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Jurassic Traffic

I think this may be the coolest thing I've seen so far in this game. Hundreds of dinosaurs walking down a highway is not a common sight, after all. I see pterodactyls flying above us, screeching and screaming in unison with the moans of the brontosauruses and stegosauruses. I see Kelsey just looking forward on top of her triceratops, with a bored face again.

''How far is it to her?'' I ask Kelsey.

''Well, until the timer's up. That's when the gate keeper should take over,'' she answers. Cara is going to come back?

''It's the gate keeper's duty to ensure you get to the next level safely, remember? I'm just guiding you down the right path, since there is nothing else to do,'' she responds to my silent thought.

''So...even though you're technically taking me there...,'' I begin to make sense of where we're going.

''No, I'm taking you on the right path. There are many paths to Diana. This one is the true path. The gate keeper will let you through to Diana by means of a door,'' Kelsey explains.

A door? Alright then; so I'll just keep on this path and then wait for Cara to come and let me through a door. Then I will meet...Diana.

''Are the other participants on this road too?'' I ask. Are they getting this special treatment as well?

''I can't tell you about the other participants, I'm afraid. It may hinder your progression to Diana. I also cannot tell them of your status, neither,'' Kelsey answers. Right. So there are limits to how much information she can give. Guess that fulfils the 'keeping' part of her title.

I do wonder who is left over though. However, I don't think she will tell me this either.

''Nope; no can do. I know you want to know who else is in the game, but as I said before, it may hinder your progression, so I have to keep silent,'' Kelsey replies to what I was thinking again. Great. I assume that I will have to find out once I get to Diana.

''Ugh, what on earth is going on?'' Kelsey asks aloud.

What is she referring to?

I follow her gaze ahead and see that the dinosaur procession has begun to slow down almost to a halt. The dinosaurs begin to make beeping noises like car horns instead of moaning. It's now become a case of Jurassic traffic now.

''What can you see?'' I ask her. I try to crane my neck forward to see where the source of the commotion is. My diplodocus keeps getting in the way, though. What is going on?

''MARRRGGGGHHHHOOOOOO!'' we hear a loud moan come from one of the dinosaurs in front. Me and Kelsey look at each other, then back to where we thought we may have heard to sound come from.

''What was that?'' I ask aloud. Kelsey wants to know too, and in the next moment she's off. She takes her triceratops and goes off of the highway, and races froward to see what has happened.

''It's alright! A dinosaur has just fallen over!'' she yells back to me once she ascertains what was causing the pile-up. I see her dismount from the triceratops and go into the herd of dinosaurs. I can't see her any more, but I believe she's helping the dinosaur back up. As I wait for her to do that, I notice some of the other dinosaurs beginning to look...agitated. Some of them begin to moan and growl louder. Soon, I begin hearing this from everywhere. Even my diplodocus doesn't sound too happy. What is happening to them...

I gaze in horror as I see the rainbow-coloured sky become dark like it was once before. I hear, more like...whispering...very loud whisperings bellow out from the sky....

A whispering thunder.

That is how I can describe it. And I know what the whispering signals...

''Geists!'' I say aloud to myself. The situation has turned bad now. And anything bad is always linked to that wrathful rascal Wraith.

''Kelsey! Kelsey, can you hear me?'' I shout out to Kelsey. I don't know if she can hear me at all. I can't see her within the herd of the dinosaurs.

''I can hear you, Mr Williams! I'm coming over to you now!'' I hear her voice shout back. Oh, thank God. I thought she had been trampled or something. Or, even worse...

I see Kelsey get back up on to her triceratops and race back towards me. The dinosaurs begin to move again, but they are moving in a disorientated manner. Their groans are becoming louder and louder, but so is the whisperings.

''It's Wraith!'' I say to Kelsey as soon as she comes back.

''I know! I don't think he's particularly happy!'' she responds.

You think?

''What do we do?'' I ask her. I don't know what is going to happen now. Is he going to come for us?

''How come the timer's stopped?'' I hear Kelsey ask. I look to the timer like she is doing and see the timer is on 5:09...

And staying on that time.

''Is it stuck?'' I ask her. I look at her face, but she looks...pale. She's staring at the shock. What's going on?

''Oh no,'' I hear her mumble.

Oh no, what?

''What's up?'' I ask Kelsey. She slowly turns to me, then begins to have a look of panic on her face.

''He's permeated all levels now. He's everywhere,'' she says. Everywhere? In all the levels? The other levels are affected too?

''I think he wants to have a final showdown with you,'' she says. Are those her thoughts or Diana's?

I look up to the sky, listening to the deafening whispers of the Geists.

''Come and get me, then,'' I say to myself.

Did I just say that?

Am I crazy?

I don't know why, but I feel...excited. Excited to be doing battle with Wraith. Excited to be duelling with a remnant of Diana.

Excited...and scared.

Oh, Hannah, please wake me up from this nightmare.

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