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A group of soldiers are called to a spaceship that was attacked. They discovered two women who were part of an experiment.

Scifi / Action
Jenna Roth
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“I opened my eyes and saw strange machines around me. I put my hands on my face and felt something. It was strapped to my head. It must have a purpose. I tried to get up and I smacked my head on something. I put my hands up and felt something smooth. It then hit me. I was in a glass tube filled with water. I started to slam my fists against the glass. It started to crack. I looked at my fist and wondered how strong I was. So I hit it one more time and the glass broke and I fell on the ground. I stayed on the ground for a few minutes. I stood up, soaked to the bone and looked around. I remember the device strapped to my head and ripped it off with ease. I walked by the machines and was amazed. They must do wonderful things. I went behind a big machine and stopped. I found a girl in a giant glass tube just like I had been. I walked up to her and examined her. She had light blue hair that went passed her hips. I noticed that she had slits on each of her forearms. The oddest thing was, she wasn't bleeding. I was curious as to who she was. I found a name plate and it read "Naiya". That name fit her. Then I was curious about how I looked. I searched for a mirror. I found one and gasped. I had very long red hair that hung to my ankles. I also had jade colored eyes. I was astounded. I looked at my hands and my forearms and found slits just like the ones on Naiya's forearms. Then I wonder why I wasn't bleeding to death. I went back to the tube I came out of and found a nameplate on it. My name is Michiko. I don't know who I am or where I came from. All I know that I'm going to find out about my past one way or another.”

A group of soldiers were searching a ship that was badly damaged inside out. A man with pale yellow hair and jade eyes lead the group. His name was Bomber. The girl behind him was named Cyborg. She had long black hair tied back in a ponytail and had brown eyes. The one behind her was called Sly. He was a snake type alien known as a Rattler. He was bald and had black slit eyes. He also had scales on his back. The last man of the group was known as Strong Guy. He was a rock type alien. He looked human, but his body could transform into a rock armor.

"Hey Bomber, what are we looking for?" asked Cyborg.

"The captain said we're looking for two women. Apparently, they were part of an experiment."

"Sssssounds interessssssting." said Sly.

"Do you have to talk like that?' asked Cyborg in a harsh tone.

"Can't help it with the SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS's."

"How about I cut out your tongue?" she asked with a grin.

"Knock it off you two." said Strong Guy.

"Yeah, we're looking for the girls." said Bomber.

Cyborg and Sly kept quiet. The group kept searching when suddenly they saw something moved down the hall. All of them readied their weapons and ran after it. They chased the thing down a couple of halls. The creature then ran into a room and dived behind some boxes. The group surrounded the entrance with their guns ready.

"Come out with your hands in the air." yelled Bomber.

The creature came out and to everyone's surprise, it was a young woman. She had silver hair and eyes. Her clothes were ripped up.

"Who are you?" asked Strong Guy.

"My name is Ram."

"What kind of a name issssssssss that?" asked Sly.

"Again with the hissing." growled Cyborg.

"Cut it out you two. What are you doing here?" asked Bomber.

"I worked with the scientist who worked on the experiment."

"Where is the scientist?" asked Strong Guy.

"He's dead. I saw the aliens take his body away."

"Where are the women that were part of the experiment?" asked Sly.

"I don't know. Last time I checked, they were still in the laboratory unconscious."

"Show us." said Cyborg.

The group followed Ram down the hall. This hall had more damage than any other part of the ship. They entered a room with a lot of machines that were destroyed.

What kind of experiment were the women a part of?" asked Strong Guy.

"The scientist found a way to bring bodies that have been dead for thousands of years back to life." Ram explained.

"Bring them back to life!" yelled Cyborg.

"How is that possible?" asked Bomber.

"Well, he uses-"

"Hey I found sssssssssssssomething." said Sly.

They all walked over to Sly who was standing next to a giant glass tube that was smashed.

"What's this?" asked Bomber.

"This says, "Michiko." said Cyborg.

"Ah, that one. She was a wild one. Always wanting to fight." said Ram.

"Did ssssssomeone break her out?" asked Sly.

"No, look. The glass is outside of the tube. If someone broke her out, it would be in the tube." explained Cyborg.

"If someone didn't break her out, then someone broke the second woman out." said Strong Guy.

Everyone walked over to where Strong Guy was. They found another tube with broken glass.

"Oh yeah. She was broken out." said Cyborg.

Ram walked up to the tube and looked it over.

"It wasn't the first woman experiment who broke her out. It was one of the aliens. There's residue on the glass." said Ram.

Sly walked over to Ram and also examined the glass. To his surprise, there wasn't any residue or anything on the glass.

"What are you trying to pull? There isssssssssn't any ressssssidue on the glasssssssssss."

Ram backed away from Sly. Sly walked towards her. Cyborg walked over there as well with Bomber and Strong Guy behind her. Ram backed into a corner. The soldiers gathered around her.

"What are you?" asked Bomber.

Cyborg came towards her and looked her over. She put her hand on Ram's chest and started to giggle.

"You're an android."

"What!" yelled Bomber.

"She looks human to me." said Strong Guy.

"You look human to Strong Guy, but we aren't holding that against you." said Cyborg.

"How do you know ssssshe isssssss an android?" asked Sly.

"She has no heartbeat snake lips."

Bomber grabbed Ram's arm and brought her closer to him.

"Why didn't you tell us that you weren't human?"

"Do you think it would matter if I told you if I was human or machine?" she replied.

"I can see the problem." said Cyborg.

Bomber let go of her. Cyborg walked to the glass tube and picked up a piece of glass.

"I'll scan it."

Cyborg put the glass into her cybernetic arm.

"Why do you need to scan the glass? We know the aliens are reptilian." said Ram.

"We know that, but there are many types of reptilian alien races." said Strong Guy.

Sly walked over to the tube that had Michiko. He looked it over from top to bottom, inside and out.

"Its done Bomber."

"And the winner is?" asked Bomber.

"It looks like we are dealing with the Komodo Race."

"Wonderful. My old alliessssssssssssssssssssss." said Sly.

"Allies?" asked Ram.

"At one time, the Rattlers and the Komodos use to fight along side each other. During one battle, a Komodo killed a Rattler and there hasn't been peace between them for centuries." explained Bomber.

Then out of nowhere a glass beaker broke and everyone jumped. They all saw something in the shadows move.

"Its one of the aliens!" yelled Ram.

"Get it!" yelled Sly.

They all ran out of the lab and chased it down the hall. The alien jumped on the walls and dashed into another room. The group stopped at the door.

"All right guy, I'll go in." said Bomber.

"Need a weapon?" asked Cyborg.

"Nah. I bet I can handle it on my own."

Bomber sneaked in and hid in the shadows. He didn't make one sound. He got to the other side of the room.

"Where is it?" thought Bomber.

Just behind him, the alien grabbed him by the shoulder. Bomber freaked, grabbed the arm and threw it across the room into the light. When it hit the wall, Bomber was shocked at what he saw. It wasn't a Komodo, it was a young woman with deep red hair. When she got up, Bomber noticed she was wearing sweat pants and a loose tank top.

"Michiko?" asked Bomber.


Michiko lunged at Bomber. He moved out of the way. She kicked at him, threw punches and much more. The others listen to all of the fighting.

"Bet you Bomber beats him." said Cyborg.

"You're on." said Sly.

"Wait! I'm not here to hurt you!" yelled Bomber.

"I hardly believe it."

Michiko kicked him to a wall and put her forearm against his throat.

"We're here to rescue you." he said being choked.

"Rescue me?"


"I don't believe you. You're with those lizards and you're here to take me away." she said.

"No, we got a distress call from someone saying this ship was under attack and that two women were being kidnapped." Bomber explained.

Michiko dropped her arm and backed away from Bomber.

"We weren't being kidnapped. I broke out of my tube and took off."

"Well, you were lucky."

"What do you mean?" Michiko asked.

"Your friend Naiya was taken."


Michiko punched a wall and leaned against it.

"What were you doing in the lab?" Bomber asked.

"I went to get Naiya. But then I saw you and your friends."

Bomber walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

"We want to take you and Naiya away from here and take you back to Earth." Bomber said.

"Earth? What is that?"

"You don't know what Earth is?"


"Hey are you okay Bomber!" yelled Strong Guy.

"Everything is okay guys!"

Bomber grabbed Michiko's hand and took her outside. Everyone had their guns aiming at them.

"Calm down guys." Bomber said.

Michiko checked out everyone on the team. She then looked at Ram and growled. Ram backed away knowing Michiko might attack.

"Take it easy Michiko." said Ram.

"I'm going to kill you for what you and the scientist did."

"What did they do?" asked Strong Guy.

"They experimented on us like we were lab rats. They brought me and Naiya back from the dead with blood from an ancient reptile."

Michiko jumped at Ram, but Sly restrained her. Michiko fought him but couldn't get free.

"Calm down."

"Not until I rip her gears out." Michiko growled.

Ram backed against the wall trying to keep far away from Michiko. Sly was loosing his grip.

"I need help guyssssssssssssssssssss."

Bomber rushed over there to restrain her as well. Strong Guy got in front of Ram just in case. Michiko started to drag the two men holding her. Using all of their strength, they couldn't make her stop. Michiko then just stopped.

"What is it?" asked Bomber.

They let go of her. Michiko knelt to the ground. No one moved or made a sound for a few minutes.

"Well?" asked Sly.

"They're on the move." Michiko said.

"How do you know?" asked Ram.

"I can sense the vibrations they're making."

"Where are they heading?" asked Cyborg.

Michiko concentrated and shot up and ran down the hall.

"We have to hurry!" she yelled.

"Where are they!" yelled Sly.

"They're heading for their ship!"

All of their eyes got bigger and also dashed down the hall.

The lizard like aliens known as the Komodos were getting their ship ready for departure. One of the Komodos was guarding an unconscious blue-haired woman. She also was wearing a loose tank top and sweat pants. Looking around a corner, Michiko and the others watched as the Komodos prepared their ship.

"There she is." said Michiko.

"What'ssssssssss the plan?" asked Sly.

"I say, we go out there and beat the shit out of them." Michiko said.

"Not a good idea." said Strong Guy.

"Why not?" asked Cyborg.

"They might kill her." said Bomber.

"Michiko, stay he-" said Strong Guy.

When he turned Michiko vanished. Where did she go? Everyone looked around and saw her sneaking up to Naiya.

"Sssssssssssshe isssssssssssss done for." said Sly.

"Let's help her." said Cyborg.

"No. I want to see how she fights." said Ram.

Bomber wondered whey Ram wanted to see Michiko fight. He personally knew that Michiko was an excellent fighter. As he watched Michiko got closer to Naiya, one of the Komodos caught Michiko's scent.

"The other one is here!" the lizard yelled.

They all stopped what they were doing, turned and saw Michiko. The one near Naiya roared and attacked Michiko. She moved out of the way.

"That's our cue!" yelled Cyborg.

They all jumped out and started shooting at the Komodos. Michiko moved her and Naiya out of the way of the shooting. The lizards pulled out guns too and shot back at the group.

"Naiya, wake up." said Michiko.

She started shaking Naiya. Bomber and the other started moving closer to the lizards in a corner and to finish them off. One of the Komodos ducked away and headed for Michiko and Naiya. Michiko wasn't paying attention. She was still trying to wake up Naiya. Strong Guy noticed and stopped his shooting.

"Michiko, behind you!" he yelled.

As Michiko turned her she saw the Komodo. The lizard back handed her and made her crash into the wall. The Komodo picked up Naiya and headed for the exit.

"He's got Naiya!" yelled Bomber.

They all headed toward the Komodo but were cut off by the other lizards. Michiko got up and staggered a bit. She clenched her hands into fists.

"Naiya wake up! You have to wake up. If you don't, they'll take you away and do more terrible things to you!"

In that instant, Naiya woke up, growled and jumped away from the lizard. Everyone stopped in amazement. Unseen to the human eye, Naiya took off the lizard's arm. And to everyone's surprise, a long blade was sticking out of her arm.

"What is that sticking out of her arm?" asked Bomber.

"The result of the experiment." said Michiko.

Naiya walked over to Michiko.

"Are you okay?" asked Naiya.

"I'm better." said Michiko.

"Thanks for the wake up call. I needed it."

"No problem."

The Komodos surrounded the two women. Naiya showed them her blade and another one came out of her other arm. Michiko cracked her knuckles. Bomber and the others watched. What was Naiya and Michiko going to do?

"You're coming with us." said one of the lizards.

"I'm not going down without a fight." said Michiko.

"Neither am I."

Naiya got into a fighting stance. Three of the lizards attacked her. She jumped out of the way and defended against them. The other lizards circled around Michiko. She just stood there and smiled.

"Bomber, I know you and the others are curious of what the scientist did to me. I'll show you."

She stuck her hand out in front of one of the lizards. The palm of her hand opened up. Just then a strange creature came out. The Komodos backed away from her. The creature hissed and wrapped itself around Michiko. Another creature came out of her other hand. The Komodos backed away even farther.

"You don't like them? That hurts their feelings."

"What are those things coming out of your hands?" asked Strong Guy.

"I call them slithers. They're machine type snakes that were surgically implanted in my arms." Michiko explained.

"I would be careful if I were you." said Naiya.

Michiko and the slithers hissed at the Komodos. The slithers retracted back into her hands. Naiya didn't move nor did Michiko. One of the Komodos backed away and hit a bolt. Both women let out a screech and attacked the lizards. The others were in shock. Naiya was slicing the lizards she was fighting. Michiko picked them up and threw them across the room. The slithers would come out, grab them by the ankles and throw them as well.

"That'sssssssssss amazing." said Sly.

"Incredible! They somehow mastered their weapons." thought Ram.

Michiko lifted one of the Komodos with one hand. Another Komodo came around her and was about to attack her when one of the slithers saw him and wrapped around its waist, picked him up and threw him on the ground. Michiko noticed that the others were watching with their eyes bulging out.

"Oh sorry. I didn't mention that they have a mind of their won."

"Okay. I was wrong." thought Ram.

Michiko and Naiya had their backs against each other. One group of Komodos gathered around the women. Another group gathered around the soldiers. Cyborg lifted her gun but one of the lizards smacked it out of her hands. Two of the Komodos grabbed Sly and dragged him away.

"Let go!" yelled Sly.

"Look what we got here, a Rattler." said one of the lizards.

Sly struggled to get loose, but the Komodos hold was strong. Bomber was shooting at the lizards that were attacking him. Strong Guy was protecting Ram. His body transformed into rock and started to fight the lizards. Cyborg had five of them coming after her. She extended her arm at them. The lizards started to laugh.

"What are you going to do human? You don't have a weapon." said a Komodo.

"What makes you think I'm not armed."

Cyborg's arm then took a different shape. Metal came together around her arm and created a big gun.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Cyborg. Part human and part machine."

The lizards roared and charged at her. She gave a smirk and sent a blast at them. The lizards gave a screech and were killed by the blast. Michiko and Naiya watched in amazement.

"That's some power." said Naiya.

"Is that why she's called Cyborg? Because she isn't all human?" asked Michiko.

"I guess." replied Naiya.

Just then three lizards grabbed the girls and dragged them away.

"Bomber, guys help!" yelled Michiko.

Bomber shot a lizard when he heard Michiko distress call. He chased after them but was cut off by a few more lizards. Sly was still struggling with the two that had him. Strong Guy ran to help Bomber. Ram ran to at panel and opened it. There were many wires and gears. A strange little gear came out of her index finger. She stuck it into the panel. Bomber and the others were fighting to get to the girls. Just then all the power in the ship was cut off and all of the lights went out.

"What happened?" asked Strong Guy.

"I cut the power." said Ram.

No one could see anything. All of them heard people get hit and cut and fall.

"Who's hurt!" yelled Bomber.

The lights went back on and the soldiers were shocked that all of the Komodos were dead. Sly was okay. Naiya and Michiko were covered in blood.

"You did this?" asked Cyborg.

"We like to hunt in the dark." said Michiko.

Michiko wiped the blood off her face. So did Naiya. Ram was astonished by what Naiya and Michiko accomplished.

"I don't believe it. They use the reptile's hunting techniques. I hope they don't get any of it's memories." thought Ram.

Bomber and the others got their weapons and walked up to the reptilian women. They kept their distance from them thinking they might attack them.

"Its okay guys. We're not going to rip you to pieces." said Naiya.

They got closer to them. Michiko extended her hand at Bomber. He jumped back thinking the slithers might come out.

"Maybe we should introduce ourselves the right way." said Michiko.

"My name is Naiya. This is Michiko. We are part of a new race of humans that have animal characteristics called the Karna.

Bomber looked at Michiko wondering if it was still wise to shake her hand. He shrugged his shoulders and shook her hand.

"Allow me to introduce myself and my crew. My name is Bomber. This is Cyborg, Sly, and Strong Guy. We were sent here to rescue you."

All of them greeted each other, gathered their items and left the ship and headed for Earth.

"Hey Michiko, what's Earth?" asked Naiya.

"I don't know. Maybe it's a planet."

"I guess we'll find out soon."

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