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Chapter Thirty-Eight: Diana

"She's been gone a long time," said Stella's voice. "Are you sure she can get back?"

I was still sitting on the ground with my eyes closed. I stayed in my mind after Jesse left so I could see the faces of my parents once more. It'd been too painful to remember them after the King of the Telepaths killed them in front of me. After seeing them for the briefest of moments with Jesse, I knew I needed to see them again. I had to see them the way they were before they received me. I needed to see how happy they were before I ruined their life.

I remained with my eyes closed because I couldn't face Jesse and Stella yet. My emotions were running rampant throughout my mind. I didn't expect seeing my parents again would effect me like this.

"She can get back. She just needed some extra time by herself."

I opened one of my eyes. "I can hear you, you know." I opened both eyes.

Stella jumped on me as she threw her arms around my neck. "I was so worried. I thought you weren't coming back."

I laughed. "I heard."

Stella sat back so I had some space. "So...what's the verdict?"

I looked at Jesse. "You didn't tell her?"

Jesse smiled. His emerald eyes twinkled as they reflected the smile on his lips. "You should tell her."

I nodded as I inhaled a deep breath. I was beyond nervous to reveal the news. "My biological parents were both Molecular Telepaths."

Stella's jaw dropped. "Both of them? That means..."

I couldn't believe I was about to say the words out loud, especially after all the time and energy I spent trying to expose Natalia as a fraud. I was the real fraud. Natalia was just a rogue trying to stay out of the evil hands of the TWA...and look where that got her.

"I'm a Molecular Telepath."

Stella jumped to her feet. "This changes everything!"

I scurried up from the ground. "Relax." Stella stopped moving for a second. "One Molecular isn't going to change the game."

Jesse smiled as he gracefully stood from the ground in one fell swoop. "This is a big deal for you. Everything is going to change as you grow into your abilities."

I sighed. "I think I liked being a human better."

Jesse chuckled. "Being a Molecular isn't so bad. Take it from a guy who's been one his entire life."

I couldn't help but smile. "But now people are going to depend on me. I'm supposed to be this all powerful Telepath."

Jesse threw an arm around my shoulders. "I promise you no one will be looking to you for help, not while I'm here."

I shoved Jesse away from me. "Hey!"

Jesse laughed. "Just saying."

Stella leaned up to my ear. "When did we become such good friends with Jesse?"

I turned to her. "I think it's a Molecular thing," I whispered back. It was weird for me too. He barely gave me a second look before we knew what I was. This was the most I'd heard him talk since he introduced himself as Johnathon at Anthony's party.

Jesse's smile slowly vanished from his lips. I watched as the gears turned in his mind. "Natalia." He took off running through the warehouse.

Stella and I looked at each other before turning our attention in the direction Jesse ran. "Should we follow him?" I asked Stella.

Stella shrugged. "I guess." I ran after Jesse with Stella on my heels.

Jesse burst through Brittany's office door without so much as a knock. Brittany was sitting with a guy who looked to be five years older than us. Both of them jumped to their feet on high alert. "What's the meaning of this?" yelled Brittany.

Jesse dismissed the guy from the room. The guy ran out quickly, keeping his eyes focused on the ground. Jesse hovered over Brittany's desk like he was about to deliver some bad news. "Natalia's been captured."

Stella and I stepped over the threshold and closed the door behind us. It seemed this was a private conversation they didn't want getting out. I wasn't even sure we were supposed to be in the office, but no one kicked us out.

"What do you mean she's been captured?" Brittany realized Stella and I were here. "What are you two doing here?"

Jesse moved in front of us so he could have Brittany's undivided attention. "She went after her parents. I tried going after her, but the rescue attempt failed. She sacrificed herself to make sure I returned."

Brittany slammed her hands on her desk. "How could you let this happen?"

Jesse cleared his throat. I could see a tinge of red outlining his figure that wasn't there a moment ago. "She locked me up with the TWA hostage."

I've never seen a human's face turn completely red before. Every inch of Brittany's face was red hot with the anger rolling off her in waves. To me, it looked like she was on fire. I glanced over at Stella to see if she saw it too, but her face told me she was unconcerned. She must not see the red flames licking Brittany's skin. Was it a Molecular thing?

"I thought I told you to return the TWA hostage to his family. We don't need them looking for him, especially now that they have Natalia," spat Brittany.

Jesse shook his head. "He shouldn't be our main concern right now. The TWA doesn't care about who they lost but rather who they gained."

Brittany plopped down in her seat. The fire around her extinguished itself, leaving no trace behind. It was almost like I imagined the whole thing. "How long have they had Natalia?"

Jesse looked back at me. "Over half the day. We spent most of that time knocked out in Efland. I returned a couple of hours ago."

Brittany began to massage her temples in large circles. "I cannot believe this is happening." She closed her eyes. "Why are you two here again?"

Stella and I shrugged. My information wasn't important at the moment. Natalia was a big asset in the hands of the enemy. All of the Rebels' attention should be placed on rescuing her. Every minute she was away was another minute the TWA had to extract information from Natalia.

“We were just following Jesse,” I said.

With the sound of my voice, Jesse turned around. His eyes were wide as if he was seeing me for the first time. I could see the light bulb manifesting over his head. "You could be the key," he said.

I shook my head. "No. No way."

Jesse walked toward me. "They'll never see it coming."

Brittany's eyes opened slightly as she continued to massage her temples. It seemed her headache was letting up. "Someone better start explaining right now."

Jesse pulled me forward so I was standing directly in front of Brittany's desk. He nodded his head as if he was trying to get me to loosen my tongue and spill the beans. I couldn't will my mouth to form shapes, let alone words. "Diana's a Molecular," said Jesse when it was clear I wouldn't.

Brittany leaned forward in her chair. "What? Impossible."

Jesse led me to the chair and beckoned me to sit down. He gave a small nudge with his mind, causing the hold on my tongue to disappear. "It's true," I blurted out.

I wanted so badly to take those words back. Saying it to Brittany meant I was no longer a human soldier in this war. I was now her Molecular weapon, a weapon she could yield however she chose.

Brittany slid her chair across the floor, causing an ear piercing shriek to resonate throughout the room. "How did we miss this?"

Jesse leaned back against the wall with his arms crossed together. He was done talking. The rest of this was up to me. I swallowed back the vomit climbing its way up my throat. This can't be happening.

" parents locked away my memories when I was a baby. I never knew I was a Molecular until I woke up from my coma. Weird things have been happening ever since."

Brittany rested her balled up hands on her desk. "Like?"

I cleared my throat. "Um...I heard Jesse screaming for help telepathically when no one else could. I saw a close portal. Um...Natalia's energy signature on the portal and lock on the door appeared to me as the color silver."

Brittany looked back at Jesse. "You've never told me you had these gifts."

Jesse shook his head, causing hair to swing across his forehead. "I don't. It's beyond my capabilities. I'm not even sure Natalia can do some of what she's describing."

Brittany smiled. "Fascinating. It looks like we all have much to learn."

I nodded. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the spotlight focused on me. "You said it," I whispered.

Suddenly, the door to Brittany's office swung open and smacked the wall. Stella jumped back with her hand over her heart. "Jesse! Come quick!" yelled the Telepath that barged in.

Jesse pushed himself off the wall. He looked unconcerned. "What is it?"

The Telepath was panting in the doorway. He'd booked it over here. "It's Natalia."

Jesse ran for the door, clearly concerned now. "Bring her here! We need to talk!" yelled Brittany. Jesse didn't acknowledge he heard her. All he cared about was getting to Natalia. Everything else didn't matter until she was safe in his arms.

I turned back to Brittany, fidgeting a little in my chair. "So..."

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