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Genius Loci

The dinosaurs have become so confused as to what is happening that they are running into each other. Me and Kelsey try and calm down our ones, but they look too distressed as well. My diplodocus keeps pushing up on the smaller dinosaurs, and Kelsey's triceratops keeps trying to bulldoze the bigger dinosaurs. As we're trying to focus on keeping ourselves on the dinosaurs, me and Kelsey hear the ear-piercing sound of one dinosaur.

And it's not just any dinosaur.

It's everyone's favourite.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Me and Kelsey slowly turns our hands together as we look behind us.

''Oh, man,'' I moan as we clamp our eyes on a rampaging T-Rex that is coming straight for us, and is blasting all the other dinosaurs out of the way as if it was sweeping away dust. This T-Rex is extremely larger than all the other dinosaurs, even the taller than a brontosaurus. This one must have been imagined to look 100 feet taller than all the rest.

''Did you think of that?'' I ask Kelsey.

''No, that's not me. It's Wraith,'' she reveals. I knew she was going to say that. I just knew it. But I was hoping she wouldn't.

I hate this guy.

I really, really hate him.

And I can tell he really hates me too.

''What am I supposed to do against that?'' I ask Kelsey. Is she going to give me any pointers or what?

''Use your imagination!'' she says before she runs off.


She's just left me here...

By myself...

What am I going to do?!

The raging dinosaur keeps going straight through the others as if he's a bowling ball knocking down skittles. How am I supposed to stop it?

Use my imagination?

Use my imagination.

Use it, Nash.

Use it.

Shall I conjure up a wall? No, he will just go through it like it's paper.

Shall I...trip him up? He may just get back up again.

Then shall I...?

I look up at my diplodocus, who looks down at me. I look back at the tyrannous T-Rex as I now know what to do. I back flip off my dinosaur and land on the ground. I smile as I look at the T-Rex coming closer and closer.

''If you can't beat him, join him,'' I say to myself as I begin to transform my diplodocus into a bigger T-Rex. He looks like Godzilla. I make him start to charge after Wraith's T-Rex, but Wraith's one begins to veer off course. He begins to turn...directing his attention...

On me.

Uh oh.

I may be in big trouble now. My T-Rex begins to go after him from the side before I turn and high tail it out of here. I whistle for a dinosaur to come over like cowboy calls for a horse in a Western movie, and I hitch a ride on a megalosaurus. As soon as I get on, I hear a heavy thud. I look behind me and see Wraith's T-Rex has felled my one. Wraith's T-Rex roars at me then begins its charge once again. I turn and make my megalosaurus run as fast as its legs can carry it. As I run, I can hear the deep, thunderous footsteps of the T-Rex coming closer and closer.


''AARGGHHH!'' I scream as I see myself getting lifted up from the megalosaurus. I look up to find Kelsey perched on a pterodactyl which has come to my rescue.

''So that's where you ran off to,'' I say to her and she looks down on me and smiles. The pterodactyl loosens its grip on my shoulders and allows me to float up to Kelsey. I sit on the back of the pterodactyl and hold on to Kelsey's shoulders. As I look at the T-Rex from below, I notice the scenery begins to change. It's beginning to look like...the first level. The Windows-like screen saver with the bold azure sky and vivid green grass.

''This isn't good. He's merging all the levels into one. He's making the game collapse in on itself,'' Kelsey says.


He's making the game...collapse?

''You need to stop him before he destroys us,'' Kelsey says to me.

I need to stop him?


Did she not just see my performance down below?

If my efforts were anything to go by, I shouldn't even be playing any more. Why is everything always up to me now?

''I told you to use your imagination,'' Kelsey says to me. Is she telling me off?

''I'm trying to, but it's hard. Wraith is on a rampage,'' I say to her. I'm not trying to make up an excuse, I truly have no way of defeating this guy. I don't know what to do. I think I may as well...

''Give up? Then you really won't be able to help your family, Mr Williams,'' Kelsey says. She read my mind. Read me like a book. She's right.

But so is Wraith.

I'm pathetic.

I will lose.

I can't believe I thought I could win this game.

I was seriously deluding myself.

Look at what I've gotten myself into. I stare at the sky as it turns into the dark clouds of the second level, and I look below as the T-Rex begins to rise up from the cryophobic desert. Or xerophobic snow.


''If you're going to do something, do it now!'' Kelsey shouts at me, snapping me back into reality. I just realised that the T-Rex is now flying towards me. He's coming closer.

And closer.

He's here.

I look at him with contempt.

With hatred.


Why won't he just...die?

Why won't he just leave me alone?





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