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Chapter Twenty-Eight: Natalia

Jesse was waiting for me outside the building holding Todd. I guess he finally figured out I'd come here. "What are you doing?" he asked.

I pushed past him. "It's none of your damn business."

Jesse grabbed the top of my arm, pulling me back toward him. "What has gotten into you?"

I threw Jesse into the building, pinning him there with molecular bonds. He strained against them, realized it was a futile attempt, and decided to just hang there. "You have thirty seconds to come clean."

Jesse chuckled. "Come clean about what? Brittany and I were a thing before we met. It was nothing serious."

A crease formed across my forehead. "What?" He shrugged. "I don't care about your past love life." Jesse seemed relieved. "I know you're a spy for the TWA."

Jesse's emerald eyes widened to the size of saucers. "What gave you that impression?"

I projected the image of Molecular Officer Gaines and the woman that brought Jesse to Alex's house into Jesse's mind; he cringed at the sight. "I know your parents are officers."

Jesse thrashed against his bonds once more. "Those people are not my parents, not anymore."

I opened a portal to the interrogation room behind Jesse. I knew the room could hold Jesse no matter how hard he tried to break through my locks. "I can't take that chance." Jesse fell through the wall, landing next to Todd.

I headed back to the general population. I had a feeling that everyone looking at me were all drones for the TWA. The defenses around my mind were fortified in a matter of seconds. No one was going to pry information from me, not when I was so close to finding my parents.

I walked past the hospital to find the girl...Diana on the ground crying in the fetal position. Her friend was nowhere in sight for the first time in a week. I considered leaving her there, sure Stella wasn't far away, but she was the only one I believed wasn't a drone. She was a new recruit and was in a coma for a week. Before that, Jesse was charged with keeping an eye on me. There was no way Jesse had time to convert Diana to his side.

I crouched down to Diana's level. "Are you okay, Diana?"

Diana poked her head out of her cocoon. "Natalia?" Her eyes latched onto me. "Natalia!" She threw her arms around my neck, causing me to fall on my butt to the unforgiving concrete.

I attempted to push Diana away from me. "What?"

Diana's grip tightened around me as I fought her. "You have to help me."

I decided sliding Diana off me was my best bet at this point. I worked on wriggling out of her hold. "With what?"

Diana's hand clamped down on my shoulder and she met my eyes directly. There was something wild and primal behind them. "Who did this to me?"

My stomach dropped. Maybe Diana's affliction was from a mind control attempt by Jesse that went wrong. She was obviously obsessed with me now, leading me to believe the mind control was finally taking effect. She was a drone, a messed up drone, but a drone none the less.

I pushed a large wall of molecules up and at Diana, throwing her off me for good. She sat there on the concrete, moving around in what I imagined was agony. "Stay away from me," I spat. I marched off.

I only stopped when I could no longer see Diana. I plopped down on the floor and just sat there.

What was I supposed to do now? The only hope I had of getting my parents back was dying quickly. The Rebels were just a large set of drones, unaware of their master. They weren't going to help me rescue my parents. If anything, they were going to help the TWA capture me and keep my parents in their grasps.

I ran my fingers over the start of my hairline until my fingers were entangled int he mess of hair on my head. I gripped onto the roots, pulling securely. I wanted to scream on the top of my lungs. I desperately wanted to rip through this base and destroy everything here to protect others from the same trap.

I started rocking back and forth. "They'll know you're on to them if you do that," I whispered to myself. I continued rocking and contemplating my next move. There had to be something I could do. I couldn't let my parents and Melinda rot in Efland Containment Center, not when I could do something to free them.

I stood up and smoothed out my clothes, pulling myself together. My weakness couldn't be on display

I opened a portal to Efland Containment Center. I looked through it to see a high security prison, one equipped to hold dangerous and powerful Telepaths like myself. There was no doubt in my mind that m parents were brought her because of me. If I hadn't been their child, they would've been in a better prison. They wouldn't have to endure the torture the were surely enduring inside that dreaded place.

I took one look back at the Rebel base. It all ran so smoothly. None of the humans, Telepaths, or half-telepaths even knew what was really going on. They were all consumed by the fantasy Jesse placed them under. they were all happy "fighting" against the TWA.

I stepped through the portal to the gates of Efland, unworried about the residual evidence that may lead the TWA to the base. They already knew where it was, hell, it was one of their bases.

A second portal placed me in the center of the large courtyard outside of Efland Containment Center's main building. The guards on the large concrete wall turned their full attention on me as soon as they sense my presence. The air around me crackled with electricity. I could see the electricity circling the barbed wire at the top of the wall. They were ready to strike me down.

I cleared my throat before raising my hands into the air as a sign of surrender. "You've been looking for me!" I shouted at the guards. "I'm here to turn myself in!"

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