Walker of the Wasted Waze

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Chapter 20

“Holy fuck, I can’t believe it, you’re still alive.” Lora Mason slipped her clothes back on. Her body was pure fire, heat. Radiating like a battery. The feel of her skin was still on me and I wanted to cup her in my hands and giver her entire body a kiss. She saw me looking, but instead of being shy, she was proud. Her pride in the glory of her body made me want to possess her even more, even if I already just had. Our love making finished for the seventh time that day, I should have been spent, but the opposite was true. I had forestalled my orgasm until the final copulation and the release of energy had instead of depleting me, had re-invigorated me. Now I wanted to be inside her warm body yet again, to stay in it forever. But as she slipped her scimitar back into her scabbard on her hip, I knew that was that, our time for intimacy was over, now it was back to business. She was silent. Her gaze back at my gaze was hard, almost unsettling. She stared at me as if testing me, for what, I couldn’t guess.

She finally broke the silence. “Speak-- you stare at me like I’m a fish walking on water instead of in it.”

“Sorry, it’s just, I am fascinated by you. I can’t help but stare.”

“Well, stop it, you’re freaking me out. I’m nothing to stare at.”

“I beg to differ.”

“Well, you’re nuts.”

“Maybe, but I know a beautiful woman when I see one.”

“Me? Beautiful? With my blood-soaked tunic and smelly clothes that I’ve been running in since the Temple? Really? I haven’t even cleaned my hair in weeks. Now I know you are crazy.”

“Like a fox. It’s not your outward appearance only that I speak of. I mean you. Your spirit. It is beautiful.”

She laughed and threw some rocks at me. “You’re so full of shit. That wasn’t my soul you were interested in five minutes ago, lover-man. Not unless you were looking for it in very particular places.”

“Well, I like your ass and your soul, is that bad?”

“You’re as disgusting as any man I suppose. So—what happens now?” She was silent. The day turned dark. Absolute silence suddenly around us. The lake was completely gone. Lora’s body began to glow illuminating itself, shining against the shadows. “What are you going to do Zildjan? Are you going to give up and die like you did before, or are you going to stay and fight and beat this monster inside you?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Yes, you are. Sorry and sad.”

“I am confused.”

“Are you? The end of the road is coming. You’re sick, weary. Lost your allies and your friends, now wandering around in the forest alone and struggling. Why didn’t you check those fuel cells before you went into the Mechanex?”

I was chagrined. I got indignant. “What use would it have done? The damn thing would still have fallen.”

“Would it have? You could have jumped those cells with the power batteries, or chosen a different course. Burning out the power diodes like that? Igniting the cellular batteries? Even injecting yourself with Nanotechnology without a central power unit to control the interactions? That’s crazy talk.”

“I’m still alive!”

“Your taking too many risk, too many chances. One wrong move, one power cell being a little stronger, and you’d be dead. And that witch? Why didn’t you just walk away?”

“I tried!”

“You wanted to kill her. You were looking forward to it. You had it in mind the minute you pulled up to her. Well, that and other ideas.”

“That’s not fair. I have been out here alone for a long time. You left me here. Alone. To die.”

“No. I left you alone to live my love. To live.”

“I’m already dead.”

“No sweetheart. When you are dead, you will know it. That’s usually when the most interesting things start to happen.”

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