Bleeding Heart

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Sisters Victoria and Daphne Collinson know they are different, taller than most, above average in their artistic and writing abilities, some would even say prophetic. Now in their 40s, the sisters are searching for a cure for their ailing husbands who are suffering from an unknown blood disorder. They move to Bleeding Heart, Oregon on the promise from a Dr. Francesca Le Fleur, a specialist, a member of American Society of Hematology, that she can cure them. She will treat them at her facility, Whole Care Loving Care. This move has brought about dreams and childhood memories, forcing them face their past and now they must come to terms with a father that left them. A father who is looking for them, a father who is a vampire, Bela Collinson or Bela Cojocaru. Bela is no ordinary vampire, his genetic code has been altered by the Africanus, an alien race whose prime directive is world domination. Bela needs his girls to command his army; his male children do not thrive. Bela has a brother Beniamin, who has been his arch rival for centuries and wants to woo the sisters to be part of his regime for political domination. Ben is unaware of his brother’s interaction with the Africanus and the gifts the have bestowed upon him; time travel and endurance in daylight. Bela is always many steps ahead of his brother; Ben continues to hunt down his brother.

Scifi / Other
Joyce LaMaster
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It was an inky, black winter night in Oregon, so shadowy that the darkness enveloped the entirety of the landscape into one menacing, clenching fist. But the town folk couldn’t help but notice the greenish-white cloud hovering in the distance. They began to venture from the warmth and shelter of their homes and into the streets as the cloud drifted closer. Closer, until a form appeared, the silhouette of a man, poised under a street lamp. The street lamp could only struggle to light the way of the road below it, casting only a splash of illumination on the man. But even in the pitiable glow, he emitted a greenish aura. The air became thick with a honeyed fragrance. He stepped forward from his spot under the lamp and their anticipation heightened, yet strangely, their tensions eased. No one dared move. Exceedingly pleasing to the eye he was. Handsome, beautiful and young. His gloved hand tossed back his cloak, so it draped over one shoulder and he removed his black, felt fedora. Then he spoke. Achingly pleasing to the ear, he was. His words were like music. The credulous residents of Bleeding Heart, Oregon gazed upon him in awe and admiration. They were eager to gain for themselves and savor the delicious fruits that were his words; and so, nakedly, they followed him.

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