The Trojan Device

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Chapter 37

Cydonia Mensae, Mars (8 miles northeast of “Hoagland’s Face”)

Delaney was packing his belongings.

It had been a week since the cleanup crews had come in and begun the arduous task of sifting though the rubble at the pyramid. SOCOM was primarily concerned about its precious Asterons.

Delaney didn’t put much faith in them finding anything salvageable. He flung open a suitcase and shoved a well-worn uniform inside.

“Leaving so soon?”

Delaney spun and saw Lena standing in the doorway. He hadn’t had much time to speak to her since the mayhem last week.

“Lena… I—”

She stepped into the room.

“You what?” she smiled seductively. “You haven’t had time to come see me, is that it?” She stepped closer.

Delaney turned back around and slammed the suitcase shut.

“Word is, you’re staying on Mars.” he said.

Lena moved closer. “They want me to lead a research team Jake. Find out what’s below the pyramid. The possibilities are limitless. I can’t pass it up,” she sighed.

Delaney turned and found himself inches away from Lena. He grabbed her by the shoulders and looked deep into her eyes.

“I don’t blame you to tell the truth. You’re the best person for the job. Unfortunately my choices are limited. I’ve done all I can here.”

Lena wrapped her arms around Delaney’s waist.

“Jake, stay with me. There’s no telling what we’ll find down there. I could use a tough guy like you,” she said teasingly.

Jake pulled away reluctantly.

“Lena… I can’t. I’ve got a brief to deliver back at headquarters. I’m still a marine.” He laughed. “Beside’s, who the hell’s gonna believe this shit unless I put it writing?”

“What about us Jake?”

Delaney went to speak, then bit his lip. He picked up his luggage and looked solemnly at Lena as he walked past her towards the door.

Lena watched him turn into the corridor.

He was gone.

Lena felt cold. She rubbed her arms and looked around the empty room. It was going to be a lot quieter around here now. The grey walls made everything seem bleaker. Lonelier…

Then she heard the shuffle of footsteps.

She spun towards the door.

Jake stood there with a big grin.

“Hey, I just realized… I’ve got a month’s R&R, and seeing as it’s winter back home, well there ain’t much to go back for is there?” He dropped his suitcases to the floor with a loud thud.

Lena’s face flushed and she ran towards him.

For the first time they kissed like they meant it.

After what seemed like a lifetime, Lena pulled back, “Jake, what about your brief? SOCOM’s going to give you hell over this.”

Delaney grinned.

“You know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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