Telepath. I focused my attention on Natalia. Her brown eyes were as wide as saucers. My argument was growing a little stronger. If she was a human, as she claimed, she had nothing to fear. Her eyes told a different story entirely.

Todd and the lady started arguing outside the window. It looked like the lady was winning the argument, which was no surprise. She was a true TWA Officer while Todd was a future trainee. She would have more information than him. She was really laying into him when an annoying ringing sound resonated throughout the classroom.

It was like a horde of mosquitoes were buzzing in my ear, trying to grab my attention by screeching all at once. Somehow, the mosquitoes got through my ear. The buzzing entered my brain, applying pressure to the front and back of my brain. It was like I’d gotten stuck in a vice grip and it was slowly squishing my brain into a pancake.

I put my head down on the desk, covering my ears in a futile attempt to block out the noise. My fingertips pressed into my temples, trying to distract me from the pain inside my skull. Instead, the sound continued to rip through my head, creating the worst migraine I’ve ever felt. Soon after, black dots began to dance across my vision.

“Does anyone hear that?” Whoever said that wasn’t human, but I could care less what they were at this very moment. That would be a mystery for another day.

I pushed harder and harder against my ears. If the noise kept up, I was sure my ears would start bleeding or I’d blackout and fall to the floor. The pain was beginning to transcend my pain tolerance. I had a few more seconds before I was down for the count.

Thankfully, the buzzing stopped. I popped my head up quickly to see Todd and the lady arguing again. I wished I could hear their discussion. I wanted to know if they were sure Natalia was a rogue Telepath. It would be all the proof I needed.

Finally, the lady let Todd re-enter the trailer with a frown plainly written on his face. He stood right in front of the class and looked around the classroom until his eyes fell on Natalia. It satisfied my suspicions. “The TWA officer asked me to relay this message to the rogue. You have one day to turn yourself in. Failure to do so will result in torture and/or death.” Todd returned to his seat. I watched him go, the pressure in my head finally subsiding.

A girl burst into tears. She had to be the one who spoke earlier. “I should’ve given myself up.”

Todd kept his eyes on Natalia even though hers were focused on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom. It seemed I wasn’t the only one who thought Natalia wasn’t what she said she was. “She doesn’t want you, half-telepath.” He never took his eyes off Natalia when he spoke to her.

After biology, I met Stella to walk to English together. "You look more worried than usual." I pointed to my head, our little signal for her to read my mind. I felt Stella's unique presence poking around in my head until she found the memory from this morning. "No way."

We entered our English class, which was buzzing with gossip about the rogue Telepath. It was the most excitement we'd had at the school in a very long time. "I told you she was a Telepath. You didn't believe me."

Stella took her seat and chanced a glance at Natalia, who was staring off in the distance. "We still don't know if she is one for sure." Stella turned back to me. "I can't feel her presence at all. If she's really a Telepath, she's good at pretending to be human."

"She's had years to practice," I said.

Todd rushed into the classroom, immediately taking his seat beside Natalia. "Natalia, talk to me." She sat there staring at the board in front of her as if she couldn't hear him.

I took my own seat next to Stella. "What if she's a new kind of Telepath?" asked Stella.

I shook my head. "Then we're all screwed."

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