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Chapter Forty-Five: Natalia

I sat on the floor next to Todd's chair. I hadn't bothered to retrieve Anthony's chair from the wall. It wouldn't be long before someone would be coming to speak to me and it wasn't going to be pleasant. I doubted Diana would be allowed near me at all. Jesse and Brittany wouldn't allow it. Jesse was the most likely going to be my interrogator.

Todd stayed seated in his chair, staring at the one-way mirror as if it held all the answers of the world. There was no reason for him to still be here in this prison. I got all the information I needed from him when I was Natalia the rogue.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked Todd out of curiosity.

Todd sighed. "I'm thinking about everything that led me here."

I raised my eyes to look at Todd. "I'm sorry. I never should've kept you from your family after you helped me."

Todd chuckled. "I never thought a Rebel would apologize to me."

I chuckled too. "Clearly I'm not a Rebel anymore." I paused for a moment to consider telling Todd about who I really was. I immediately decided against it. He may rat me out to save his own skin. "What led you here?"

Todd sighed again. "My involvement with you and Anthony."

I raised an eyebrow. "How is Anthony to blame?"

Todd shook his head. "That's a story for another day."

I felt a substantial presence approaching the building. It had to be Jesse and Diana together. Jesse could never emit a presence that large on his own. "I believe you're right."

The door leading into the building opened and closed. My prediction appeared to be partially wrong. I stood from the floor and made my way over to the one-way mirror with a smile on my face. "I didn't think they'd let you come alone." I placed my hand against the mirror, making it a window.

Diana stood in front of the window with her arms wrapped around herself. She looked anxious as her eyes darted from me to Todd and back. "It took some time to convince Brittany."

I cut the neural connection between Todd's ears and his brain. He watched us with wondering eyes, unaware anything was wrong. "You can speak freely. He can't hear us."

Diana gulped. "How can I be sure?"

I sighed. "Todd." Todd continued to stare in our direction. His gray eyes were widening as my lips formed every part of the single syllable. "Nod if you can hear me."

Todd's fingers traveled to his ears as he started pulling at the edges. He massaged the opening as if pressure was the cause of his hearing loss. "Why can't I hear anything?!" screamed Todd.

I shook my head. "Is that proof enough for you, sis?"

Diana narrowed her eyes. "Don't call me that."

"I turned off your hearing. Diana wants to have a private chat with me. You'll be fine once she leaves," I psychically explained to Todd.

"Warn a guy next time." Todd turned his attention to the wall.

I dissolved the window sitting between Diana and me. She gasped. "You'll always be my sister, Diana." I hopped through the window into the dank observation room. "How'd you get rid of Jesse?"

Diana backed away from me. I leaned against the ledge I created. "He was too busy to come with me."

I smiled as I crossed my arms. "Liar. Jesse never would've let you come by yourself unless Brittany ordered him away. He's a follower, a soldier like he was always bred to be."

Diana electrified the building, causing the hairs on my arms to rise up. It was cute how she thought it would keep me inside. "I'm the only Telepath who's matched your power. Brittany saw I was better fit for the job."

I nodded. "Of course. You're more powerful than any of these Rebel traitors. But why isn't he here to make sure I stay in line?" Diana glanced away before returning her shiny brown orbs to me. "He's organizing the troops, isn't he?" Diana remained silent. "This base won't be raided with you in it. I promise."

Diana met my eyes. "They're probably waiting outside for your okay."

I shook my head. "I would never risk your life to take down a few Rebel traitors."

"I don't believe you."

I shrugged. "You don't have to believe me but it's the truth. You are too important to me. I have been searching for you my entire life. It's the reason I'm here."

Diana crossed her arms as she kicked at the floor. "No. This is you trying to manipulate me. It's what the TWA does."

I sighed as I hopped up on the ledge. "If you think so, then why are you here?"

Anger flashed behind Diana's eyes. "I don't know."

I smiled. "Come on." I forced my way into her mind to give her a little nudge. It was an easy task since she was untrained. Once she was trained, I'd never be in her mind without permission.

Diana bit down on her lip as she shut her eyes. "Stop it."

I chuckled. "Come on, Diana. I'm being honest with you."

"I'm trying to keep them away from you."

I reined in my power, leaving Diana alone. "That wasn't so hard. I bet they think you're here to get answers from me."

Diana shrugged. "More or less."

I smiled. "You have so much to tell them and yet most of the information will never reach their ears until you're forced out of the shadows. It won't be long before they turn on you the way they turned on me."

Diana shook her head. "I'm nothing like you. I'm not loyal to the TWA. I never will be."

I slid my legs over the ledge into my jail cell with Todd. "The Rebels won't see it that way. "You're a Princess of the TWA along with me."

"Don't turn your back on me."

I bowed my head as I slowly slipped off the ledge onto the floor. "There's nothing more to say."


I froze with my foot up in the air between steps. I stared ahead without being able to move a single part of my body. "Look at you." I pushed my power in Diana's direction; my foot fell to the ground as I spun around to face her. "You have my attention."

Diana pressed her lips together into a thin line. "Are you going to tell anyone what I am?"

I pulled the molecules together to form a window between Diana and me. "No."

She walked over to the window. "Thank you."

I recreated the one-way mirror. "I'll always protect you."

Diana watched me walk back to my spot on the ground beside Todd's chair. I could feel the turmoil in her mind even from where I sat. There was a part of her, deep inside, that wanted to believe every word I spoke to her. However, a stronger voice inside her head told her I was lying. I was, after all, a TWA princess. I would say anything to have her turn on her fellow Rebel soldiers.

I shook my head as I let out a little chuckle. "I'll convince you of the truth of my words in time." I sucked the electricity out of the building's perimeter. The front door opened with the smallest tendril of my power. I slid Diana across the ground and outside of the building with minimal effort and minimal resistance from her. I slammed the door closed before reining my powers back in.

I reconnected Todd's neural connection between his brain and his ears. "We're done," I said plainly.

Todd turned in his chair. "That was a weird interrogation."

"Wasn't an interrogation," I said without providing anymore explanation.

I closed my eyes and laid down on the cold, hard floor. A mattress appeared below me as well as a plush pillow for my head. I formed a fuzzy blanket out of the molecules in the room as I settled in for a nice nap.

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