Model 10

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Chapter 14

Arriving at the Center, the Creator was keen on getting Ten to the Designer to evaluate her. The Creator had informed the Designer of what was happening as they made their way to the Center. Walking into the room, the Designer had everything set up and ready.

Gently pushing Ten into the chair, the Creator stepped back as the Designer began to inspect Ten. Cutting into Ten's arm she was pleased to find that the electric nervous system was still connected. Grabbing a wire she connected it to Ten before she turned her attention to the computer screen behind her. The Creator pulled up a chair and sat down. Looking up at Ten, he saw that she wasn't telling him something.

"What is it?" He asked. "Tell me." Ten looked into his eyes before she quickly looked away. A few seconds of silence fell between them.

"Do I have a mother?" Ten asked. The Creator's facial expression didn't change in the slightest but his mind was racing.

"What made you ask a question like that? Of course, you don't, I made you."

"One of the Pigs said that she was my mother. They also had these videos of me, they described them as the past, and in one of them I said her name and that she was my mom." The Creator nodded his head.

"And what has become of this woman that you speak of?"

"I killed her." The Creator felt relief flood through him at the fact that she was still loyal to him.

"Where did they get these videos?"

"From one of the guards that worked here. Dan, I think his name was." The Creator licked his lips as he thought. They had Dan in custody, the only issue was what they were going to do with him. Looking up at Ten he saw the wire going into her arm and saw the chair she was sitting in. All the pieces clicked together suddenly and he knew exactly what he was going to do.

"Do you believe those videos?" Ten paused.

"I've seen them and I can't... I don't know if I do or don't."

Reaching up his hand, he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and faintly smiled.

"Thank you for your honesty." Ten nodded her head. "Are you up for a progression test?"

"Yes, sir," Ten said. "Sir, please take your Reconstruction Drug as well." A smile made it's way on to his face.

"Thank you for thinking of me." Ten nodded as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the drug. Placing the needle in his wrist they both watched as the dark orange liquid emptied from the case. As soon as the liquid was gone Ten looked up at him. He looked completely normal again and you couldn't even tell that he had stopped taking it for days.

The Designer came back to them and disconnected the wire from Ten's arm.

"Everything seems to be in place but there are what look like to be videos in her software. However, that should be a simple deletion with a few progression tests. Of course, the real issue will be getting her to disbelieve the videos." The Designer and Creator knew that they could say what they wanted because Ten's memory would practically be wiped with the tests.

"Ok, let's begin," the Creator said as he gently pushed Ten back into the chair. The restraints closed around Ten's wrists and the electric headrest came down. "Don't do the leather strap, I would like to ask questions. Also, may I be the one to control the shocks?" The Designer stepped back from the computer.

The Creator pressed a button and Ten's screams echoed throughout the room.

After about a minute he pressed the button again and the screaming ceased. Turning around he faced Ten who had her eyes closed. Her head was hanging limply and she was breathing heavily.

"Do you believe the videos?"

"I... I don't know-" she was cut off when her body jerked back. Screaming again, she naturally struggled against the restraints.


"What about now?" They had been doing the progression test for hours now.

"What about what?" Ten weakly asked.

"The videos."


"But do you believe them?"

"I don't know." The Creator sighed heavily before he shut down the computer. The restraints unlocked and Ten just laid there, unable to move. Walking over to Ten he picked her up and felt her body shake against his. Turning to the Designer he felt as Ten weakly clung to his suite.

"I want a memory search to be ready by tomorrow." The Designer nodded her head and the Creator walked out of the room.

He walked into Ten's room and sat down on the bed, Ten in his lap. Reaching over, he grabbed the blanket and laid it over Ten. She curled closer to him and the blanket.

"I'm going to stay with you to make sure that you don't glitch." He felt as Ten nodded her head. "We are going to continue with the progression test tomorrow." Ten nodded again. "Just get some rest." Ten didn't nod this time. Instead, he felt as she fully relaxed and knew she was resting.

He was just glad he had his Model back.


A buzzing feeling on the Creators wrist caused him to open his eyes. Looking around he saw that he was laying on Ten's bed with her blanket, but she wasn't there. Sitting up, the Creator ran his fingers through his hair, he must have passed out. Not taking the Reconstruction Drug for days had made him slightly weaker than normal and he knew that was the reason he was asleep. With the drug, he didn't need it.

Looking down, he saw Ten lying on the floor. The buzzing on his wrist continued. He looked down at his watch and saw that the Designer was calling him. Answering it he leaned back against the wall.

"Hello?" He asked.

"The council has informed me that Model Eleven has been made."

"What?!" He yelled. Ten sat up and looked around the room. Looking up she saw the Creator and moved to her knees. The Creator ran his free hand through her hair. "I thought Model Eleven was just beginning to be developed?"

"That's what we thought too but we were wrong. Also, Creator Eleven has informed our Council that she wants to meet you and your Model." Creator Ten was silent for a moment as he looked down at Ten. His fingers continued to run through her hair and she remained unmoving.

"When do they want to meet?"

"In a week."

"Do you think you could get Model Ten in prime condition in a week?"

"Yes, if I'm allowed the proper time."

"As long as I have time for training."

"That shouldn't be a problem." The Creator paused again. He grabbed Ten's chin and lifted her face upward. Running his thumb over her cheek he began to think. He motioned for Ten to sit on the bed. She got up and sat next to him. The Creator felt her pulse and looked into her eyes and tattoo. Any major signs of damage would be showing up on any one of those things.

"Set a date," he finally said.

"Yes, sir," the Designer said before she hung up. Reaching into his pocket he grabbed the Reconstruction Drug and inserted it into his wrist. After he was done, he stood up from the bed and placed his hand behind Ten's neck. They both walked back to the Designer's room.

"I want to cancel the progression test and just do the memory search today," the Creator said as he walked into the room. Gently pushing Ten back into the chair the Designer hooked Ten up to the computer.

A screen popped up with multiple lines all over it. The lines were blue and had a bright blue pulsing through them. The Designer tapped on the closest line and it displayed pictures that were moving. Her eyes scanned at the pictures until they finally stopped on one in particular. Turning around and looking at Ten, she saw that Ten's eyes were rolled into the back of her head and she was unmoving. The Creator was standing next to Ten, observing both her and the computer.

The Designer turned back around and double tapped on the photo. The picture expanded and took up the entire screen. A video was now playing and it managed to capture both of the Designer's and Creator's full attention.

The video was of Ten watching the videos on the computer. The Creator's anger began to rise at the sole fact that his years of work could possibly be undone by these simple, stupid videos.

"From what I can tell," the Designer said, snapping the Creator out of his haze of anger. "The majority of the videos are still here."

"Get rid of them." His finger began to trace his upper lip and his foot was tapping against the floor.

"I can't just delete them. They are now a part of her memory, we'll have to go back to the basics." She was talking about the onslaught of progression tests that they had done over the years.

"How long will that take?" His teeth ground together.

"Hard to say, but it won't be easy . . . but it also won't be too hard."

The Creator looked down at Ten. Her eyes were still rolled into the back of her head and he assumed that she couldn't hear them. It reminded him almost as a seizure. He tilted her face towards him and looked at the white part of her eyes. The once red lines were now an electric blue and he was at least glad that some of his work had held.

"Shock her," he said.

"While like this?" The Designer asked. They had never done this while her memory was being searched.

"Yes, unless there is a chance of hurting her further or damaging her."

The Designer pushed the video back and exited out of the nervous system. The Creator locked the restraints around Ten's limp, but slightly twitching arms before he looked back up at the Designer. She had pulled up the screen for the shocking while also keeping Ten in her seizure state that she had been in.

"Begin," the Creator said.

They were starting from sqaure one.

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