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Plague of panspermia descends from space. A pandora box which opens up an intricate course of action undeniably alien, where human conquers alien DNA for space exploration. Humanity is in a blink of extinction, John Hanover is branching out “The House of Hanover” in England while living with his present wife, Sophia Hanover, in the now homestead of the family line of Majesty. After successfully being helped by the brilliant Doctor Carmini to have a baby born with an estranged surrogate mother. An underlying investigation of a secret agency inside the facility resorts to some drastic measure to stop the aberration. Under the Authority of the Ministry of Defence, Secret Special Agent John Hanover finds himself going beyond the line of duty to save his family from harm-doing and to eradicate the facility.

Scifi / Thriller
Julian Mahikan
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The sun shines brilliantly on the far horizon. The dry perfect blue cold sky is immaculate. A flock of bird emerges from the treeline into the sky over cliffs and mountains lush with enormous trees and fly out in all directions. All animals living in the jungle engage in a skirmish under the foliage.

A hominid is hanging by the trunk of a pine tree could see the vegetations shaking down in the valley. The troop of hominid is far more cacophonous animal by the waterfall near the den and unseen. The jungle is raging hot and humid. Under the treeline, strange engine noise echoes from the heaven. The ground keeps shaking followed by the branches and the leaves. Then, the foliage becomes alive colorfully. The noise is transcending. The hominid is consistently puzzled-- baring his mind in wonderment and breathing deeply to enlighten.

The Jackpot.

Inside the jungle trees, hominid humans look up at the sun erratically and some are very agitated and others already took off. In the middle of the sky, a huge shiny metallic spacecraft stabilizes in the middle of thin air with the help of four landing rockets. In the area, hominid human apes spread out in the jungle.

Some hominids stay at the scene absolutely amazed and calm. Another hominid looks up at the unidentified flying object on a landing course and points at it with his right hand. It looks as if the flying object had replaced the intensity of the sun. Flashes. He hugs one of his kind. The rest of the hominid human apes finally leave the landing site rather being pushed away by the heat. All four hatches open up from the sides of the rocket ship. A single man handled aircraft propelled by jet propulsion flies out from all side of the ship-- with a big whoosh of noise in the air. The aircraft likely seem to be coming out from the sun.

Later the same day, birds are flickering and the insects are raucous. Structures are being built on the rookie by strange flying objects thundering around in the air-- lasering into the rock steady. Hominid human apes look at the site in the bushes near the waterfall. A mudslide occurs on the mountainside. An aircraft tracks down the hominid human apes and catches the ones that left the landing site at last lodging near the waterfall.

Sophia Hanover opens her eyes widely. Her pupils dilate in the universe. She looks at the digital dial of the alarm clock a few seconds before time. 7:00 AM. The sun has risen up in the sky already. The bedroom remains in stillness. Time is elapsing to the end. Magically sounding, the sunlight goes through the curtains in a span of a day. Grass growing from the turf rapidly-- exponentially. The master bedroom remains in the darkness. Now, the real sunlight comes through the curtains in a span of a day. Sophia lays awake naked in bed. Her eyes open.

The immediate surrounding comes back into its natural state. In pajamas, Sophia wakes up. She looks straight at the night table in sleepiness. Her husband, John Hanover, is soundly asleep on the other side of the bed-- showing his back. She pulls the drawer with her right hand-- put against by the side of the bed and searches for the probe. She turns on the apparel and sounds herself.

John Hanover is disturbed in his sleep. He kicks her out of the bed with his heel once or tries to feel her under the sheets. As she turns, Sophia from the other side of the bed-- looks down on the result of this pregnancy test rapidly. She hands it overtired. Sophia fresh look dissipates-- mesmerized. While John looks affable to know of the result of it. He yawns and seems to be a million years away from her voice. Sophia mumbles in his head:

“Yeah... yeah…”

Sophia pokes John at his shoulder. She looks all excited as if she is going to receive a wedding gift.

John scrutinizes the result:

“Hold on. Hold on.”

The confusion dissipates into thin air. John grabs Sophia’s arm to read the result herself-- almost leading to a pillow fight.

Sophia joins in:

“Are you all that interested?” She laughs and holds on to it. “Are you paying attention?”

John says:

“Yes, my darling.”

Sophia walks across the master bedroom to open the curtains of the windows and makes it back to bed. She sits on the bedside along with her husband:

“You are a very bad boy.”

John that’s having a hard time to get up. He screams of joy like a college boy. To express his love for his wife, John leans over near to feel the love flowing from her side. An instant passed by, he finally decides to go to the bathroom wearing just a boxer on.

John takes a pee. He grabs his neck roughly with his left hand while the other one finishes the job. John turns rapidly to the bathroom sink to wash up. His own reflection yawns at him-- wanting to be fresh at all time. He grabs his face with his right hand to spot the growing beard. His scruffy face reminds him that he needs to shave it clean.

John Hanover says:

“I feel great, Chernobyl!”

John brushes his teeth roughly and grabs the mouthwash.

John yells at the master bathroom:

“Hold on, darling.”

He rinses his mouth and spits the content in the sink.

Sophia looks at the test again and dismisses it. She looks at it-- nostalgically pale. She hears the water flowing into the sink that stops and puts back the probe on the coffee table. Then finally she grasps her feet and sits on the side of the bed with her legs crossed. She looks in the direction of the master bathroom.

Sophia is perplexed:

“I am glad that you’re back!”

John answers and comes back to bed:

“I am ready. I have my eyes close.”

Sophia is pale and almost frightening with the test result in her hand.

Sophia says:

“The test is negative.”

John goes along with Sophia’s state of mind. He jumps on the bed childishly and hugs her from behind. She gets warm and smiles. At bed play, John acts like a doctor by checking the result of the pregnancy test. He shakes it and looks up to it. John tries to break the pregnancy test unlikely.

John is crushed:

“We’ll try another time. There is plenty of solution out there waiting for us.”

The test gets tossed out in the empty bin. John and Sophia kiss each other. They go back to bed.

John ask:

“Let’s make out, baby girl.”

Sophia indulges:

“Are you ready for this?”

The couple laughs under the bed linen.

The sun shines brilliantly outside the castle and the rays elegantly embellish the interior of the breakfast nook. The setting on the table looks pleasurably immaculate. Silently, the husband and wife sit together amicably glancing at each other between bites fully dressed and in proper attire. Halfway through the breakfast, they both concentrate on their respectful newspaper-- neither looks at each other. Patiently convenient, Sophia puts her newspaper slowly on the side of the table. She gazes at John breathless-- like they are the last of this world and clearly she bites her lip. John looks up under his reading glasses with his newspaper unfolding between his finger.

John says:

“What honey? What did you say?”

John flips back his newspaper asserting authority. Sophia grabs hers to hide her smile.

John keeps reading looking up no more for releasing tension occupied in his own thought after the failed result.

John adjusts his ties and says:

“Keep reading, darling.”

Sophia puts the newspaper beside her breakfast again.

She reaches out to him with her arm.

the spy journalist:

Sophia zooms in on the article: Outstanding progress for assisting pregnancy.

In her mind, Sophia reads the story of the newspaper again and again.

She kinda stares at the article totally absorbed and deeply induced.

Sophia says:

“Have a look at this article, John.”

John says:

“Now. What are you looking at? Let me see.”

Sophia hands out the newspaper over to John rather timidly.

He ignores it and pushes her arm on the side.

Sophia says:

" There is an agency looking to recruit new applicants to conceive a child.”

John answers:

“A baby, Sophia. Not a child.” can they not jump off the wall

Sophia says:

" I’ve got a feeling about this one, John. Mine is already five in my mind. This is the perfect timing for us. Haven’t you heard about that yet? DNA sequencing?”

John takes a huge bite of his breakfast. He grabs the orange juice. He finishes his bite.

John says:

“Are you implying that we are not human being looking for a way to procreate?”

Sophia says:

“ Where are you getting at? Don’t I?”

John puts his glass of juice on the table rather strongly almost spilling the content on the nap.

Sophia’s fight.

“We’ve talked about it many times in many years. I think we shouldn’t forget that we are together in this fight, this war. We need to keep going with our faith. Flesh and Blood.”

Sophia throws the newspaper all folded up to the husband side of the table close enough to be able to read the article.

John seems to read the article but rather glanced at it up his nose.

John says:

“We cannot afford that-- more than meets the eye-- rejection. You. You didn’t appreciate it. From past experience, you did not touch me either talk to me for days and-- or after the last attempt.”

Sophia reaches the newspaper again.

Sophia says:

“Don’t you realize that we’ve been together in this horrible situation since god knows when?”

Sophia reads the article out loud.

Sophia says:

“A solid caring couple living together with the ability to conceive.” she can’t continue.

Sophia throws the paper at John again. John reads it this time without adding any comments to their conversation.

John finally says:

“I give fuck off-- to this agency. I’ve got to go to work now. I’ll see you in the evening. Say, I love you.”

Sophia ignores with consideration. John leaves for work. Sophia follows him to the door all smile.

From a distance, the sky is impeccably blue. The homestead is gorgeous. The car stops in front of the mansion. They have their kiss goodbye in front of the porch leading to the ground by marble stairs. The car is on auto-pilot. Sophia waves at him with a maid behind by the entrance-- holding the door.


From a long straight line of unpaved road, the automated car smears on its way out of the property and goes past the sign with a string of dirt swirling behind the bolide that stretches along the road.

The sign lay there totally motionless.

Sophia stares at the enclosed backyard sitting in a comfy armchair thinking rather anxiously. This side of the mansion is quiet. Sophia decides to place a phone call to the agency.

Sophia walks by the newspaper on the breakfast table that has been cleaned. She scans the article with her visor implanted inside the iris. The phone call rings. She takes a deep breath to calm herself. The call is being answered.

Sophia comes out from a french door to the enclosed backyard. She sits in the same armchair. The call screeches smoothly.

The building itself is a typical pharmaceutical building with sod all around the edifice.

Images of the clinic. The front door, the clean floors, and the office space. Conversation over the phone follows.

Operator answers with a monotone voice:

“How may I redirect your call, ma’am?”

Inaudible. The call gets transferred.

On the veranda, Sophia wonders in her own mind delightfully. She blinks and looks at the receiver. The call gets picked up.

Sophia promptly explains herself:

“Well, I was wondering-- I and my husband are trying to conceive.”

Monica greets:

“Great news!”

Sophia asks:

“Your clinic offers the services that we need. We try to conceive since this insidious plague.”

Over the phone Monica says:

“I am here to assist you. I am glad that you made this phone call.”

At the clinic, Monica Brentwood is on her cubicle desk reviewing her monitor.

The monitor displays a snapshot of John and Sophia. All personal information is downloaded from date of birth up to this very moment into the computer.

Monica’s voice is a bit happier:

“I see. Would you like to participate in our research? Would you like to have an appointment ready for next week?”

Sophia’s voice resounds from the acoustic:

“That would be a wonderful gesture on your part.”

Monica asks:

“Are you going to be coming by yourself? Or would you rather be accompanied by your partner?”

Sophia walks around fearing to be rejected.

Monica asks:

“Miss Sophia? Are you still there?”

Sophia nervously jumps around:

“From my part, I will be visiting your installation on my own.”

Monica says:

“That would really cause a problem.”

Sophia is anxious:

“What for? What is it?”

Sophia apparently on the verge of a disaster walks back where she stands when she talks back.

Sophia nods:

“Now, wait a minute. I and my husband are a couple. As straight as Adam and Eve. I guess. I can twist his arm to come together. We are married and living together for over a decade.”

Monica says:

“I don’t mean to trouble you. I was only explaining that we are currently accepting applications from a concubinage for this time being otherwise said-- the married couple.”

Monica nervously laughs over the phone:

“I see, I think you are missing the point here. I am calling on behalf of my husband too.”

Monica is on her desk and explains:

“Oh, I see. First of all, they would be-- strict selection at the first screening. Then, a second appointment will be attended in a month or so after you’re prep, it’s a good time for you?”

Over the phone, Sophia is explicative and relieved:

“The pills work for me. A bit moody sometimes. Other than that, everything is fine.”

Monica asks:

“Are you mensing every month?”

Sophia says:

“You mean, did I ever get pregnant naturally? I guess not.”

At the Hanover House, Sophia is getting excited about this call. She smiles.

Sophia exclaims:

“Wednesday? This quick!”

Monica cordially says:

“Yes, ma’am. This was your first interview.”

Sophia hangs up the phone and she jumps with joy. This call made her day.

A new day. The morning speeds up to mid-morning as clear as it could be clear-- more puzzling then god’s clear vision itself.

In the sky, contrails are in abundances in the atmosphere in their natural state. Aircraft covers the sky with contrails.

John and Sophia are getting ready to leave for their appointment. The bedroom is lit by the two lamps on each night table. Also, ARTIFICIAL LIGHT comes in from each side of the bedroom from their respectful walking closet.

There is some silence in the bedroom broken by the OPENING and CLOSING of drawers. Also, by the SEXY SOUND of someone putting some clothes and a tie is tied up.

John’s walking closet. John is fully dressed. He takes one last look at himself in the mirror. He rearranges his cuff, his wedding ring and his wristwatch made of gold.

In the late afternoon, the bedroom is silent. John walks out from his walking closet to the bedroom and walks by the bed.

John says:

“I’m ready.”

John looks at her. Sophia ignores him inside her walking closet. She is trying a different shoe. John walks out of the bedroom and takes the steered staircase downstairs. Inside her walking closet, Sophia puts on other shoes. She almost lost her balance and shouts:

“I heard you!”

She looks happy. Her reflection. She owns it. Sophia puts some mascara and touches up with some makeup on.

She gobs some pills and puts the rest of the prescription drug in her purse. The tablets make a noisy sound as she is walking out. She holds her purse under her arm against her ribcage. She claps with both hands and the light turns off. Her lip is still gobbing.

On the top of the steered staircase, Sophia looks sternly at John laying down fully with his shoes on the sofa watching television news again.

John flicks through the channels, only for catching something interesting enough to watch for a few seconds.

Surprisingly, John looks up to her. He turns off the television.

John looks at how magnificent his wife is-- walking down the staircase. Like an angel, she smiles at him halfway through. John stands up at the bottom of the stairs.

From the far end of the property, the couple comes out of the mansion. They are engaged in a frenetic conversation. They laugh. The car stops in front of them with no one on the driver seat. The vehicle has automatically driven itself to the porch.

On the countryside road, the outdoor is partly cloudy. John drives the car manually.

From the outside, the reflection of the sky and the trees reflect on the windshield and the hood almost perfectly.

It looks like time has stopped for a while.

Sophia looks on her side of the road all relaxed. John looks straight ahead. The sound of the engine is smooth and the aerodynamic sound of the hot rod is as astounding by the exterior.

John breaks the silence seemingly annoyed:

“We need some music here. Don’t you think, darling?”

Sophia gazes into the horizon. John tunes in on the radio. He wants to break up the silence inside the car. John looks uneasy.

John flicks thru the radio station.


“...plague against insemination from space…”

SOPHIA is obviously overwhelmed:

“...we’re.... oh no, not again... I don’t want to hear this…”


“...stay tuned for our next expert in that matter…”

John turns off the radio immediately.

In a distance, one could see the car from this end of the road to the other end reflecting-- its surrounding.

The car arrives in the area shining like a brand new car colored with a reflective gray metallic sharp. they're fucking in the car. The car whistles as it approaches. There are other cars that are parked in the parking lot of a lesser brand. it sxcreeches. triplke x.

John spots a place. The command of the car is displayed on the windshield. With the help of his hands, he puts the car on automatic driving. The car senses the space itself that is available.

The car parks itself with anti-gravity system.

The windshield turns into a mirror for Sophia as she arranges her hair frenetically.

John stops the engine looks at her wife. She is a nervous wreck. Husband behaves normally.

Sophia keeps on brushing up. The other windows are in a normal state.


“You really should calm yourself down.”


“John. Stop it!”


“Why us? Why us?”


“Are you done with your sarcasm? We have a serious situation to deal with in front of us. You know. We are kinda of invited. don't we?” she looks scared.

John gets out of the car. He slams the door behind him that locks automatically with a whistle noise.

With the door semi side opened, Sophia waits for her husband. She grabs her bag.

John hears the pills shaking from her purse:

“That won’t be necessary.”

"let them taking all pictures"

John says:

“Let’s go of it, darling. They are probably waiting for us now already. We shouldn’t be late for such a meeting.”

Sophia answers:

“I would never forgive myself.”

The thought just kicked in.

John says:

“Wait a minute. Don’t bring your pharmacy with you inside. I sure think.”

Sophia answers:

“Don’t... I’m sorry.”

She leaves them behind with silliness.

Sophia takes her first step on the pavement.

John and Sophia walk toward the entrance of the clinic. The doors open itself. They grab their hands ready at any implications.

John says:


Sophia says:”


Fresh air comes out from the entrance. She seems fairly happy.

Inside the entrance hall,

there are surveillance CAMERAS at the very corner. They both look around EAGERLY-- almost smooching it.

The place is huge. Sofa and loveseats are placed on that side corner. They go for SECURITY DESK resembling more like a GUARD POST.

The couple checks themselves in with the GUARD.

The Sentinel leads them to their seats inside the lobby. They are conversing cordially.

Monica Brentwood appears in the lobby. She approaches them with their files under her arm.

Enthusiastically up their feet from the seating area, Monica Brentwood joins the couple with a brightening smile.

Sophia looks gracious and offers her hand wearing the wedding ring. Monica noticeably shakes hand to both of them. John smiles. Sophia smiles at him with respect. They feel hopeful and adventurous.

Monica hands out the questionnaire to each of them.

Monica starts:

“Mrs. and Ms. Hanover. Come this way.”


“Yes, are we-- indeed?”

Sophia is hovering in vain like a coin flipping through the thin air.


“Please. Follow me. I will be assisting you through the selection procedure. At first, you will be interviewed one by one.”

Monica leads the way with vehemence. They follow behind her.

Monica says:

“Feel free to ask me anything, because you only have one chance to get into this program.”

John and Sophia presumably glance at each other always confident to be accepted into the program.

Monica uses his magnetic card and access code to get into the Personnel Area.


Do you have any question before we pass that door? So... We got to take it to the next step.

John observes the personnel more than enough. A sort of a Pandora box just opened up for him. He is feeling more confident. He hugs his wife.

Sophia feels more at ease to trust the clinical team to have this procedure proceed.


Who has access to this area other than us?


This quarter is only accessible to our client susceptible to be accepted into our program of study. Our technology has permitted for many young workers to get the chance of having a family by inserting the specimen into a compatible provider.

John (almost whispering) How long have you been in this business?


"We’ve been in this business since the plague came down from the heaven. Currently, if I am not mistaken about 17 years."

Sophia and John nod mutually.

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