Walker of the Wasted Waze

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Chapter 8

We were naked, wrapped in each other’s arms, after making sweet love. “You believe in time travel?” she asked me out of the blue.

“Time travel?... Of course, I believe in time travel. Who doesn’t?

“I’m being serious,” she laughed.

“Me too. I time travel all the time. You should of seen me yesterday. I was in the palace of Caligula having a good ole fashioned roman necktie. Then Cleopatra fed me grapes. Then I rapped on stage with Biggie and Tupac. It was great. Where have you been? Rome? France? I hear Italy is splendid in the thirteenth century.”

Her looked turned serious. “You believe in God?”


“What do you believe in?”

“Baby. My Machete. Oh, and this sweet pussy.” I caressed her back and began to slide my finger inside her.

“No…listen. We can do that in a minute, but don’t forget that thought. But, I’m being serious, I need to know what kind of person you are.”

“Oh. Twelve inches. Thought we just did that?”

She laughed into my chest. “First off, you wish. Second, gross. Third, again-this is important to me.”

“O.K. Go on.”

“I didn’t think this planet had any good left in it.”

“It doesn’t” I said.

“But that may change. I think that there is a way to change everything. With this.” She reached over and grabbed the box. It was a glowing artifact with a blue hue. She held it like Frodo holding the ring-to-rule-them-all.

“That’s what Goorm was going after?”


“What is it?”

“Well…we are still working on it. Sorry, past tense, were working on. But what we do know is that it is a power source of unbelievable energy. Energy like... what is really hard to believe.”


“No. Stronger than that. Stronger than Black Matter, Energon, Tachyons, anything. Strong enough to be the energy that was the catalyst to start IT all,” she whispered.


“We think it is part of the energy that sparked the Big Bang.”

I stared at the box. “That thing?”

“What is inside it. This is just a container.”

“This is the great hope of mankind?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“I don’t see it.”

She ignored that. She stood up. Her beautiful naked body shimmered in the fire-light. She put her clothes back on in silence. “So long have I waited for somebody to come. And it winds up being an Atheist X-terminator divorcé. God has a sense of humor.”

“I am attracted to you. Are you to me?” I asked her bluntly, from some deep insecurity inside me.

“Yes,” she said slowly with a smile.

“Then let us quit speaking about the past, something that can never change. Let us focus on what we have here today. Something rare. Very rare in this world.” I walked to her, putting on my clothes as I did. I held her in my arms, she closed her eyes and embraced me. Love in the apocalypse was as rare as a flower in the desert.

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