Walker of the Wasted Waze

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Chapter 12

“Why does this shit always happen to me?” I said out-loud to the red sky. It had been hours, and I was still about as far away as when I had begun.

I had to keep moving. But it was excruciatingly difficult and painfully slow. I was also a sitting duck out here. I didn’t see I had a choice. If I wanted to live, much less find Chirpy, I had to self-inject the Nanos.

I pulled out the med-kit.

“You’re so not worth this much fucking pain, you fucking cocksucker.” Tucked inside was a little grey cylinder- with billions of atom-sized termite-looking robots, the Nanos. Remakers of organic tissues, re-writers of genetic code. Nanotechnology was the last great piece of technological prowess that humankind had perfected. Back when there was industry they were used for everything, from helping heal burns to industrial waste cleaning- back when earth had industry. When the Outworlders left Earth, they took most of the best technology with them into space, including Nano-tech. Nano-tech was a precious commodity now; after I used these little robots on my medical problems, I doubted there would be more to find.

I depressed a switch at the bottom of the cylinder.

A long, hollow, Sabre-Tooth fang popped out. Razor sharp, seven inches long and with a diameter about an inch wide.

“Shit.” I laid on my back and un-buttoned my pants. For the Nanos to heal, they needed raw genetic material, they needed stem cells. The only place to find stem-cells was in spermatozoa. In order to find the sperm, the nanobots needed a way in to my sperm. I took a deep breath.

“Fuck.” I plunged the needle through the piss-hole on my dick and pushed it through to my testes. I had to go through the urethra and into the ball sack, otherwise I would have to do it again-if missed the target. Once I felt the needle deep in my nuts, the cylinder turned from red to green. I depressed the button at the top of the cylinder. Then, I allowed myself to scream.

The Nanos streamed into my testes and started re-writing my genetic code. After nearly a minute of mind-bending pain, I un-plugged the fang from my penis and hurled the damn thing away.

Nanos were suspended in the mercury until used. A tiny stream of mercury nitrate came bubbling out of my cock, like I was pissing molten silver.


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