Walker of the Wasted Waze

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Chapter 21

The dust cloud was bigger than it seemed when I had first seen it from the Mechanex. The cloud was at least a hundred yards in either direction, including vertical. The domicile I had landed in had a giant square hole in the side of its walls facing the Caravan. The Caravan had decided to stop near the body of the burning witch I watched them, through the hole, using my goggles, as the fever swept through my body.

There were at least twenty Tankers, a dozen Spike-Bikes, a half dozen or more Redders.

Tankers were eighteen wheeled semi-trucks, outfitted for max carnage. Spiked out nose, battlements along each edge and ground-sweeper hardware. Efficient, even though bulky, mobile killing machines. Each Tanker was outfitted with a ring of human skulls around the chasis and a double sawed automatic shotgun gunner turret, situated on top of the main cab. Seemed like overkill.

Did they really need twenty of them? For little ole’ me? I was a little flattered.

Leading the Tankers were a dozen Sharks. Sharks were massive cybernetic creatures. Grey scaled armored skin, fast mobile jet-propulsion- body capable of the most dexterous mid-air gymnastics, and a penchant for clamping down on their prey with those huge jaws- and tearing said prey to little itty bitty bloody pieces. I barely had food to eat, yet these guys were sending out platoons of armored men to hunt and kill me.

The Sharks floated serenely above the caravan, roughly fifteen feet in the air. Their mohawk wearing jockeys stood on their backs, holding reins in the Shark’s massive bloodied jaws.

The Lead Tanker, this one was a twenty-four-wheeled monstrosity, looked like a giant caterpillar with gun turrets for eyeballs and flamethrowers for antennae. It stopped directly in front of the witches burning body. It seemed as if a door in the cabin opened, and people stepped out. I was too far away, I couldn’t see what was happening, even with my enhanced vision. Too many Marauders in the way. I took off my goggles and brought out Chirp’s CPU. I opened his CPU and carefully scooped out the tiny audio-video chip. It was as big as my fingernail, I plunged the chip into my C.I.A (cerebral input aperture) located behind every human’s left ear.

I felt the scan begin as bands of electro-magnetic pulses started coursing through my cerebral cortex. A few seconds later, the chip began transmitting. First blurry, then sharper. Soon it was as if I were standing there with tem, a silent visitor among the savages.

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