Walker of the Wasted Waze

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Chapter 17

chirp-well, so you finally admit your crazy as a loon?-chirp’

“Shut-it Chirp bot” I told him. Chirpy, still in my head… He hated when I called him Chirp-bot. “The cloud, it packs so much ambient light that it shuffles the Dark away. We could use that to our advantage.” That radioactive mushroom would give us the cover we needed to make a straight shot for the Aeronaut, assuming we didn’t die by some other means before we got there.

With Chirps AI gone however, I had no global positioning system. I could only travel by sight now.

So it seemed I was a little less than a hundred miles away from the Argo. If I pushed myself and I had no obstructions, I could get there in three days. Hopefully, I wouldn’t die of thirst in that time.

And so, it was about an hour into my walk and contemplation of my fate that I nearly ran into an old Mechanex unit. It just sat there, leaning against a stone boulder, like an old man waiting to die. It was a big-one, twelve-footer at least. These old timey Exo-Suit’s were a favorite of the X-terminators back in the good old days.

“I feel you old buddy,” I told it, patting it on its head as I walked past. At one time those suits were deadly pieces of war, capable of wiping out entire Enclaves by itself. Now they were just rusted out pieces of crap, junk left by the Outworlders, not worthy enough to be included in their precious ships. Sounded familiar.

I rounded the corner- like an idiot- because I was completely exposed.

And there it was, directly in the middle of the road. I twisted my goggles to make sure.

Talk about Old Timey.

I hadn’t been seen, so I turned back behind the Mechanex, before I could be spotted.

“Hey, I saw you asshole.”

Shit. I walked back out…and there she was…the first human woman I had seen in…how knows how long. At least, she had humanoid features.

She was actually chained, to a log. A long, dead log. How in the hell did a tree survive that long out here? I thought to myself. Trees had been extinct for more than a hundred seasons.

But the woman, she sure as hell was alive, and she was wearing my favorite outfit, her birthday suit.

“Well, well, well. What do you think about that Chrip?’

He gave no answer. But in the back of my head I could hear him whisper at me to be wary.

Her hair was curly black and matted down her neck to her shoulders. She was very shapely. So lovely. Her vagina was shaved however, clean. So clean. I had to taste it. Taste her. I felt an erection stirring in my pants. But it was like nothing I ever felt before, all I could think of was my dick. I felt very strange.

It had been so long since I saw a woman. Felt a woman’s touch. And her breast were firm, her curves reminded me of better days.

Why would such a woman be chained out here in the middle of death’s country? She was in path of the only road to the Argo too. She was obviously meant to be found.

And female? There were so few women left now, each one was nearly as precious as food or water.

So why leave a good-looking healthy woman out here? Alone?

Not alone. Like the cat in the church.I pulled Baby from her scabbard.

I scanned the sky, nothing but dark clouds.

I couldn’t afford the time it would take to detour around her.

I had to go through.

“I won’t bite lover, not unless you want me too,” she said.

I approached silently. Images of bending her over the log filled my vision. I bet her pussy was tight and wet. I wanted to grab those breast in my hands and squeeze while she sucked my dick. My erection was pulsing. The closer I came, the more my heart beat and my blood raced. Sweat beaded down my beard.

What was the fuck was the matter with me? I tried to shake the images out of my mind. But it got worse the closer I got to her.

She was crouched low. Her palms flat on the ground her heels off the floor, like a cat waiting for dinner.

The sun began to lighten the sky, from dark red to brighter darker red. I pulled up to her and put Baby below her chin and raised up her head to meet my eyes. She did not resist.

I wanted to take out my cock and stick it down her throat.

“Can I help you sir?” Her skin was green, maybe turquoise. Her long reprehensible tail stretched 3 feet and was covered in fur, like the rest of her. Her eyes were yellow and concave.

“What are you?”. My voice was thick and deep, I was drunk with lust.

“ They call me Una.”

“What’s an Una? Is that Chinese?”

“No sir. Syreen”

“Syreen?” That made me think of something. I just thinking of Syreens, and voilà, here one is. Great if that worked with money. “Why are you here? Why are you naked?” My mind was getting fuzzy, it felt as if I was drunk off moonshine.

“To better please you sir.” She stood up. She was about 5’4. This close, my mind went blank. Sex was all I could see. I took a step forward.

“Please me how?” I asked her.

“Well, anyway you want sir.” She grabbed her breast and gave each one a shake, then she brought out a long tongue and liked her left nipple. “Where were you headed to handsome?”

“Uhh…well…that Argo..I need to get there, get to the town..there is usually..a…a..town. Go to town. Need water. Very thirsty.”

“The Mayor of that place is a cruel man, master, I would say to stay far away. Look what he did to me?” She rattled the chain placed around her neck.

“Is that Nusteel chain?”

“Yes, Yu’r Onor.”

“Why are you talking like that?”

“Cockney? I dunno, don’t men like that?” She said, as she rubbed her breast together.

I needed to get out of here. “I need to get out of here.” I began to back away. She reached out her hand and touched me. Electric fire sparked inside me.

“Jack, the Mayor of the town, has put me out here, as a punishment. I am here to satisfy the sinful lusting’s of the scavengers who wander past.”


“Get all the venom holed up in dere pricks out of the way fore they infect the town wid’it,” she began to unbuckle mybelt.

“Your accents changed,” I said absentmindedly.

“I aim to please. Now, sir, don’t you want this fine piece of prime-time pussy?” She unbuckled my belt and brought my pants down to my ankles. Then she put my hard prick in her mouth and began to suck off my erection. I could not stop her. After a few minutes I was about to climax, she stopped. She took off my shirt, laid my weapons on the ground. She looked at Chirp with a puzzled look, then she tossed him away. She did the same with Baby, then my ruck. I was defenseless. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this could not be good.

“That’s right baby, that’s right,” she grabbed me by my cock and led me back to the log, “Oohh…you’re a nice one, got a nice hard one for me huh?” She turned around and sat on the log. Then she began to play with herself, gently at first, then she started to go faster, rubbing her clitoris and breast at the same time. “I really want that cock baby. What is that, twelve inches? C’mere baby…give it me.”

Twelve inches? I didn’t have a twelve inch cock. Someone had told me that before, someone I wanted to be with. But, I couldn’t think. I went over to her. She spread her legs wide. “Yeah Daddy, you’re so thick and perfect. I like that.” I stuck my dick inside, she was wet. I felt her vagina clamp around my cock. I pulled out, then halfway I put it back in. I started pumping harder and harder. “Yeah baby, that’s it. Come inside me baby, I want it. I need it.”

Twelve inch cock. Twelve-inch cock. I do not have a twelve-inch cock, Sam I am. I do not have a twelve-inch cock in the sand, I do not have a twelve inch cock neither here nor there, I have no twelve inch cock anywhere.

Lora told me I didn’t have a twelve-inch cock. When we were making love in the pool. I kept thinking of the poem I made up, reciting it in my head like a mantra…I had to clear my head…keep repeating…

I do not have a twelve-inch cock, here not there, I do not have a twelve inch cock when sitting in a chair. I cannot put a twelve inch cock in your hair, I cannot put a twelve inch cock anywhere. I do not have a twelve inch cock Sam I am, I do not have a twelve inch cock

I bunched up my fist and punched her in her goddam face. Blood and saliva flew. Then I yelled at her and grabbed her by her neck and squeezed.

Her tail, coiling itself around my throat, did the same. She was trying to kill me.

I squeezed harder, trying to tie my hands together through her neck.

Her pussy began to squeeze my dick, I felt little sharp teeth around the bottom of my shaft.

“Arghh!” I yelled into her face. I grabbed the nearest link on her chain and wrapped it around her mouth and pulled. She tried to scream, but the link went deep into her jaw instead.

“I’ll kill you witch, let me go! Let me go! You ain’t never seen crazy like me bitch! You can’t get into my head, you have no idea! It… wont…work!” I screamed into her face through my tears and I pulled. I pulled. I was going to crack each and every one of her goddam teeth then her jaw. I summoned all the pain, all the hate inside me. I pulled.

Teeth wrapped around my cock stopped biting. She let me go. I flew off of her and landed on my back, many feet away.

I began to cough incessantly. Her tail had very nearly burst my Adams apple. I still couldn’t speak. We stood there like that, recovering, watching each other- just out of range.

“Asshole. I was trying to save you.” She stood up. Blood curled around her lips, but she had a smile on her face.

“Oh really?”

“Yes, you dick. Don’t you know they are coming for you? And when they find you, they won’t give you a quick merciful puffy filled death like I was going to. Imagine, you would have cum right when I was going to end you. Ecstasy and death, co-mingled into passion and eternity. It would have been joyous! And you ruined it!”

“Fucking whore.”

“You know any other kind?”

“Who are you?”

“I told you already. Or where to horny to pay attention?”

“What did you do to me, whore?”

“Stop calling me that.”

“Why? It’s what you are. What you were made for. Syreens, whores all of them. Glad they killed your kind.”

“Fool. You know nothing of my kind.”

I walked back to my ruck. Four claws pierced my hand as I was about to reach for the bag. I turned my back on her, fool!

I dug the claws out of my skin.

“What the hell?,” I said to her looking directly at her. She had not moved. But obviously she could throw her claws like daggers. They cut deep, but did not seem fatal.

“You really shouldn’t of hit me. Not gentlemanly.”

“You shouldn’t have tried to strangle me.”

“This is going to end badly for you Scavenger.”

“Whose coming for me whore?”

She swished her tail and walked toward. “I’m sorry, did I say some one was coming for you?” She smiled. She began to purr and laugh, then she twirled around and jumped ten feet in the air and landed in roll, flipped forward onto her hands in a somersault and just like that she was less than three feet away from me. Never seen anyone move that fast. “Yeah. I think you’re going to die here stranger.”

“I don’t even know you. Why are you wanting to kill me? I have nothing of value. My boots are too big for you, my pack has no valuables. Let me pass and we will forget this whole thing.”

She scratched her nose. “Wish I could, but I don’t tend to let strange men just stick their dicks inside me and take off. At least buy me dinner first.”

I dived away from her and grabbed my Repeater Rifle. I got back up in a flash and pointed it at her.

She stopped scratching.

“I’ll burn you first. Then vaporize you.”

She said nothing.

“Why are you trying to kill me?”

“Its what I do. I told you. Weary travelers and all that.”

“How long have you been out here?”

“Long enough to know better but not long enough to tell you shit.”

I squeezed the trigger. Two hot lazer beams of radiation shot out at lightning speed. She was fast, she pirouetted away and the beams missed her, but I wasn’t really trying to kill her. Either way, she was razed on her side.

“Son of fucking bitch. You burned me you asshole.”

“Next will kill. Answer my question.”

She held her side. The wound was cauterized automatically, but it was easy to see that it was a bad burn.

“What question?”

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

“I told you my name. I am here because as punishment.”

“What does that mean?”

She sighed. “The other crazy man in town, he’s the ‘mayor’- names Jack Gordon. He tied me here, made me wait. Soon as the word came out…”

“What word?”

“Caravan, it’s on the roll. Looking for some wack-a-doo lady killer by name of Zildjahn or some shit. I’m supposed to wait here, trap him and kill him.”

“O.K why are trying to kill me?”

“I don’t know who the fuck you are. Beside, you look sexy.”

“So you just wait here to kill men? Why did they tie you up like that?”

“Fucking punishment.”

“What did you do?”

“Who are you, my judge?”

I kept the Repeater Rifle on her. I put my pants on. Then slowly, the rest of my clothes and slipped my ruck-sack back on and put Baby back onto her scabbard. I wanted to put on my goggles, but that would involve taking my eyes off of her for a second so I chose not to.

“Where did you come from anyway, stranger?”

I was ready to go. I did not want to kill her if I could help it. But, I would.

“I’m leaving.”

“In what? Where’s your vehicle.”

I began to walk away. I had to stay outside the range of her chain, and her claws, and I would be alright.

“I don’t know anything.” I told her.

“Mmmm.hmm..I can see you’re a serious man. Where did you come from? You do know that right?”

I pointed to the vast area of the Wasted Waze behind her. “There.”

“Where is your vehicle?”


“That cloud, that explosion back there. Was that you?”


“What’s your name?”


“Where are you from, Roger?”

I pointed behind me, toward the burning Argo. “Over there.”

“You are such a fucking liar.”

“And you are a truth teller? Everything about you is lie, even the color of your skin. Who are you to judge me?”

She stood to her full height. “I can tell you the truth stranger. I did not mean to harm you, but I had to be sure.”

“Sure of what?”

“That you were strong enough to help me.” Her skin began to molt off. Within a minute millions of pieces of fur stood on the ground around her feet, and before me stood an incredible tall and beautiful Negroid woman. The woman jangled the chain around her neck. “I’m not a warrior great one. I am but a prisoner of war. I came from the moon with my sister. These men captured us, attacked me, and turned me into this sex freak you see before you today. They force me to do things, capture wanderers and scavengers and disarm them before they go into the town.”

She looked at me with sheepish eyes. Was this another trick?

“I don’t believe you.”

“Please understand, these men. They use me. They found me and my daughter. We were refugees from the Apocalypse in the Americas. Like you, we were drawn to the Argo, it is the only one left in the East, maybe the world. But when our vehicle broke down---”

“Where? There were no vehicles back there but a junked down Mechanex.”

“They took it when they captured us.”

“Who is they? And where is your daughter?”

“They are the towns people. When they found out that we were all Syreens they tried to kill us. They spared me for their own reasons, I think because I could still reproduce. Most Syreen cannot. But, In the town, she is held as a hostage in case I try to run.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I need help.” She held the chains up around her neck.

“What do you want me to do?” It was like she was a different person from three minutes ago. Not only in appearance but in affectation, demeanor, everything.

“Your blade, the machete? I’ve seen that alloy before.”

“Uhura- what of it?”

“No. Uhura is the element, but that blade, it is Nusteel is it not?”

“You know your steels.”

“It can cut through my chains.”

I laughed. “Go to hell. You try to fuck-kill me, strangle me in a phermone haze, now you want me to come to your rescue?”

“And to my daughter. She’s only a baby.”

“Why should I help you?”

“Because, I can help you.”

“How’s that?”

“I know these lands. You will need a guide if you proceed further.”

“I don’t need you witch.I was born here”

“The town, what’s it called?” She asked me defiantly.

“I don’t know. Argo town?”


“Tombstone. Is that true?”

“Who could make up a stupid name like Tombstone if it wasn’t true?”

“Okay you want to help me huh?


“Then answer this. The Tartari. Are they here?”

She went silent again.

“We are done…” I moved away from her.

“Wait… why do you want to know about the Tartari? They are evil. Stay away from them.”

“Where are the Tartari?” I asked her.

She sighed, but answered reluctantly. “They are everywhere.”

“So, you admit it. You are in league with them.”.

I changed tactics. “Will the town barter? For water?”


“Why? What do they want?”

“They would as soon kill you as accept you into town. You need water right?”

My mouth salivated at the mention. I made no reply.

“I know where the town keeps its secrets, including the water.”

“They have a well?”

“Oh yeah. Well’s well-guarded to, day and night. You’re not getting in there without asking.”

“I will ask.”

“Sure. You see how friendly they are.” She rattled her chain.

“You are their enemy. I will not make that mistake.”

“If you are not from Tombstone, then you are their enemy. Pilgrims like you, and scavengers, wander into town, seeking the prizes in the Argo. The townspeople have become skittish, fearful, even religious.” She said the last word like it was slime in her tongue. “They will not give you anything and you have nothing that they want.”

I looked deeply at her. She was making a kind of weird sense. But I had to be sure. The only way to make sure the pheromones were not inducing my agreement with her, was to make sure, through pain, that my head was clear. I brought out my knife from my belt. I cut my hand. Blood seeped out. I waited. I felt the same. “I will make you a deal. I won’t kill you- If you tell me how to get to the water.” I said to her.

“You won’t kill me anyway ‘Roger.’ But, I will negotiate your bargain. Free me, and I will bring you water and re-supplies. We pick up my daughter and we flee further east, towards the mountains, where the Tartari won’t go because of the cold. There we would be free.”

“I don’t need you for that and I don’t need a witch partner who’d as soon slit my throat as give me a kiss.”

She was useless. I would continue on without her and find a way. I began to turn to walk.

“Wait! I know things, things you need to know.”

“Like what?”

“Like who is hunting you.”

“I know that already.”

“Really? Who?”

“Assholes.” I brought Baby out and held her loosely in my hands. “I’m walking away. Don’t try your pheromone trick on me or your head will roll in the dust. Detached from your body.”

“Fool! Forget that horrible town. Let me out of here and I can show you everything you need to scavenge off that Argo for a year! I know the Lords who are in the tower. I can get you in, my daughter is one of them! And you could even fuck me anytime you wanted, in whatever hole suited you best.” She molted again. Flakes of skin fell off and soon, she was back to be the cat-lady.

I lost my temper and pointed Baby at her. I had to get out of here before whatever was coming after me came, and before her cat persona sent the pheromones after me too. I knew she was stalling, trying to keep me here as long as she could. I felt like a fool for falling for the same damn tricks over and over. “Stay the fuck away from me because the only hole of yours I am interested in, is the one that sees you six feet deep!” I screamed at her through my rage.

“Wait a minute…” She turned past me to look at the mushroom cloud, then turned back to stare at me. “You walked through the Wasted Waze? You are the one. All this time, all this prep, for you? I can’t believe. A skinny little Negroid with a half-coked fake asses suh-word and beard, that stinks like dried monkey shit? You are the one who walked through the Waze? You are the temple burner? That’s impossible. It never even dawned on me that such a wasted piece of shit turd like you could get the Master all riled up like that. Amazing. You never know I guess. Now I don’t feel so bad for letting you fuck me.”

“It was more like rape. You mind-fucked me whore, and made me have sex with you with no free will of my own.”

“Tell it on a mountain-Zildjan. When Amalek finds you here, oh man, he’ll let me be free. He’ll be so happy I can take my daughter and flee. I’ll have to leave you alive. Well, just your head really, just enough to talk. I could paralyze you from the wait down. That might work, if I did more than that they wouldn’t be able to do what they are so good at, and any more and I might kill you. God knows your not much to look at, no one would believe you are the Walker. They’d have to see it.”

I stabbed at her neck, at least I tried. All I struck was air. My ankle was pulled out from under me and I fell to the ground hard. She crawled up to and picked up Baby.

“Fine blade. Amalek might let me keep it. After I use it to chop of your arms.”

She swung down to do so. I swept here legs and she fell. She moved so fast I could not even see it, even as she was falling she could still be dangerous. She managed to hurl Baby at me, at me!... my own blade impaled me through the calf. I fell onto my knees.

I pulled Baby out of my calf, and rose up to meet her.

Then the blast hit her in the face. I was slower than her, but sneakier. I had planted an E-stick in one of the links in her chain. The blast tore her eyes out of her socket. She was blind.

“Arghh!” She screamed.

“You’re cat. You can’t smell me bitch?” I screamed back.

Her talons came flying at me, puncturing my left shoulder and sinking deep. This time the claws were not missiles, but tethering hook because they were still attached to her hand.

She yanked at me and brought me close to her, I pulled back. Her ferocity was amazing.

She was violently shaking her head and screaming, dots of blood painted her face. She leaped at me, claws of her right hand extended, looking for the jugular.

I managed to block her swings but she was vicious and lightning-quick. Baby sang in the air as I blocked and pivoted and danced to her one hands blind swipes while I was still trying to figure out what to do about the claws buried into me.

She was wild and vicious, fast and deadly. But reckless. I turned into a wild swing brought up the fire-in-a-bottle, I smashed it against the claws buried in my shoulder, letting the force of her own momentum break the bottle. But we were too close together. Her right hand clawed at my neck and her fangs were within inches of my spine.

A second later the fire-the-bottle ignited with the air and her arm burst into flames. She screamed louder then when I had blinded her. She declawed me and was focused only on her burning arm. As she should be. She began to roll onto the floor to put the fire out. But this was fire-in-the-bottle, it would not burn out. It would burn through absolutely anything it was placed on and it would burn for hours. But what choice did she have? She rolled and yelled trying to stop the fire from spreading. I used the opportunity to catch my breathe.

I should have taken the Repeater Rifle and ended her mercifully. But, I wasn’t in the mood for being merciful. I wanted to punish her. She had humiliated me. Violated me. Tricked me. Tried to assassinate me. Use me. And this was all in less than an hour of meeting. She was a vile worthless creature whom needed to be destroyed.

I kneeled into a crouch next to her screaming body. Using Baby, I sliced her lower abdomen. Blood and guts spilled out. She screamed and tried to pounce. Good. That meant she was coherent. She was still feeling pain.

“You wanted me to free you? You are free.” I used Baby and struck her chains. They fell off easily. She turned to attack me and I kicked her in her vagina. She fell to her knees, I struck the choker around her neck, it fell to floor in a clang.

“Here is to your freedom,” I told her. I dropped Baby on the ground and grabbed her neck from behind and squeezed, hard.

She grabbed my arms to try and stop me, cutting me and burning me a little. I didn’t feel it.

I rolled her onto her back, squeezing the whole time. I could feel her blood pumping through my hands and I wanted to end that flow. I squeezed harder, yelling liking a Viking. She stabbed at my chest with her claws, but I would not let go. We would both die here before I did. She tried to slice at my throat. I looked down at her, her guts lay there like sausage.

I let go of her neck and grabbed the sausage and gave a yank. She screamed like a banshee but her pain was misdirected, flaying out with blind fury. I hung onto her bloody slippery sausage and tumbled behind her, wrapping the intestines around her neck like it was a replacement for the chain I had just struck off her.

I did a double loop to be sure and I squeezed her intestines until I felt the blood turn slippery in my hands and still I would not let go.

She was left in the unenviable position of having to claw through her own guts in order to free herself from my strangle hold. She did, slicing into herself with those talons undoubtedly hardened by years of pain.

It was time to end this.

I let her go and grabbed Baby. She withered in the floor, not knowing where the pain was coming from or where it would end.

I swung.

Her body remained ridged for a few seconds, as blood flew from her neck in spurts and spigots. Then her head landed three or four feet away, rolling in the dust to a stop.

The decapitated body slowly flopped to the ground and landed on its stomach in a dead heap, arms still blazing fire.

“Fucking whore.” I pulled out my cock and pissed on her forehead.

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