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Chapter Forty: Natalia

Immediately after I hopped out of the shower, a moment that allowed me to get my chaotic mind in order, Jesse and I set off for Brittany's office. "Brittany requested to see you as soon as you returned from Efland. I doubt it'll be pleasant."

I sighed. "I expected as much."

When we entered Brittany's office, she was sitting behind her desk with the two girls from my high school: Stella and Diana. I felt my heart stop. Do they know about Diana? Do they know about me?

I walked cautiously into the office, scared this was a trap. Why else would Diana be here? My grandfather told me she was almost as powerful as me. They would need her if they knew I was a TWA spy. She was the only one capable of stopping me.

“I’m glad to see you made it back,” said Brittany.

I smiled politely as I hid the turmoil in my mind. “Than-”

“What the hell were you thinking?” screamed Brittany.

I kept my eyes locked on hers; I wouldn't show weakness. "I was thinking you weren't doing anything to help my family." I could've exposed Jesse's past right here and now, but I kept my mouth shut. The information may be more useful if they discovered why I was really here. "I decided to get them myself."

Brittany threw her feet up on her desk, classic Brittany. "You know you jeopardized this entire base."

I picked at my nails. I hated this new nervous habit. "I realize that now."

Brittany's voice softened. "What happened to your family?"

I pressed my lips together, a gesture of pain utilized by humans. "They're gone." It wasn't a complete lie if they ever questioned me further. My parents, Ethan and Nora Thompson, had returned to their real lives.

Brittany's feet slid off her desk as she moved closer to it. "I'm sorry for your loss."

I nodded as I brought tears to my eyes. "I want the TWA to pay."

Brittany smiled. "They will, in time." She looked over at Diana as if she suddenly remembered she was here. "I'd like you to meet our new addition to the team."

I shot a glance at Diana. "She's been with us for over a week."

Brittany's smile grew. She was pleased to know something I didn't, if she only knew the truth of it all. "Yes, but she's a Molecular Telepath like you." My heart stropped as I struggled to inflate my lungs. They know.

I looked over at Jesse, who nodded in agreement. "You're kidding me, right?"

Diana spun around in her chair with her arms crossed over her chest. I could feel her presence growing exponentially as her Molecular powers manifested. I curious about the extent of her abilities. My grandfather seemed concerned the Rebels would use her as their own personal weapon in this war. She had to match my power.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Diana.

You're making a bad impression. I softened my expression and added a little smile. "Humans don't suddenly become Moleculars. It's not how the world works."

Brittany cleared her throat to try and diffuse the rising tension in the room. "It seems Diana's biological parents locked away her Molecular abilities when she was baby. She wasn't aware of them until after the coma."

"The one you put me in," said Diana.

I turned back to Diana. "Me?"

Jesse rested a hand on my elbow. "You were the one who triggered the mental block to fail."

I nodded. "I guess that makes sense. She did go into the coma after speak to me."

Diana still had her arms crossed. She looked pissed and I wasn't sure why. "Stella tell me you saw something when you tried to help me. Do you mind sharing with the class?"

I narrowed my eyes. "Not particularly. Why do you care?"

Brittany cleared her throat again. "We're hoping you have a missing piece of the puzzle. Maybe you got a hold of the information about who her parents are and why they hid her from the world."

I could give those answers without sharing my first memory with the group. Diana was taken away by our parents Thalia and Nate because they were traitors. They lost sight of the TWA's vision. They took her and left me behind.

I looked at Brittany. "I'll only share it with Diana. She's the one looking for answers."

Brittany nodded, obviously satisfied. "Fine. If Diana chooses to share it with us, then so be it." Brittany pulled a stack of papers out of a drawer. "I assume you can project what you saw to Diana."

I smiled. "Have you already lost faith in me?"

Brittany looked up. Her eyes were smiling, but the rest of her face remained emotionless. "You're trying my patience, Molecular."

My smile grew. “I won’t disappoint.”

Brittany turned back to her papers. “See that you don’t.”

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