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The long expected return of the "Ancient Aliens" has finally occurred. They arrive and take control of every aspect of society, military and communications. Slowly making their presentation to mankind

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The generations that have come up in the 70’s through today contain many individuals that have attained a spoiled, selfish, hedonistic and solely self gratifying attitude and demeanor. They are now in place and will do anything to hold on to their assumed birthright.

The stage is being set for confrontation between Man’s manipulations and our Creator’s determinations. Such turmoil directly ahead! Mindless, witless emotional confusion verses “The Hand of God”.

Throughout history, we have experienced economic chaos and natural disasters. “Wars and rumors of war”. Seemingly with each generation, slightly more intense with episodes of relief sprinkled sparsely and randomly throughout recorded time. Although, at this juncture, bound to culminate in confrontation between malevolent ill will contending against right and mercy and humanity of spirit.

Historically, of all the reasons to go to war, religion has brought the most violent diametric and prolonged contentions. Oh! Provided you are a “believer” in something greater than yourself; the outcome is assured.

When mankind has repeatedly and mistakenly pandered to their own religious evaluations, the lesson learned has always been the same. Terror, death, destruction, retribution and finally regret; followed by another interim of reflection and a reconstituted intent to refocus on all of the most laudable attributes of mankind.

With each episode, the efforts on both sides of the issue increase in intensity to the point currently that all of the aspects of confrontation and warfare have been refined to assured and scientific precision. Absolute destruction; provided there is no interceding hand.

For “believers” that interceding hand will occur. For “non believers”, well, they are their own interceding hand!”

And that, my fellow human beings is exactly where in time we are. The issues and contentions to be determined…….

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