Walker of the Wasted Waze

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Chapter 6

The blast tore the sky, a crash, like a million claps of thunder filled the air. A small green glow, then a big orange flash, then fire, then wind, then a exponentially expanding sphere of white.

The devil released from his cage.

The ground rent asunder. Hurricanes winds crashed and tore; shaking the terrain and lifting boulders from the ground like pebbles. An outer- ring formed around the giant mushroom cloud. The shock wave too big for Chirp’s protective shield. The kinetic tsunami hit like an iron fist, I flew through the air. I bounced like a ball, a couple dozen times, on the ground and landed hard, hundreds of yards from where I had been, mere moments ago. The taste of sand and blood filled my mouth.

My spine broke, my skull cracked, and my legs twisted beneath me.

I knew I must have had multiple contusions and bone fractures. But that wasn’t my biggest worry.

“Oh c’mon. You gotta be kidding me.”

A large beam- I swear it was the same cross from the church- came hurtling toward my face at sonic speed.


“Am I dead?”

No answer. White space.

Then- a shade began to form. Images began to appear.

It was the picture of watering hole, a rare oasis. Under a overhang of stars, seen through a rare hole in the visible ozone layer. A dry lake bed. This looked very familiar. Then people began to form. It was faint at first, but soon the images of real people became clear. Two- a couple. A Negroid man and a Caucasoid woman. Easy to recognize, because it was me and her.

Human was not meant to be a solitary animal, we were meant to be social,” said Lora Mason.

She stood in front of the fire.

I remembered this valley with the watering hole, surrounded by the hills, it was the gateway to the Wasted Waze. We had been running for days. The alien technology secure in her possession. She was trying to explain to me what the hell it was, all I could see were her tits. I was so much younger then. First, no scraggly pre-maturely white beard. I was actually smiling.

Was that happiness on my face?

That Zildjan felt a hundred seasons younger than how I felt today. But this time couldn’t have been more than a few weeks ago- could it? Again, I had to wonder about how long I had been wandering in the Waze. I know Chirpy was keeping count but somehow whenever he told me I would aptly forget.

Either way, the two of them-fresh faced Zildjian and green-eyed beauty Lora Mason- looked like two beings from some foreign land, a place of sun and love and fear of death, a place that gave you a reason to keep fighting.

They were roasting a delicious Pig-Bot. I recalled this specific time, this memory was special to me for several reasons. One, the Pig-bot was excellent and two… that was the first time Lora and I had made love.

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