Baskergrand The Nautilus

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Beller's Disguise

''That-that can't be right. I know who Garth Mason is, and that's...not him,'' Percival said to Chess.

''I know that...but...I...remember him now. I remember who this man is, and what he becomes in the future,'' Chess said.

''That's not possible. How could he be...Garth Mason? That is Charles Gordon Beller,'' Percival protested. Chess shook her head.

''My history books...point to him as being Garth the only thing that I can think that Charles Gordon Beller...disguises himself as Garth Mason,'' Chess inferred. Percival wore a puzzled look.

'' can he pass himself off as my friend? No one would believe him,'' Percival reasoned. Chess looked at him as if she had realised something.

''Unless...he fools people into believing that he is Garth Mason. But in order to do that...he would have to...kill the current Garth Mason...and have a way to silence anyone else as to who he really is...that is of course...unless he moves to another country,'' Chess explained her reasoning. Percival was struggling to understand Charles' betrayal.

''Indeed, my dear, it was very entertaining listening to your reasoning. Alas, you have found me out. I was actually planning to end Garth Mason's life all along. In may be that he is already dead now,'' Charles spoke. Percival turned pale.

''What...have you done...?'' Percival questioned him in a low tone. Charles smiled.

''He and and your future fiancée are currently travelling into the waters of Tuckerby Bay as we speak. If you want to save them, even though it may be a slim chance, you will kill the woman next to you and retrieve the remote from her,'' Charles ordered. Chess and Percival stared wildly at him, then looked at each other.

''How...could you do such a thing, Charles?! I thought you were a friend!'' Percival pleaded with him.

''Ha! Friend? You've never been a friend to me. You are just an acquaintance. I just happened to have you around so that you could entertain me. But as soon as you found the suit...I had to keep you around that much longer so that you could be my little test subject,'' Charles responded bitterly. Percival shook his head in disbelief.

''So you used me...'' Percival spoke in a small voice. He then glared at Charles angrily.

''Yes. And now you will prove of further use to me when you retrieve the remote. And might I add that if you fail to kill that woman, you will be responsible for killing your friend and your love. So, let's go down to Tuckerby Bay then, shall we?'' Charles said.

''Why not kill me here?'' Chess interjected. Charles looked at her.

''I need to hide the evidence, of course. I will kill you and cast you into the depths of the bay...just like I did with your friend,'' Charles revealed. Chess' expression turned to horror.

''You're the one...who killed Jasper...'' she whispered in shock.

''Yes. I killed him. You see, I was at Tuckerby Bay the day he came up from the sea. I couldn't believe my eyes when I had seen him. It was a marvellous sight. This...thing rising from the was as if the sea had given birth to new life. Then...a person emerged from the suit. I was beyond words. He was confused as to where he was, and once I had told him, he was in awe. He said that he had come from the future, and that he was astonished that he had found a way back into the past. He wanted to tell people from his time about it, but I saw an opportunity myself to go to the future. I couldn't have him telling his friends to come over, so I knocked him over his head and put him out to sea, but not before he put up a bit of a struggle. I wanted to take the suit back to my home, but I heard the sound of people coming towards the bay, so I hid the suit quickly in an alcove. I then hid myself in a bush in the woods, and waited for the people to leave, but I noticed that it was you who came, Percival, along with those girls. And then you...spotted the suit. I was angry that you had discovered it, but it gave me an idea. The idea that I should have you discover the suit, and, knowing that you would report it to me since I am a scientist, and, as you put it before...a friend, I would be able to gain more knowledge about it,'' Charles expounded. Percival's mouth was ajar in surprise.

''You...had planned this...the whole time? You wanted me to find the that I would go to you with it?'' Percival spoke slowly.

''Yes. But unfortunately, you got too curious about its uses and decided to go under water with it. That's when you found the body,'' Charles said in a disappointed tone.

''Oh, how upset you must feel,'' Chess mocked him sarcastically.

''Look, woman, I don't need to hear anything from you. You will be dead soon, anyway. Percival, time is ticking, and I'm not sure how long they can hold their breaths for. Let's go now,'' Charles demanded. Percival and Chess looked apprehensive. The Nautilus suit came to life again, and threatened to blast them under the control of Charles. The pair slowly followed Charles, with the Nautilus suit trailing behind them.

''Let's go back to where it all started,'' Charles said to himself, as he smiled.

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