Walker of the Wasted Waze

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Chapter 9

Lora looked at me.

The real me.

“That’s lovely.”

I jumped out of my skin. “You can see me?”


“I’m…not dead?”


“Am I crazy?”

“That’s too easy, ask me a tough one.”

When she saw I was more startled then amused, she looked sheepish. “Sorry…but you sorta walked into that one.”

“I’m serious. What is this? Am I dead? Did I die in that blast?”

“No. Sweetie your body is repairing itself as you sleep. That blast was quite powerful.”

“But, how can you see me? Forget that, where are you? Are you alive?”

“The technology. Remember? I asked you to keep it safe.”


“My love. What have you done?”


“I know. But Zee, that device is more than just your survival. It could mean the survival of everyone.”

“I’m trying Lora, I’m trying.”

“Chirpy. You gave it to him?”

“Yes. To keep it safe. But he’s…dead.”

“The power source is indestructible.”

“Chirpy is not.

“Zildjan. How do you think you are still alive? How do you think you survived the terrors in the Wasted Waze and walked out?”

“I don’t know. It’s like a fog. Sometimes I get images and sometimes it’s just nothing.”

“There is so much I want to tell you.”

“Then tell me.”

“I can’t.”


You’re not ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“What comes after.”

“Since when did you become a King-Fu Zen master? What is with the riddles baby? Just tell me what the hell is going on.”

“You really want to know?”

“I asked didn’t I. Yes.”

“No sweetheart. You don’t. But I will tell you the science of it since you are not a believer. As you know, my father was a Theologian, Upper Order, one of the Theocrats. The juxtaposition of theology and technology brought his research to new levels. He found an alien planet.”

“Aren’t all planets alien in nature?”

“Do you want to hear the story or not?”

“Sorry, go on.”

“His research sent him to an alien planet. A world orbiting two dying stars. On this world, he found evidence of a foreign intelligence.”

“What? There is not life outside of Earth…Right?”

“Zildjan. My father sent an unmanned probe onto that world. He put his own Minder-Bot as the pilot of that ship. When they landed he found a temple. Inside that temple, he found that power source. He had his Minder bring it back to Earth. He studied it ever since.”

I shook my head. “How did he know what planet he would find an ancient artifact on?”

She started to fade away.

“Just listen Zildjan. Through the dark matter scaffold my father was able to synthetically create a Black Giant. This is a massive structure. It’s the size of two of Earths suns with the gravitational pull of a miniature galaxy. We postulated, my group and I, that by controlling the gravitons emitted, due to our use of the tachyons stream, we could control the Black Giants event horizon. With the right ship, made of the right elements, we could create conditions that would allow us to go faster than time- which is another way to say faster than light.”

“That’s not even possible.”

“I know my love. I know how it sounds to you. But we have proven many dimensions which go faster than time and light. Even now, we are communicating on one of them, through a gulf so wide that it would drive you mad to know it.”

“It doesn’t even matter. The Cube, the source or whatever you want to call it. It was inside Chirp, and they are both gone. I am dead. And you are a hallucination.”

She came to me, gave me a kiss. Warm and full. “Does that feel like a hallucination? My love for you is real Zildjan. In my journey’s I have learned a lot. There are two things faster and stronger than anything else in the cosmos. One of those things is love. My love for you is our connection. It is faster than sunlight and stronger than the bonds which hold the casualty of the universe together. I am with you always, through death and pain, through grief and happiness. That is real. That connection is weighted on a scale trillions of times stronger than the combined weight of all the galaxies in our reality. Compared to that, the Darkness, even Death himself, is nothing.”

“What’s the other? You said there were two.”

“Thought. Remember this: every single atom and molecule in the universe is connected to the other. There is no separateness. The stuff of galaxies and moon beams and banana yogurt, it is all us.”

“You can quantify the energy from thought and love?”

“That is the power of the source. Imagine. Endless power. For this planet, what if we could restore it?”

“Restore Hell?”

“Yes. We are still a planet my love, in space. Even though we are endemic to this dimension, there are still physical properties which all space must abide. That is the law which binds creation.”

“God’s law.”

“Yes. But, imagine what we could do with limitless power and resources? We could build the technology to develop a ring around the sun to harness energy enough to rebuild the moon. Restore Earths natural gravity and orbit. Clear the skies, turn them blue. Even create engines powerful enough for faster than light travel.”

“You’re as mad as I am.”

“This technology offers a world of endless miracles, we have only scratched the surface.”

“O.k. Fine. Whatever. But Look..Chirp is the one whom held the source, cube, whatnot-a-amcallit. He’s dead.”

“No. Death in Hell is a hollow victory. Find Chirp. Find the Cube.

“How do I find Chirp in all of that… devastation?”

“Use your implant apperture.”

She started to fade away.

“Wait! Please, I love you- don’t leave me, again. I don’t even fully understand anything. Why am I still here? Why am I trapped in Hell?”

“You are here my love because we need you to fight for this Earth. I am here with you because I love you. If love can exist in Hell, then there is a chance for us all.”

“Why me?”

“You are the last one left.” She was but faded a way.

“When will I see you again? For real?”

“This is as real as it gets, for now. Your dreams are the only way we can communicate my love. And as for your understanding, it will grow just be patient.”

“My patience died long ago my love.”

“The Great Writer watches over us all.”

She was gone.

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