Model 10

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Chapter 11

"Ok," Ten said as she shut off her game.

"Amber, are we sure this is a good idea?" Blake asked. Amber looked up at Blake and tears appeared in her eyes again.

"I'm positive. No matter what the consequence." Blake sighed before he placed his hand on the back of her neck. Ten stood up and Blake guided her out of the room and to the room with the computer.

Amber stood to the side of the computer and Blake gently pushed Ten into the chair. Ten looked at the image in front of her and saw her. The setting around her was unfamiliar to her.

Ten was on her knees with her hands handcuffed behind her back. The Creator was standing over her and two guards were holding her on the ground. Amber pressed play and the video began.

"Please, I... I just want to go home. I want my mom!" Ten exclaimed as tears ran down her face. The Creator knelt down beside her before he wiped away her tears.

"This is your home now and I'm your family." Ten looked up at him and her tears of sadness quickly turned to anger.

"This isn't my home and you're not my family. You'll never be my family!" Ten's voice was laced with anger and hatred.

"And why is that?" The Creator asked as his voice remained calm and somewhat soothing.

"The last time I checked your family takes care of you and loves you," Ten said as she tried to stand up. The two guards pushed her back down as they slammed her face into the ground. The Creator held up his hand to the guards.

"There's no need to treat her with such violence." The guards positioned her on her knees again. Turning his attention back to Ten he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She moved her face away from his hand. Sighing he pulled his hand away. "Have I not treated you well? I gave you food, water, a room, a place to live, a purpose. I've given you everything, and more than what your parents were able to provide for you. Is that not showing love? Is that not taking care of you?"

"No!" Ten screamed. "You may have given me all those things but look at the circumstances that you put me through to earn what I was gotten!"

The Creator nodded his head before he stood up. He walked to the guard that had the camera on his vest.

"Let's do plan three-point two," he whispered to the guard before he walked away. The guard motioned with his hand for the guards who were holding Ten to stand her up. They forced her to her feet before they started to drag her out of the room. Though the camera was facing away from Ten her screaming and struggling could still be heard.

They made their way outside. It was wintertime. Snow was falling from the sky which added to the foot of snow already on the ground. The guard's breath could be seen as he started to breathe heavily. They walked to a frozen-over pond. Various machines ran in and out of the water, purifying it.

The Creator was sat in a chair next to the pond. He was wearing a long black coat and black gloves. The guards dragged Ten to the pond while the guard with the camera on him stood next to the Creator. They both looked at the Creator and he nodded his head to the two other guards.

Before Ten could react they slammed Ten through the ice and into the water. One guard held a fistful of her hair to hold her down as the other guard started to break the ice around them.

Ten struggled and kicked under the water as she tried desperately to surface for air. She had never been given an opportunity to take a deep breath. Right before she breathed in the water the guard pulled her out of the water. Ten inhaled deeply as she coughed. Only managing to get one deep breath she was pushed under the water again.

The cold ice water felt like sharp pins and needles entering into her skin. Ten tried turning around so she could stand but the guard only yanked her head in the opposite way. She kicked furiously in his direction as she felt like she couldn't hold her breath anymore and she started to panic.

She finally inhaled, but only managed to take in half a breath before she was pulled out of the water again. She coughed up some of the water that she had swallowed. Feeling as the cold water burned her throat and lungs she winced in pain. Looking over at the Creator she saw no emotion on his face as he blankly stared at her.

That was all she managed to see before her vision blurred over with water.


The guard submerged Ten again. She just stayed there, loosing all of her strength and will to fight a long time ago. The guards were regularly switching out when their feet or hands would get cold.

The guard pulled Ten up again and she coughed up water. The Creator looked at Ten. She had lost all the color on her skin and was very white. Her lips were a light blue color and the purple areas rested under her eyes. Visibly shaking, her head limply fell back. Losing all feeling in her hands and feet long ago her body was started to get numb as well.

The guard pushed her under the water again.

"Sir, how do we know when to stop?" The guard with the camera asked.

"She'll know exactly what to say and do in order to make this stop. All she has to do is think about it." The guard only nodded his head before he looked back over at Ten again. Her body slightly jerked under the water as she breathed in. "Besides we're going to do this every day for more than a week so if she doesn't submit today she will another."

"What about hypothermia?"

"If she does get it then I'll simply reconstruct her nerves, tissue, and muscle to make it normal again." The Creator turned his attention back to Ten.

The guard pulled her out of the water and threw her onto the bank. Quickly stomping on her back she coughed up all the water. She looked up at the Creator and saw the same expressionless face he had had the entire time.

Her head was jerked back as the guard yanked her head back and into the water. She inhaled almost instantly. She had no strength to hold her breath anymore, only to breathe. The guard pulled her up after she coughed up the water underwater and breathed in again.

She was thrown on the bank again before he stomped on he back. Once she was able to breathe without water coming up she mustered all the strength she had and spoke.

"Please, please, stop! I'm yours! I'm yours! I'm sorry! Please, just... stop..." she trailed off as she started to cry. She pushed her face into the ground as she uncontrollably started to cry. The Creator motioned with his hand for the guards to bring her to him.

The guard who had been shoving her underwater grabbed her arm and dragged her to the Creator. She was still crying and breathing heavily. Her body was numb and hurt at the same time and the pain was almost unbearable.

The guard threw Ten in front of the Creator's feet. Standing up he took off his jacket and wrapped it around Ten. She was still shaking and whimpering. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off the ground before he carried her inside.

Carrying her to her room he sat down on the bed, her still in his arms. She naturally curled closer to him as she shut her eyes and just tried to focus on the warmth his jacket was providing her.

"Go get another blanket, please," the Creator said to one of the guards. He ran off to go get an extra blanket. Reaching over the Creator grabbed Ten's thin blanket he had provided her with when she first arrived. He placed it on top of her before he held her closer to him.

Gently placing his fingers under her chin he tilted her head up to look at him. Her eyes naturally fluttered open.

"I have given you my coat, a blanket, and another blanket is on the way. Would you say that I'm taking care of you now? Is that what a family does?" He kindly asked.

"Y-ye-yes." Ten's teeth chattered together and she found it extremely hard to talk. She was in so much pain she was saying whatever she felt would please him in hopes that she wouldn't have to go through that again. However, a small part of her was believing what she was saying and that what he was telling her was true.

"It's ok, don't speak." She nodded her head before her eyes closed. She shivered against him. "Remember, I'm not the one that hurt you. I was the one who was kind to you. I'm the one who helped you. Do you understand?" She nodded her head before he grabbed the spare blanket the guard had laid down on the bed while they were talking.

He wrapped the blanket around Ten before he grabbed her chin slightly harder than he had previously. She opened her eyes again and they were filled with fear.

"Never forget that. Do you understand?"

"Y-ye-yes si-sir."

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