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Time's Immortal Guardians: Songs Of Sylph

By Melinde-Mari Venter All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Scifi


“Where… am… I…?”

(The darkness thickens and all sounds are drowned by it, everything feels cool to the touch, and… moist…)

“Who… am… I…?”

(Slowly light starts to filter through the abyss.  A river flows above and white noise rouses the deathly silence.)

“Am I… drowning…?”

(A girl is still falling down; the endless abyss will be her new home soon… Releasing a breath she didn’t know she was holding bubbles dispel in the clear, soft, cool water of the abyss… never will she live to see them surface…)

“Wa…ke… u…p…” A ghostly whisper echoes through the nothingness…

“Wake… up…” It came out clearer this time, beckoning…

“Wake up!”

“I’m up!” A young girl no older than sixteen bolts up; immediately she scans the room…

“Sylph, I worry about you sometimes!”

“And why is that, Eliza?” Sylph looked up to her roommate a look of exhaustion plastered to her face.

“I’ve been trying to wake you up for over five minutes now! You slept right through your alarm clock this morning and through nine missed calls… I left early this morning, club activities you know… But when I didn’t see you at first period… What’s going on with you lately?” Her friend truly seemed concerned for her health.

“I have the strangest dreams lately… And… it feels more real each time…”

“Sylph…” The sudden touch of Eliza’s hand on her forehead was icy to her skin…

“You have a fever; let me take you to the infirmary.”

“I’m fine!” Sylph, to prove her word stood up… a spell of noxiousness had her falling back on to her bed…

“And… you… are not… fine… Heck you’re not even fine enough to be walked to the infirmary. I’ll call the nurses office!” Eliza turned to walk to their small entrance hall where the telephone was.

“Hey Miss Clarence, my friend isn’t feeling to well, she can barely get out of bed without wanting to vomit. Can you come to our dorm room? Great thanks so much!”

“Alright Sylph, Miss Clarence will be here in about five minutes.” Eliza said walking back into Sylph’s room, where Sylph was already fast asleep.

(Darkness… Never ending darkness… Silence and calm…)

“What will you choose life or death?”

(A rough voice declares, his voice sounding all around a frightened teen…)

“Your world has been deemed unworthy to exist. With corruption, violence, disease and war deviling it… It is not as much your world, but rather you and your kind! So I give you one chose: Life or Death?”

“Who are you?”

“It matter not who I am!”

“It does to me! And why must I be the only one to choose whether my kind lives or dies? They have just as much right to choose!”

“So you choose life?”


“Then so be it!”

“Wait! Is this just a dream? Or…”

“We will meet again, and when we do I hope you will be satisfied with the choices you’ll have to make…”

“How’s she doing?” Eliza asks Sylph’s doctor that had just came out of her hospital room.

“Her fever hasn’t dropped yet, but other than that she’ll be fine.” Opening the door for Eliza to enter Sylph’s room, the doctor seems to linger there for a while, as if contemplating why only Eliza has come to visit Sylph.

“What is it doctor?”

“I was just wondering, where is her family? There isn’t any records about her past, and well it is part of the hospitals job to notify any relatives that she is here… The school though said they would call… but…”

“She doesn’t have any. No Guardians, family or friends… Other than me… She works to pay for her school fees so if the school notified any one it was the Principle and her work…

“But schools around here don’t allow their students to work, maybe do newspaper deliveries and so for pocket money but work that pays for school fees…?”

“She’s a special case. She works as voice actor for some really awesome anime! She even pitched an idea for a really cool short anime movie series called “Time’s Immortal Guardians”, the first one is going to be released in another month, it is about a girl who has to save the world from complete destruction by the hands of legendary beings from outer space!” Eliza smiled happily.

“Your friend sure sounds like a great person to get to know.”

“She sure is, it’s just a shame none of the others in our school what to get to know her… which would change in an instant if they knew who she was and what she did, it is why the Principle suggested her using a pseudonym. She goes by Saya Taira at school and that’s the name you know her by, by now, but her real name… Not going to tell! It’s a secret only Three people five people share!” Eliza smiled brightly.

“Outsider!” A man hissed that passed them by, having taken note of Eliza’s riche honey blond hair, she was only half Japanese her father being a general in the Japanese Army she was allowed to stay in Japan. The Third World War had taken its toll on many people and everywhere people despised ‘outsiders’ the people who didn’t seem to belong. Japan though had taken its stance as a neutral area in the month that had passed, and thanks to Future Tech’s new technology Japan was also the safest place to be alongside Greenland, Iceland, Hawaii, as well as the North and South Pole… Even Sylph was considered an outsider an is probably why no one wants to get to know her… Eliza was though half famous at her school as her father was a renowned hero in Japan , but those that didn’t know her…

“It’s your fault my daughter is here in the hospital!” There had been a few refugees that had attacked local and it seems that this man and his family had fell victim to them…

“Why I ought to…” The doctor was about to make a stand for her.

“Leave him be, it’s fine. I can understand his thinking…” Eliza was mature for a sixteen year old, supposed delinquent and rebellion… Which she acted when at school and during club activities…

When she finally went into the Sylph’s room though…

“Sylph? Where’d she go?” At that the doctor rushed inside noting that only empty bed sheets was evidence that there had been a sick girl just moments ago…

Sirens just then went off as well and an evacuation was sounded.

“Hurry let’s check the camera he grabbed Eliza by the wrist and headed to the Nurses reception desk. Rewind footage he played it from just when he was with her to just as the alarms went off…

“She couldn’t have just vanished…” He was staring at the video like he was seeing a ghost… and true to that he was, for with in a split second in that the camera had caught Sylph had just disappeared in to thin air…

What hit Eliza worse while staring out the windows was the explosions and fires in the town and one missile heading straight for the hospital… for her…

All over the World News Channel, news travelled of the attack on not just Japan, but on all Neutral Grounds and especially those that had been deemed safest during waring times…

Over nine million people had fell to an unknown terrorist attack, and according to news a new virus has been found killing people at an alarming rate… Doctors say there might never be a cure for ‘Chryo’…

(“Sylph where did you learn that song you always sing yourself to sleep with.” A seven year old Eliza asked curiously.

“I don’t remember… But it tells of heroes who save people when the world is in danger… I want to believe that my parents might have been one of these heroes…” A shy yet brave girl, with soft light brown hair, says, a man in uniform kneels down and ruffles her hair.

“Your parents where the bravest of those heroes, I’m sure of it!” He gives her big warm smile before she can cry.

“Clare! Listen to me, all she has is that song, I don’t know where she learned it or why she knows it, but it doesn’t mean she’s some kind of monster!”

“That song is something ancient, Akio! And not good! Every time she has sung it my Radar picks up signals. It’s my job to study sound waves and particle emissions. The Harmonic Orb that protects Japan depends on my research and everyone else’s at the lab. You can’t encourage her to sing it anymore!”

“Fine I’ll tell her…”

“To think that one song can hold the potential to destroy the Harmonic Orb… Thank fully only a few select people know the words the Chyro Songs... And that the safety barriers work on songs for that matter… I love you Clare, and I’m so glad you can still stay with us here in Japan!”

“Me too!”)

“Why did I have to remember that of all things?)

(“Misses Yamamoto died just after that discussion, Mr. Akio never got to telling me I should stop singing it too…”)

“Chryo Songs… huh? At least I learned then that it was dangerious…”

(“The hole anime was based off of that song’s story.”)

“Come to the mountain, high above the ground, we will see the end of the world. Come to valley, far as the eye can see, we will know the end of the world. Come to the ocean, as silent as the darkness, we alone can change our fates. Time and time again, we are born, to when the world has long since forgotten we will go. We have strength within our souls. The winds and waters, the air and the earth, fire and ice, stars and moons and time and space, they are, they are the guardian deities that will save our world. Embrace the darkness and light up your life, one chance we have to rewrite what is wrong! Winds of time take me on an adventure, let me know once again what means to be free. Destiny cannot hold me for I am the spirit of the wind itself.”

“I’m glad you still remember the Song of the Winds.” The same rough voice spoke out into the darkness that had wrapped itself to Sylph.

“Who are you? And don’t you dare say it doesn’t matter!”

“I was once you in a different live, a different time, a different world.”

“That makes no sense at all!”

“Tell me do you remember anything from before you were found by your friend Eliza’s parents?”


“That is because you never existed before they found you, the day they found you was the day you were also ‘born’ you could say. Whenever the world changes it’s timeline it collides with all the possibilities of the world that was on the timeline it ‘jumped’ onto, that’s when we are born, to rewrite what is wrong… because within a certain time after the world changed timelines it is doomed to be destroyed... But you don’t even know this do you…?” Sylph shook her head, this was the first, not even her anime had this back story to it, it was straight forward compared to what this man that claims to have been her once was telling her…

“It’s your turn again to save the world again… the first time in over twenty Chryo’s!”

“Chryo’s? What’s that?”

“What is used to count actual time, not that of a world’s twenty-four hour, system…”

“So one Chryo… Is what how many hours?”

“Not hours, years if you want to compare it. It differs from timeline to timeline. But we could say it has been about a hundred-and-eighty-seven-billion years…”

“You’re joking right?”

“No, not ‘joking’. I was the Wind Guardian 20 Chryo’s ago since then about a hundred-and-twelve timelines had been crossed by the primary world. Normally we awake in the past of that timeline, but you had awaken in the future for some reason…  Chrono brought you here to this timeline.

“We are nowhere!”

“Exactly! Nowhere. That is because this was the timeline where I existed as you. Once a timeline has been righted it also no longer exists. Only the one who had to save it, fix it remains, every guardian is the same with some differences, I’m the previous Wind Guardian, and I could manipulate the winds as well as to some degree water, but you are different, you’re the first to have some control over time, as Chrono does…” We believe it is why you awakened as a child with no memories and in the future as well…”

“This all seems great at what not… but it has to be a dream!”

“It’s not, and the fact that you had anything to do in the future could mean trouble, so you better listen and listen good!’ A new voice barked, a voice that was fierce and told of superiority.

“Chrono it’s no need to get mad at her!”

“Oh yes it is, all Guardians at least know of their existence in the timelines. She is an abnormality to our kind!” Chrono went to grab Sylph’s hand, and it was in that moment his feature became dire.

“All Guardians are born at least into the world as a person who had previously existed in that worlds current past time… This world is unknown to even me… and through her mind I just now saw the destruction of that world that the primary world had crossed with… There’s no one there for her to have been awaken as…”

“Wait what does that mean?”

“It means two worlds have crossed into this timeline this time… You were awaken in primary world in the future because there is no past… except for it’s past, and that isn’t what needs fixing… It could be the last world to exist…”

“Al right any moment I’m going to wake up and…” Tears started to flow down her cheeks uncontrollably…”

“They’re all… dead…”

“Her mind just registered what has happened to her home…”

“Everyone… is dead…”

“You can still hopefully save them… But it will be in possible to do so alone…”

“How?” Sylph  sounded despite, more so than she had ever before!

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