Manipulated Destiny

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In an age of prosperity that is drunk on technology evolution is often a matter of price and the government's war of control over technology will be played out in the City of Chicago

Scifi / Drama
Derek L Blackston
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Chapter 1

June 8 2111 Chicago IL

Isaac stood at the window in his home looking at the view of the city, working for the US’s and worlds most forefront contractor of everything from Holopads to genetic therapy and nano-machines. Working for Sidonous Dynamics did nothing to ease his debts. The Federation illegalized his main form of work specifically it shut down his business and left him with the loans. This left him little options to remain afloat financially aside from going underground with the very skills that we outlawed by the Earth Federation. He would never make it work out financially even if SD employed him. He stepped away from the glass and took out a cigarette and lit it. The phone rang, he inhaled deeply and set his cigarette in an ash tray he over paid for, and went to answer the phone.

“This is he, what can I do for you, and where do we meet?” Isaac kept it vague he knew the penalty for tailoring a child from the gamete stage, could land him in even more dept if he got lucky at trial, or land him in prison for practicing illegal genetics.

“We want a young man for a date can you meet us?” Jennifer said “The hotel Omni penthouse suite tell the desk you’re an expected friend. Be here in 20minutes.”

The code was met; “Done” Isaac hung up the phone and headed out.

Lisa looked down from the pent house suite over 100 stories up was desperate to gain favor to be the matriarch of the Ryan family as a whole. With her older brothers on colony worlds that left her and her sister in a race for an heir. If she could have a son with no issues from a father she’d gain the edge and her mother Elisa would give her the reins. She looked out the window and calculated the time it would take for Isaac to arrive.

“So do you think he can do this?” Jennifer honestly was less concerned with power, so long as she could have a son of her own she’d be content. “I honestly think if we did this the normal way well I think I’d be giddy to find out it’s a boy.”

“I know dear, I know He’ll do it we have all the samples he needs and the money. Let’s just give him the respect he deserves.” Lisa said pouring herself a scotch.

Isaac arrived at the hotel there was security he could see that much; too many men just standing around. He went to the desk and was sent straight up. He had three DNA collection tools a vacuum scalpel, a blood sample collector and the dead giveaway the genetic compiling computer. A simple hand held device that would take the samples collected and find the best possible course of action when plotting a genetic therapy or genetic tailoring of a child. He stepped out of the elevator and went to the suite door and knocked on the door.

Jennifer opened the door; she smiled “Ah it is nice to meet you Doctor Cain, please we aren’t locals but we do our best to stay comfortable.” She said motioning him in.

“Oh my, the aristocrats, this is a shock for me. May I ask if this is a sting operation or a legitimate business transaction?” Isaac said taking a seat on the couch in the living room.

Lisa sat across from him, “I’ll get to the point we want a son, for a few reasons, but I also need to gain favor.”Lisa sighed “My brother controls RA Industries, and this leaves me and my older sister at becoming the political head of the family.”

Isaac made himself comfortable, “Family politics so if you two show up in front of David Ryan with a grandson, an heir…”

“I gain the one thing my sister doesn’t have. My brother will then use Ryan Aerospace Industries to back me within the United Libertarian States senate and from there I get a shot at the Earth Federation’s senate.” Lisa said pouring Isaac a drink “now how much do you want?”

“I am in debt to the tune of 20 million Federation credits.” Isaac said he accepting a drink form Jennifer “Thank you, now do you know what is ironic about this?” Isaac stated looking at the liquor “The deal is illegal because of the fact your father voted that my designer child service must be made illegal.”

“So did a lot of other senators, and your ads were never popular with the general public so spare me the political commentary. I’m willing to pay far more than just your debt.” Lisa snapped back at Isaac.

“Please, we want this to be as normal as possible.” Jennifer chimed in politely urgently calming the conversation “We just want a little boy that is both of ours.”

“Frankly we don’t care about the details, just name the price and make it happen.” Alexis finished.

Isaac swallowed his drink quickly, and handed it back to Lisa, “Okay fine I’ll need both of you to provide stem cells, this will not be easy so I am going to ask for my debts to be paid off first, so I can focus on work. Then I want 90million in Federal credits for services rendered.” He knew the rich would find a way to defy the law, and he wasn’t surprised that the rich were arrogant enough that they thought they could somehow break the laws of science by throwing money around. Nothing changes even if the times do change everything and everyone else will remain the same.

Lisa took the man’s glass and poured him another drink, “Done and we’ll throw in a first class seat to Bellfast for your retirement. I honestly can’t have you staying on Earth; the Ryan family stays off the front page as much as possible you being off world is our insurance. We don’t want Sean to know about his conception.” Lisa said handing the man another drink.

“I’m good actually; I need to get to work. You can handle the debt issues I am sure you can pull some kind of credit check information.”


Before the nine months of growth first came the genetic tailoring it was simple enough Isaac simply used his simulation data and supplied the Y chromosome for the boy and went from there. 10 years of education dedicated to the genetic stock of humanity, and it had all gone to waste in a matter of months thanks to a lousy politician looking for a footnote in history? Isaac forgot that quickly enough and went back to splicing the genes. He knew full well he had lied to the women about how things would work but the customer never cares how their sunny side up eggs and bacon are made. They only care that the bacon is crisp and the eggs are runny when the yoke breaks. “Wave of the future in evolution, and politicians ruin it. Here I thought the age of politics and theocracy nonsense was dead.” He said combining modified gametes and placing the embryo in a tank of nutrient fluids.

Isaac looked the gestation tank and read nine months to the day and minute even though it only took 2 weeks to grow the boy. He began the process to remove the boy from the artificial womb. There were no regrets about making the boy with nanomachines serving to modify his own Y chromosome. The customer didn’t care how the boy was made and in illegal genetics business he alone set the stage of morality. He was about to collect a million credits and had a one ticket to Belfast in a colony ship. He felt bad for the boy, “Alright little one. You’re going to be a very lucky boy. Your two mothers are filthy rich” Isaac said, cutting the cord and wrapping the boy up in a green blanket, “So your life will be a charmed one. You’ll have family heritage, money, legacy, and my added touch of perfection.” Isaac wrapped the boy in a blanket held the baby close and stepped out of his lab.

“Here he comes. Let me see him.” Jenifer said as the Doctor handed the boy to her. “Sean is just adorable.”

“He has the eyes and hair we wanted, thank you doctor.” Lisa said handing the doctor his money on a data chip.

Isaac checked the chip and confirmed the credits “It was a pleasure doing business with you.” Isaac said leaving his office. He knew the boy was in good hands, he had overwhelming regrets the moment he left, him but retirement on a beautiful colony world were waiting.

“The perfect son, which is something many say but rarely are they ever requested before birth. I find it odd that the apex of transhuman technology is illegal, the fact the elite of society have access to it is not. Why complain not many get to pay off their debts and retire to a paradise world at the age of 32. I will always wonder what that boy became or if he ends it all. If he finds out he’s just a pawn in a couples bid for family power, well...”

Final entry of Isaac Moyen’s Journal prior to destruction, in route to Bellfast Colony

“Here he is it’s the man of the hour!” Lisa’s father said looking at the boy as Jennifer pushed his stroller into the room. He walked away and went opening a bottle of scotch in celebration.

Jennifer had told him when he was in the ER he needed to lay of the alcohol, along with several other bad health habits including Cigars, and nanomachine stimulants that strained his heart. The old man had so many issues she hoped that Sean would not aspire to follow in the stubborn of fool’s footsteps. “I do hope that you aren’t going to go beyond the one drink limit. It’s bad on that old heart of yours and no one in their right mind is going to sell you a replacement for it. You know who to throw a party.” She said looking at the tables dedicated to sandwiches, sweets, and numerous drinks. It couldn’t be a catering service one company would be too simple for David. Jennifer guessed he had ordered 4 at least.

David smiled and made his squeaky mouse laugh despite being so imposing. He was ULMC Force Recon one of the youngest graduates. “It’s cute how you always seem to be so concerned with me, but you’re my daughter’s wife so just worry about her, but I’m so glad you’ve recovered so well.” David said looking at the boy.

Jennifer loved the old man, like her own father. Just like her dad he served in WW3 and was part of all three Operation Dragon Slayer operations in the third war. However her father Max was a polar opposite of David. Max had taken things less seriously until his health was leaving him in age. He listened to his daughter’s concern and followed her advice to the best of his ability as his days among the living came to their end. He was involved with her interests and had to pull extra shifts to send her and her brother to the best schools. He sacrificed his dreams to care for her when her own mother decided it was too hard to deal with a family. Max was single minded and dedicated to things.

David on the other had a short attention span, and followed his dreams with no concern for anything or anyone. First he made machines, when that lost his interest he made money. Gaining his wealth after patenting an AI control program, the fact that every AI ever to be sold in the ULS, Russia, The Papal Protectorates of Rome, and even Japan had become dependent on his program after the war made him rich. Simply making money eventually bored him, so he made a corporation and his money had fallen so fast from his wallet many dubbed him the maker of the waterfall economy. When making money stopped interesting him he went into politics. Unfortunately for David his body was no more resilient than anyone else’s. Coupled with combat injuries, exposure to defective nanomachines, and an unquenchable thirst for hard liquors ravaged his body well before time.

“I worry about everyone I love. Including the ones with titanium in place of grey matter, and don’t you want to be in Sean’s life?” Jennifer replied. David would always be a version of her brother had he not taken his own life. She hated her mother for her brother’s death. Her brother was ruined by her mother. Sean started crying and despite the party being his own Jenifer quickly went about quelling it to avoid annoying the officials. She scooped him up and offered him a bottle. “There you go little one.” She cooed rocking him.

Family parties run by David were unique, for her she felt more like a sister to her father in law. David and her brother were so alike it was scary. She wondered if her brother never committed suicide would he be like David. “Oh he’s adorable, that is a fact, but you just have to share with me your secret as to how you got into those jeans so soon?” Melisa said sitting down next to her sister in law. “I mean really Alexis would never risk her fancy pants suit collection not fitting her for an hour.

Jennifer detested her sister in law; she never ceased to find new ways to be revolting. “Yeah well the thing is to only increase calorie intake as needed, and not devour everything in sight.” She said politely hoping to avoid a fight.

“So he isn’t blood related to my father, after all. I knew it.” Melisa said taking a DNA test out of her hand bag. “No worries I won’t have to cut him this test only uses saliva to check DNA.”

Jennifer sighed and finished feeding Sean; she took the test and stuck the swab in the boy’s mouth to end Melisa’s nonsense. “I just carried him and please for the sake of your nephew can we please just let this be about him. The Priestess will bless him and we’ll have a nice dinner.” Honestly Jennifer knew nothing could be drama free with her sister in law. She prayed the woman have her tubes tied she wasn’t fit to be a mother much less have any form of power over anyone. The request put Melisa off and she soon left.

“Goodness she accepted her loss better than I had expected her too.” Lisa said sitting down next her wife and son. She wrapped her arm around Jenifer and held her close.

“Is that all the two of you do? I mean really I don’t even hate my own mother that much and she ruined my father she ruined my brother and made me endure the results of that. You had wonderful life and all you do is bicker.” Jennifer said she had rarely ever lost her cool with Melisa she always wanted the pair to get along.

“There are just some things we can’t have in life. Trust me it’s much better to accept something just as they are.” Lisa said she smelled like one of those annoying and over priced cigars that her father should’ve stopped smoking after his first heart attack.

“I thought we should never accept the status quos and that a good citizen sought to better the future for the next generation?” Jennifer replied she was a hard core futurist, demanding better medical research more environmental reconstruction effort so summer would only last for 3 months not 8. Dome Farms would be replaced with regular farms. She wasn’t a dreamer she wanted action.

“Well if you want change, there is good news my dad is behind me for running for office. Even if I don’t win I am more than certain I can get a reclamation project going in this economy.” Lisa said taking Sean from Jennifer “Alright little guy come to mama. Say where did you come up with the name Sean anyway?”

“It was my baby brother’s name before that thing killed him.” Jennifer answered her wife, only contemplating the full effects and possibilities their choice would have on the boy. The priestess arrived she moved like a Yaren graceful and mysterious but she was far too small to even have any Yaren blood in her. Jennifer liked the Yaren they seemed so perfect they helped humanity and that was that. Humans had been too competitive and petty to understand such generosity. “Hello priestess Regina, Sean is with his mother and grandfather over there.”

“They are okay with your religion I am proud you can find people of such quality so well.” The priestess said looking over the party. “They also know how to throw a party how many caterers are here?”

“Well here he is do you need anything more here?” Lisa said holding Sean slightly extended from her body.

“No I can do this quickly as is.” She said opening the boy’s shirt and taking out thick oil she placed some on his chest and said a prayer “May your heart guide you, temper your ambition with compassion and be a proud son.” She said rubbing oil into the skin on his chest when finished she left a mark on his head and said “Your mind will be full questions, and a desire to answer them all. However never sacrifice your soul and heart for an answer.”

Lisa wrapped Sean up nice and tight and held him close as she could, “Thank you sister or priestess, sorry I am new to the religion.” She said looking at the meal being prepared “Would you like to stay for the lunch there is always room for you.”

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