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Mistress Wolf

By raynemancometh All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Other

Chapter 1

For those who believe that a Mistress could never truly love her slave, they are wrong. When I transform into a werewolf it’s his safety that I think about first.I woke up in the morning with a long white sheet covering my thick body. I stirred and felt a sense of satisfaction. I personally love the pain of shifting and how much it hurts when I turn into my Wolf form. Sometimes I hesitate, wanting to change under the full moon because of my overwhelming need to kill and mount. When I am with someone then the desire multiplies to the point where I can’t think straight at all.Why do I take on a slave? His love for me and the fact that he actually has a brain and when I want him to be romantic he raises to the occasion - this is why I love him with all of my heart, even with the dangerous but fascinating fetish he has about me transforming. Since my animalistic senses take over when I transform, that concerned me. I want to say that I never lose control in my hybrid form but that would be false on so many levels. I also don’t considered fucking in my Wolf form bestiality because I’m still half-human. My story on how I came upon my curse or gift is when I was kidnapped as a teenager and my new life, which I consented to willingly, began. I took a trip to Ireland when I was seventeen. When I arrived on foreign soil, I met someone who wanted to get to know me better. In retrospect that was stupid on so many levels because I was grabbed and drugged with a sedative. You know those science fiction movies where the young girl is kidnapped and experimented on? Well this is one of those instances. I was strapped down like an animal, which is funny because that’s what I would become. After a few moments of struggling, a woman came into the room. I screamed and demanded to know what was going on; she unmasked herself and stroked my head. “I’m sorry for the unkind method you were brought in and if it makes any difference we are not interest in penetrating you at all. The person you met should have presented you with an opportunity to make a lot of money in partaking in this experiment. However his prick and his sense of wanting to be in control tainted these proceedings.” She said to me in a thick Irish accent.“What is this?” I asked. Something about her voice seemed to be calming. She introduced herself as Doctor. “What we want to do is splice D.N.A in a young woman with canine in those who are currently or can be infertile in the future.” There was a great pause because I couldn’t understand; I’m only seventeen and I’ve never been pregnant. “Why choose me?” She paused again, then unstrapped my right arm when she was I wasn’t a threat. “We have a hacker working for us who scans women or teens who may down the line have a problem to conceive. We found that you were going to have that difficulty.” That was true. I’m an only child and even that was a miracle because my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the time of my birth. She had been in remission for a long time and I was thankful for that. “You want to see if it works.” I said and then asked her to unstrap me. She did so after a moment of hesitation and I sat up. “How much money?”“A quarter of a Million dollars...” She replied. I’m a very bright person for my age and the term ‘you don’t get something for nothing’ whispered in my head.“The reason is because the side effects are good as well as bad. It creates heightened sex drive, irrational thinking and most of all tendencies to not want to take the word no from a possible mate.” She told me.I said yes because I was curious and signed the consent form. Doctor Gillian breathed a sigh of relief. I was escorted to my room which had a bed as well as television. The moment I lay down, she struck a big needle in me. I screamed – the pain was unbelievable. I took a slow breath or two to make sure I didn’t start hyperventilating. I thought I was asleep, dreaming about being in a forest. I saw a Rabbit, which made me very hungry. I used to have a pet rabbit when I was young but I didn’t see it as something to care for anymore, I saw it now as dinner. I walked around my prey and then leapt and tore it apart. I tasted the warm, crimson liquid as it first coated my teeth and then swam down my throat. Its squeaking made me more vicious to gut it some more. At first I was horrified because all I could see was my pet Rabbit but now it was just leftovers.I felt myself running once again and then I saw a deer which made the hunger come. As I pinned it and gutted it like a wild animal there was feeling of pleasure from the kill which made my body burn to the point that I passed out. Sweat came down my body and made me shiver. Several hours later the Doctor came.“How do you feel?” She asked.When I was able to form words, all I said to her was, “I don’t want this feeling to go away.” She nodded and took a concerned breath. “What?” I asked. “I’m afraid you are going to become more willing to take the drug and if we find that it could be more harmful than good, it could lead to complications later.” She paused for a moment but something about that feeling of not going to school or listening to the bullshit of my fellow teenagers seemed to appeal to me. I was just about to say I wanted the next injection when she slipped the needle into me again. The drug coursed through my system and I convulsed. I faintly heard the Doctor saying that she needed to restraint me and felt my body trying to fight. I wanted to sink my teeth into anyone who touched me. After one last primal scream, I immediately collapsed and this is where things got really fucking weird. I heard a faint sliding of the door - it was like a fever dream but my whole body felt so strong. I was gently placed outside and then the animal in me took over. I ran. I wanted more rabbits and so I had three. There was a frantic need to kill my human morals and beliefs, to make them fade to the background. I liked this feeling of being an animal or whatever I was, which wasn’t one hundred percent human. I smelled something that I wanted badly and I felt myself growling. It felt so real to me. I went looking for what I needed and hopped on a tree branch. My hands shifted slowly into the paws, the sounds of my hands and wrists cracking filled the air and caused me great pain. I let out noises and screamed, which was a combination of both human and animal. I fell to the ground. The next wave of horrid pain was coming from my stomach which was turning and twisting. It made me bleed, I didn’t see it but I could smell it and it caused me to pass out yet again. I woke up and I was overwhelmed - I could smell every scent in the whole room I found myself in. The door opened and the Doctor came back in, she was more concerned than last time. She helped me up and it hurt like hell, my back felt like it had re-formed from something else. On the clock it said it was five in the evening, which meant I slept for almost 24 hours. She asked me how I was doing.“I’m...feeling better.” I said to her and she shook her head. “Do you remember anything from last night?” She asked.“It was like a fever dream.” She paused and told me that it was the last night of the full moon. “What am I becoming?” I asked, worried. She sat down to tell me that I was being injected witha serum that was from a female werewolf. I would have usually told the woman that she was crazy but last night proved that wasn’t the case. The pain began again and the Doctor was caught by surprise because she hadn’t injected me yet. I rolled off the bed and she screamed for someone to come. A person in a thick suit dragged me to the rubber room as the Doctor screamed for them to handle me with care. As I began to recover I banged around the room for someone to let me go. I didn’t know how much time had passed but my energy and my focus to want to leave drove me even harder to escape. The pain came once again, starting with my hands – they slowly formed into paws. It was then that long and thick claws exited out of my fingernails. The need to tear off my uncomfortable clothes was sudden. Pain in my spine was next as a tail began to grow. I couldn’t believe what I was becoming. My body was reshaping internally. My ears grew and the canines in my mouth made my face stretch out. I was officially a werewolf. The door flew open and I took that chance to run out to the forest. So far my kills were all of animals but I smelled something - a woman and a man were nearby. I couldn’t describe what I felt the next day as woke up. I couldn’t put into words. I was in the same room as before and the Doctor sat there looking at me. She handed me a check as promised and took a breath as she helped me up but there was no pain. The part about smelling those people was on my mind. I wanted to ask that question but something that told me not to. The Doctor told me to keep in contact with her at all times and beware of the full moon. When I arrived back to American, my parents told me that they didn’t know I was missing and it occurred to me that the good Doctor must have done something. In twenty-seven days I would have to find a good place to hide and it was on the third night I was home that I remembered I got pregnant. I knocked out the woman in the forest and forced myself on the man, afterwards he and the woman started to change. We fucked all night then they came, led by the Doctor, to take us all away. Eight months later, I gave birth to my child and named her Calisto. I couldn’t get care for her so I left her at the door of a random person. It doesn’t make sense, does it? I have Wolf D.N.A and they are supposed to care for their cub but I’m also human. I met many more men and made sure I killed less; my Doctor had others cover my tracks. They were bums, they had no homes and so no one was going to miss them, damn economy. My submissive’s name was Steve and he’s the love of my life. He told me of his love for horror movies as well his fetish. I debated heavily on doing it with him in my Wolf form because I knew what would happen if I shifted and smelled him. Then I got the happy news that I was pregnant again. It made me sad because I gave up my first child which I haven’t told him about, which brings us back to this morning. As I was getting ready for my day job, he was in the shower. I looked at my bank account online to check on the four figures which were left from becoming who I am today and it was gone. I called the Doctor first and she knew nothing about it. The bank said that I had withdrawn it electronically and I assured them I didn’t. I was greatly upset but I had to calm down. The Wolf overcame me and I began to shift when there was a knock on the door. I screamed at for them to go away but they didn’t - this person had a death wish. I slammed open the door, ready to kill, only to find a brunette with yellow eyes looking at me. “Hello, Mom. Forget someone?” She slammed me on the ground by my throat with a superior force. “On your back, Bitch." She slowly knelled down, “ My name is Callisto.”

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