Walker of the Wasted Waze

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Chapter 30

A man was sitting, waiting for someone. I don’t know how I knew that, I just did.

He had a white tea cup in front of him, which he sipped from. His back was to me, but I was aware that he was aware of me. The background was white. I should not say that. It was not white as much as absent of all color but held light. The man was dressed all in black, inclusive of a wide, circular, brimmed hat. He wore dark circular glasses and was pale in color, pallid.

“Come to me.” He whispered. I had to stop myself from turning around, it felt as if he were next to me, but he was more than fifty yards away. There was malevolence inside that whisper, as thick as poison, a violence that filled every cell of my body.

“You will come.” It said again.

I shook my head like a child. “No.” I whispered back.

“The Darkness is coming for you ape. For so long it has been held back- but soon, the time will come-again.”

The voice was primordial. More than ancient, it felt like it knew me deeper than my soul, and it wanted to do more than destroy me.

“Apes. Dancing in the winds of the Serengeti. Making hapless love to each other, begetting more apes. That is where you should have stayed. You were all so cute then. What gave you hairless monkeys the right? Animals away from their habitat should be locked in a zoo.” The man in black, his back still turned to me- stood up from the table. He made no other movement-yet my heart dropped to my feet. He was going to skin me alive. I knew it as sure as I could see with my eyes.

“That will do.” Another voice. This one filled with wisdom. I turned around. A man stood next to me. He seemed like a regular man. Not tall, not broad, not handsome, not plain. Yet his eyes were different. As I gazed deeper, it was as if I were seeing through a window into the heavens. I kept staring. I couldn’t take my eyes away, the stars were seeming to dance. Planets collided. Comets of ice and rock bumped into each other. Vast reaches of space lay empty, like a casket at a funeral before the body is laid.

Then-I saw my daughters, laughing in a bright open area, filled with plants and small animals. It looked like a planetarium. They were wearing white tunics, their hair up in braids. They were both smiling, petting a little bird, it looked like a parakeet, its name was Tony. They were older, their faces now lined now with youthful age and prepubescent baby fat. The lost remembrance of youth. Then they were gone.

“Sit.” I heard the wise voice say.

I came out of my reverie. We were back in the white space. The normal looking man, whom had tan colored but dark skin, and white hair like wool, pointed to two wooden chairs near a small circular table. On the table was a pot of tea and a pot of coffee. Cups and sugar sat beside.

I sat. I tried to catch my breath, I wanted to ask a question, I wanted to talk, but I could not.

The man sat at the other chair.

He waited for me to catch my breathe. His stars filled eyes, which had mesmerized me, were gone. Now they were just normal. Everything about the man was painstakingly fucking normal. Too normal. He made me feel abnormal because I was not as normal as he. Like my body was too tall or my eyes to wide, hips to lean due to starvation. Then, like a baby, I started to cry. What the hell was wrong with me?

“You hit bottom,” The Normal Man said.

It took me several minutes until I stopped blubbering. “Where are we?” I asked him.

“Deep, deep, space. By your reckoning.”

I looked around, it was all just white, everywhere. “Doesn’t look like deep, deep, space.”

The Normal Man smiled. “Really? And you would know this how? Because of all your interstellar travel?”

I sighed. “No, I just mean…”

“You just mean that with your limited perceptions of both space and time, deep space, through your interpretation, does not look like this?”

“Well, yes.” I answered.

“I could throw you into a chasm of the deepest nebula in Alpha Centarui. You would fall through the ether with no sensation of your body. You could twist and turn in the cold expanse of the infinite. Is that the space you would prefer to go through?”

I shook my head. The mental image of free falling through infinite space was enough.

“No, thank you.” I replied bravely.

“You’re agoraphobic.” He said plainly.

“Yes.” I answered back. My fear of wide open spaces wasn’t prevalent, but the concept of it was always in the back of my mind.

“That is the real reason why you chose not to go with your family? You were afraid of the openness of space?”


“I know, I’m just trying to help you relax. Here, have some tea, its good. I picked the leaves myself, from my garden.” He poured me a cup, then himself. He stirred two cubes of sugar into his tea, then brought it to his lips, and took a sip without blowing. He motioned for me, with his normal looking eye brows, to do the same. I did. The tea was amazing. Its impossible to describe the taste, other than with the word nourishment or photosynthesis…because it felt as if I were drinking sunlight.

“Are you the one called the Great Writer?” The question just came out from somewhere deep inside of me.

“Yes,” he said easily.

“Is this a dream?”

“No. No more dreams for you my friend. No more hallucinations, mirages, ghost, none of that. From now on, only choices, brave choices you will make.”

“Such as?”

“Everything,” he said plainly, sipping his tea.


Or, you can die.”

“Those are my choices?”

“It’s a start.”

I nodded. I knew he was telling the truth. There was a lot in those two choices. When faced with God, what is death? Or to put it another way, when faced with death, what is God? Nothing. Just another state of being, an invitation to be with him sooner, rather than later. The choice was given not to terrify me, but to make me see that I had to choose- not simply be chosen. It came down to intention.

“Why, am I here?”

“I need you to do something for me.”


“Tell them-the people.”

“That there is a war coming.”

“Yes. The end of all wars.”


“Good and evil.”

“Who wins?”

“Well, that’s why they play game.”

“Well, which side am I on?”

“The good side.”

“And that other guy?”

“Bad side.”

“The Man in Black?”

“Oh, him? He’s most definitely on the bad side.”

“Who was he?”

“That guy? The Man in Black?”


“You don’t want to know.”

“Yes, I do.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I do.”

“You sure?”


“I call him Vlad.”

“Like the… Impaler?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Vlad. Okay. He’s kinda intense.”

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it.”

“His name is more than Vlad, isn’t it?”

“No. It’s Vlad. Your people have called him other names. But, I like Vlad. Humans always want to name things. My fault.”

“What other names?”

“You don’t want to know.”

God seemed to have a sense of humor. “Yes, I do.”

He looked at me. I guessed for myself. “Lucifer?”

He shrugged. “I wouldn’t say that name very often if I were you.”

“Why, because then he will notice me? Who is he, Voldemort?”

He chuckled. “You always did have a sense of humor. But, yes, it is a little bit like that.”

I stared at my tea cup. There was something on the tip of my tongue, a tickle in my mind. Not only that Satan and God were real people, or that I was speaking with them, but there was a secret in there. Somewhere.

“There is something I don’t know.”

He laughed outright. “Really?”

“Tell me.”

He put his tea cup down and refilled it. “This is your last question, you can ask it, and I will answer, but then you need to listen. Fair?”



“Who is he? The Man in Black. You say he had many names? What is the name you gave him? “His first name?”



I didn’t ask any more questions. Adam was the first man. God had created him. This man was God. Adam was trying to kill us all then, his original children. But his comments about us being apes made no sense. Wouldn’t that make him an ape? Wasn’t that what he was alluding to? The notion of evolution? It was a lot to take in. The more I questioned God, the more confused I became. I don’t know if that is the way it was supposed to go.

“Don’t try to figure out the metaphysical properties of the universe Zildjan. I love you, but that isn’t what you were built for. There are several hundred trillion trillion realities in the multi-verse. Each one has some version of the Earth in it. In this reality, you have correctly identified who I am. I wrote the story of creation, the story of God, of you, of everything. I wrote the laws which govern all realities. I wrote the paragraphs which occupy time and space. I am the one you call the Great Writer. I am above. The Alpha and the Omega. But every reality has a moment, a crux where the balance of creation will be decided by the mortals who live in it. That moment, for this reality, is drawing very near. This is the way of Chaos.”

“Isn’t chaos bad?”

He sighed, as if trying to explain to a toddler the engineering fundamentals of nuclear fission. “Not chaos in the way you understand it. Chaos, as in the birth of order. Just believe me on this, it is just how the universe works, son. But, that is not why I am here. This reality has stumbled onto some hard truths and now it must deal with them. Your universe is being drawn into a conflict. Do you know, Armegiddo?”


“It is the final battle. More accurately, it is the place where the final battle will happen. That battle will decide the casualty of the Universe. In this plane of existence, there is a nexus point. Each nexus has a trigger, a key. You, being slightly retarded, lost that key.”

“I did?”

“Yes. The Cube. Did you notice the Angel Lora guiding you through the desert sands of the Wasted Waze for the last decade? Saving your life time after time? Didn’t she tell you in every interaction to keep it safe?”

“Yes, but I did not expect Chirp to dive into a nuclear bomb.”

“I know. That was a neat trick, by Vlad. If you couldn’t tell, like I said he’s not on your side.”

“I got that impression. But, can’t you just, snap your fingers and do whatever?”

“Yes, but then the universe would be destroyed, anyway.”


“God cannot break the law. He is the law. That would mean I lie. God cannot lie. A lie is the warping of reality. I would break the fundamental aspect of nature and super-nature. I would violate my own word, breaking the sanctity of the universe and destroying it. That is why you have free will, that is why you are allowed to do the stupid things which you invariably do. I can’t come in and change your decisions that you made. I can only help you to understand them better. Get it?”

“I think so. Yes, you can’t break God’s law, because you are the law, by breaking the law you are breaking all the laws which bind the universe. Time, gravity, energy, all would cease to have meaning. Because you are the universe and you cannot break yourself.”

“Ehh…I’ll take it. Now listen to me. All realities will converge during the harmonic resonance. It will create an infinite time loop.”


“Don’t talk--just listen. Most of this will be lost to you, it is for others I tell you this. Yes, you will know when the time comes to share.”


“During the resonance, all realities can be destroyed.”

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“No. And the Cube would have been very helpful to your cause. But now, until it can be found again, you will have to go on without it.”

“Wait, what happens to you, if all realties are destroyed?”

“Oh. That is so nice. No one ever worries about me. Thank you for asking. Now, if all realities are destroyed, then I will be forced to start over from scratch. I really, really don’t want to do that. I mean, I could, but I would probably wait a while, rest a bit you know? And I don’t know if I would make humans the same way. Anyway, let’s not dwell on that, shall we?”

“Uhh…Okay.” What exactly, are you supposed to say that?

“Go to Tombstone. Take the girl with you. Make her your ward. Teach her. Teach them that they are believing in nothing, and it is time to believe in me, the ‘Great Writer’. Take that message to them. Deliver it. When you have done that, take those who are with you and march them to the Himalayan mountain ranges. There you will make a great camp. Call it Paradise Lost. By the time you get to that camp, all the remaining members of your species should be with you, fighting as one. Everyone else-- destroy. With no mercy. Everyone must die. You are a killer, I am sure you will be good at that part.”


“Our time is over. I have healed you in mind, spirit and body.”

“That’s it? I meet God and then I’m gone?”
“No.One more thing. Tachyons.”


“Just go toward the path of the tachyons. Don’t worry about what that means. Just do it. You understand?”

“Yes, tachyons, got it. But, I have so many things to ask you. So many questions that I want to know.”

“I just told you some of the most important secrets of the entire universe. You met the creator of time and space. I gave you a message to prophecy and rally mankind for a battle for your entire realm of existence. I showed you your children are safe and happy. And I saved your life. What question do you possible have, boy?”

“Why did you make roaches? I never understood that.”

“Go home, Zildjan. Begin your testimony. There is less time than you think.”

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