Walker of the Wasted Waze

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Chapter 16

Before dawn comes the Darkness. An impenetrable blanket, sweeping the Earth from one axis to the other.

It had happened during one of the wars.

It wasn’t an even particularly exciting or terrifying war, if it hadn’t been for the destruction of the moon, the war itself would have easily been forgotten, shuffled amidst the many skirmishes which did not make the grade of one of the Serious Seven.

A group of Technocrats (the highest technical caste) had created a base on the moon for scientific research.

Privately held, the scientist there performed all manner of far-ranging experimentations, far from the grasp of governmental regulation; and many would say, common sense. Focusing on gene-tech, the gen-gineers on the moon manufactured biological weapons, such as the Syreens.

The Syreens were an army of psychotic female shape-shifters, available to the highest bidder.

Apparently, that did not sit well with the United African Continent, who were sold exclusive rights to the Syreens and the Syreen technology.

The United Nations, the only planetary board still in existence- also were not happy about it.

They felt the technology belonged to them, since they were the ones who had paid for it.

After many months of haggling and negotiations, someone decided that the best-case scenario would be to wipe out the moon-base, settling the issue once and for all. Some government or another sent a bomb, a very big and powerful bomb. Now the moon, was a half-moon, with craters and falling pieces jettisoning to earth as deadly projectiles, which could kill anyone at any time with no warning.

The remainder of the mass, once known as the moon, now pulled the Earth gravitationally in many different directions. The billions of pieces of moon rock, displaced by the giant blast, orbited around the earth like the rings of Saturn. No doubt it was lovely to behold from space.

But on Earth, the results were not lovely at all. The gravitational shifting in the Earths tectonic plating caused tremors, shakes, empty river beds and two new oceans, which no one had bothered to name but were just given numbers, A-331 and A-332. Which was completely fine because there were no fish in those oceans and no one in their right mind ever went near them. God only knows what did swim in those waters.

But it was the Darkness which was the most devastating effect of the moons destruction.

It was a seething, pulsating, oddly subtle blanket of blackest ink. It was sentient. It was alive. Many did not know that, and to many it was something I would never tell, but I say it now. And maybe it was part of my madness. But I had walked through the Waze. I had seen it, I am sure of it! It was alive and it had swallowed my love. Which is why I pursued the Dark, into the Waze, where I knew it lived.

But the Earth itself was victim of that shadow. No stars could pierce that thick veil of pollution encasing the planet, no heat reflected back to the surface of the earth in the form of moonlight from our sun. If the Earth was a white canvas, the Dark was ink blotting out half of it.

Inside the Dark, new creatures flew through its belly. Its mouth was filled with the new beast whom crawled and burrowed through the mud and irradiated sands.

When or how the Darkness itself became alive, I don’t know. Only that in the Dark- people disappeared. It was the during the Dark that Lora went missing.

We had taken shelter. We went to sleep, when I had woke up, she was gone.

I was pretty sure that the Dark had taken her into the Waze, which is where the Dark was said to take its victims. Why I thought this I could not remember. Only that I was sure of it. My choice was clear. I went into the Waze to bring her out. Chirp-chirp and I walked into the Black Hole together to seek out the only thing worth having. We survived. No idea how. Whatever happened in the Waze had taken more than my love, but my sanity and the memories of my journey.

But now we were out. Back in the regular Hell of Earth.

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