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In a destroyed society the rich prosper while the poor suffer. The rich prosper by making Models. Models are the unwanted poor children that the rich find value in. The newest Model is called Ten. The world was put to waste when the poor revolted against the rich in an effort to gain a fraction of what the rich had. The rich easily revolted with various nuclear weapons. As a result, the poor were almost entirely wiped out. However, enough survived to form small colonies scattered throughout cities. Some of the poor parents, in a desperate attempt to get money, gave their children to the rich. The children were put through a variety of tests. The only way to pass the test was to survive. Only one was allowed to live. The ones who lived were turned into Models. Models were given robotic or computeristic qualities in order to fight for money which their Creators' would be given. Creators were in charge of their Model and their only job was to update their Model in painful methods to make them better. The one who lived through the tenth test was given the name Model Ten. She was stripped of her name, identity, and previous life by cruel methods torture. However, one day while traveling to another Creator's home they are attacked and Model Ten is taken captive by the poor. She wants to return to her Creator but she starts to find clues that lead back to her previous life.

Scifi / Action
Molly Stegall
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Chapter 1

Model Ten stared blankly at the wall as she opened her mouth and allowed a person to place a leather strap gently between her teeth. She didn’t fight against the restraints that held her wrists and upper arm to the chair.

The chair was slightly leaned back and her head rested agaisnt the headrest. The same man that had inserted the leather strap into her mouth started to place electric probes all over her body.

He placed an IV into her right arm that was filled with an electric blue fluid. He leaned over her and pulled down two metal arms from the ceiling. He placed one arm on one side of her head and the other on the other side of her head.

He walked away and pressed a button on the keyboard that was on the other side of the room. The arms near her head started to vibrate as small needles extended out towards her head. They stopped before they made contact. He pressed another button and the needles started to shoot electricity between them. The buzz of the electricity echoed throughout her ears.

He looked back at her as his finger hovered over another button.

Model Ten nodded her head slightly, mindful of the needles centimeters away from her. His finger pressed the button.

Everything seemed to slow down as the click of the keyboard sounded throughout her ears. She blinked her eyes and her teeth tightened against the leather. She felt the IV slightly move in her arm as she flexed it, causing her veins to slightly pop out.

Within a second everything that went slowly suddenly became normal again. Pain shot throughout her head as the electricity shot through her head. The electricity traveled throughout her body. She felt as the cold liquid collided with the now hot electricity. The liquid shot through her veins and caused a burning electric pain to shoot through her body.

Model Ten’s teeth tightened around the leather as a scream escaped her throat. Her scream echoed throughout the room and the man slightly flinched.

Model Ten’s eyes tightly shut together as she started to slightly convulse. She jerked against the chair as her arms started to wildly shake and tremble. Another scream escaped her throat.

The man looked down at his watch before he pressed another button. The electricity in the headset shut off. Model Ten continued to convulse for a few seconds before she went limp. Her head hung down and her hands unclenched. However, her teeth were still biting down on the leather.

“Again,” a female voice rang through the intercom.

The man looked up at the viewing box where a woman sat. She was wearing an all-white suit. Her hair was a dirty blonde color with dark highlights scattered through it. Her hair was styled in a neat bun. Beside her was a man. He was wearing a suit that was black with a white tie. His hair was pitch black and neatly styled in a pompadour. Even sitting down you could tell he was over six feet. He had a sharp jawline which made him always look stern and serious.

“Again!” The woman said. The man glanced at Model Ten, who was breathing heavily. She looked up at him, her head shaking slightly. She nodded her head.

The man pressed the button on the keyboard. Model Ten’s head jerked back and slammed against the headrest. Her arms pulled against the restraint as another scream echoed throughout the room.

The man looked down at his watch again before he pressed the off button. Model Ten went limp in the chair again.

The man that was sitting next to the women looked down at his watch. He pressed it and a blue screen projected off of his watch. He spoke into it and a few seconds later, a few members of security entered the room. One of them shoved the arms away from Model Ten’s head and grabbed a fistful of her dark brown hair.

He leaned her head back. He used his free hand to take the leather strap out of her mouth. She had almost completely bitten through it. He then pried open her eyelids. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head, but the white part of her eyes was bloodshot. Another member of security undid the restraints and another member unconnected the IV.

The man and woman that were in the viewing box started to make their way down to the room. The security guard looked at her eyes and they suddenly rolled forward. Her eyes were the only part of her body that looked electronic. They were dark blue with various light blue lines and circles in it. The light blue color looked almost like it was glowing.

Her right arm quickly latched onto one of the security guards' necks. The other two quickly pulled out their shock guns.

“Stop!” The man from the box yelled as he and the woman entered the room. Everyone froze.

The man snapped his fingers and Model Ten quickly released the man’s throat.

“Good girl,” the man said.

Model Ten only new that man’s name as the Creator and the woman as the Designer. Model Ten sat back in the chair as she slightly started to breathe heavily. The Creator reached out his hand and grasped her chin firmly in his grip. “I’m proud of you today for taking more than what you usually take in these little progression tests.” His thumb slowly moved up and down on her cheek.

“Who is your family?” The Designer asked.

“You’re my family,” Model Ten immediately responded.

“What’s your purpose?”

“To serve and protect you.”

“What’s your name?”

“Model Ten.”

“... Finally, she’s fully operational,” the Creator said as he removed his hand from her face. Those were the questions that Model Ten struggled the most with and up until now she had always answered one of them incorrectly. He knew that they had fried part of her brain. “Go back to your room, Model Ten and get some rest. You’ll continue training first thing tomorrow.”

Model Ten only nodded. Two security guards grabbed each of her arms and helped stand her up. They helped her walk out of the room and towards her bedroom.

They entered an all-white room. The only thing in the room was a white metal slab that had a small pillow and thin blanket on it. It was all Model Ten needed, she didn’t want or require anything else. The guards laid her down on her bed, but she sat up. After every progression test, the Creator and Designer would check on her in her room to make sure there were no bad side effects.

The guards walked out of the room as the Creator and Designer walked in. Model Ten sat on her bed crisscrossed. The Creator sat down on the bed and the Designer pressed a button on her watch. A keyboard projected out of it. When she moved her hand, with the watch, away the keyboard stayed where it was. She moved her hands into a typing position.

“How are you feeling?” The Creator asked. The Designer started to type it down.

“Somewhat light headed and I have a small headache but I won’t allow it to get in the way of training tomorrow. I will perform as I always have and beat the other models, proving that you are the superior Creator and she the superior Designer.” No matter what the question was Model Ten always tried to please the both of them as much as she could.

He reached out a hand and placed two fingers on the pulse on her neck.

“Pulse is faster.” He looked down at his watch. “Fifteen beats in five seconds. This is a new side effect in the progression tests, however, Ten seems to be relaxed and calm. Is that correct?” He asked Ten. She nodded her head. “Testing strength now.” He held out his hand, his palm facing down. Ten placed her hand underneath his, her palm facing up.

Their hands touched before their fingers interlocked.

“Starting in three, two, one,” the Creator said. He started to push down on her hand to try and move her arm down to where it would be touching the bed. His arm shook as he strained to even move her arm down a centimeter. Ten wasn’t even trying to resist him, she didn’t even have to strain her muscles.

“Time,” the Designer said. Their fingers unlocked and they pulled away from each other. The Creator pressed a button on his watch and code appeared on the screen. The numbers and letters moved down the screen very fast.

“Decode it,” the Creator said as he pushed the screen towards her. He pulled up the timer on his watch. “Three, two, one.” As soon as he said one Ten placed her hand on the screen. Her eyes glossed over as green numbers and letters appeared in her eyes. After a few seconds, the numbers and letters turned blue.

“Done,” Ten said as she pulled her hand away.

“Six point five seconds to decode a five-hundred-page book. Time has increased by three seconds.” He looked down and noticed that her arm was shaking very fast and her muscles were tense. “The same side effect has emerged.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled it towards him. He could see one of her veins bulging more than what was natural in her forearm. The vein was a very light blue that almost seemed to glow. He reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a scalpel and a small hook that was about the size of his thumbprint.

“Let’s see what’s going on here,” he mumbled to himself as he used the scalpel to cut a straight line in her arm, right next to the vein.

He took the hook and opened up the skin even more. Ten slightly winced in pain. Once the skin and muscle were pulled back more it revealed what the problem was.

There was an electrical light blue streak right next to her vein. The streak had small amounts of electricity running through it as what looked like lightning slightly jumped out of it. He took his free hand and placed it behind Ten’s head. He pushed her face into his chest. She took her free hand and grasped the edge of her bed. She started to breathe slightly heavier as she prepared for pain.

He took the hook and placed it underneath the blue streak. He moved it slowly over to the vein. The lightning jumped out towards the vein and quickly latched onto it.

Ten’s teeth clenched together to prevent her from screaming. Her free hand shook as her grip tightened on the bed. The Creator held Ten’s face against his chest. He found that she focused on smaller details like the fabric of his suit rather than the pain. He always made sure to wear a somewhat itchy suit everytime they did the progression test.

He took his hands and held her arm. Her arm jerked and convulsed as the electric nervous system connected to her bloodstream. The Designer quickly rushed over and helped the Creator hold her arm somewhat still.

After a few more seconds of her arm convulsing, it finally stopped. The Designer walked back to the keyboard and started typing again. Ten moved her head away from the Creator’s chest. He placed the hook and scalpel back into his suit before he pulled out a small metal rod. There was a small metal ball at the end of it and a dark blue button on the side of the rod.

He pressed the button and a small buzzing noise sounded throughout the room. He placed the ball over the cut he had made. Electricity jumped out of the ball and connected to her skin. This didn’t hurt Ten, she actually preferred the feeling. As he moved the ball down the cut it revealed her skin had healed itself. When he was done he placed the rod back into his suit.

“Thank you for taking care of me, Sir,” Ten said. He reached out his hand and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“It’s my job to do so, just continue to perform like you have been. That’s all I require of you. Do you understand?” He asked the last part more sternly.

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

Pulling out what looked like a clear button that was filled with a dark orange liquid. One side of the Injector had a small needle in it with a small rubber piece over it. He pulled off the rubber piece before he placed the needle into the vein in his wrists. Ten watched as the dark color slowly drained out of the Injector and into his bloodstream. She knew it was a reconstructing drug to get rid of any and all imperfections that he might have, even controlling his weight and not allowing him to age. Once the liquid had drained he took it out of his wrist and stood up.

Walking towards the door he moved the Injector between his fingers. He placed his watch on the keypad and it turned green. The door split apart in the middle and went into the wall. The Designer joined him. The Creator turned around and faced Ten.

“Get some rest, you have to be up in two hours,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” Ten said as she nodded. Both the Designer and Creator walked out of the room. The door closed behind them and the keypad turned red.

Ten laid down on the bed and wrapped the small blanket around her. She stared up at the ceiling as her eyes slowly closed.

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