Baskergrand The Nautilus

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Return To Beller

''What else have you discovered, Charles?'' Percival asked Beller. It was the next day, and Percival could not wait to return to Beller's residence to see what other functions the suit could execute. While there, he entered it once again, so that he could become more accustomed to it.

''I have a theory about one of its functions, and so I need to test it,'' Charles responded, examining the suit whilst Percival was inside.

''What theory?'' Percival prompted.

''Well, when I was doing my investigations, I found that the suit houses a self-sufficient apparatus for oxygen, located on its back. So that made me wonder, for what would the wearer of the suit need it for?'' Charles began to say.

''And...what did you think?'' Percival pressed.

''That it is possible that this suit can be fully submerged in the water, with a surety of no water being able to enter inside,'' Charles responded. Percival thought about what he said, and an idea came to him.

''Maybe...that is why it was at Tuckerby Bay. It's possible that the person who was the former owner of the suit came from the sea itself!'' Percival surmised.

''It could be. We should take it to Tuckerby Bay and see if it works,'' Charles resolved. Percival smiled to himself and nodded, then browsed around the room, looking at the calculations and information of objects on his visor.

''Have you found out anything else, Charles?'' Percival queried.

''Oh, yes. I tested it yesterday against some hard objects, and it seems to be highly impervious to brute force and heavy objects. It can take a beating without sustaining too much damage,'' Charles continued. Percival cast his eyes down at the suit, and began to lightly jog on the spot.

''It seems to be able to keep up with me whilst I run, as well,'' Percival said as he jogged up and down.

''Yes, it does. Hmmm,'' Charles said to himself. Percival ceased jogging, and glanced over at Charles, who seemed lost in thought.

''What's wrong, Charles?'' Percival asked him.

''If the suit was nearly indestructible, and the running seems to be of no problem, how did the previous owner come to harm? And...where is he anyway?'' Charles wondered. Percival reflected in silence on Charles' reasoning.

''It's possible...he might be...dead. But...I only discovered the suit. I saw no body in or around it,'' Percival responded. Charles looked up at him.

''We haven't searched the woods around the bay. He could be there. And if he isn't dead, he may have found help,'' Charles suggested.

''But we would have heard if there was a man who was half-dead ending up on Tuckerby Bay,'' Percival countered. Charles hummed to himself.

''Well, we can't jump to any conclusions until we have done a thorough investigation,'' Charles remarked.

''Yes; you are right,'' Percival responded. ''So, about the Great Exhibition. When did you want to go?'' Percival changed the subject. Charles was at the workstation, preoccupied with inspecting some objects.

''When you have fully mastered that suit,'' Charles answered. Percival sighed at this, and observed his hands.

'I hope that it doesn't take too long. I can't wait to see the faces of all those people when they see the Nautilus,' Percival contemplated.

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