Model 10

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Chapter 15

Ten's lifeless body jerked as her fingers tensed and convulsed. Her eyes were still in the back of her head.

The Creator was sat in a chair, his finger pressed firmly against his lip as he watched her. The Designer was hard at work, trying her best to delete every video.

"Are you almost done?" The Creator mumbled. He knew the longer Ten was in the chair, the more of a chance of damaging her there was. The Designer sighed heavily.

"I don't know."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means that it's hard to find every video. I don't want to leave one but we've been at this for hours."

"How many videos have been successfully deleted?" The Designer was silent for a second or so before she shook her head and shrugged.

"Maybe ten."

"How many are there estimated to be?"

"If the video managed to record every time something significant happened, I would say around fifty."

"What about the tests. Did you find proof of the tests?" He knew that if Ten were to see that, she would break down completely and they would have to start from scratch.

"I haven't found any proof that she's seen the tests." The Creator looked over at Ten.

"What do you think would happen if we stimulated one of her Breakings?"

"You mean to do it again?" The Creator nodded. "It could work and send her back to how she was before . . . . Or it could make her remember."

"Even if she remembers, we can just delete the image that comes up."

"True, but do you want to take that risk?"

"I think we should. We need to get her back to where she was to prepare for Eleven. However, I think that she should go the phycological route. Do we still have those videos?"

"Yes, we do. I suggest that we stop this now, give her an hour or so to rest and then begin." The Creator was silent as he thought.

"Ok, it's worth a try. Shut it off." The Designer turned back around and shut off the computer, logging out of Ten's nervous system and disconnecting her from the computer. Pressing a few more buttons, the restraints unlocked, and Ten was woken up.

Ten sat up and breathed in deeply before she went limp. The Creator wrapped his arms around her and held her against his chest. Ten was too weak to move so her arms were limply placed at her sides. The Creator sat her back and grabbed the sides of her face before he made her look up at her. This action alone was unfamiliar to Ten, usually he just simply tilted her chin up, but now there was a certain strength and shake in his grip.

"How do you feel?" He was trying to sound sympathetic but something was off in his voice.

"F-fine." Her tongue was numb and she felt like she just wanted to sleep, something that she never craved. His grip on her face tightened.

"Ok, let's go back to the room." His fingers dragged down her face before they left it and he picked her up. His grip around her body was tense, but Ten was too tired, too disheveled to actually feel the difference, or at least to care.

Walking into the room, he laid Ten down on the bed and she actually stayed, something neither was used to. But to the Creator, this wasn't a big deal because he wanted her to relax for the hour before things picked up again. He sat down on the bed and placed his tense, shaking hand on her head, doing his best to calm himself and get Ten to a more relaxed state.

"I want you to relax," the Creator said as he stared at a wall. He felt as Ten nodded her head against his hand. "Within the hour, we will continue. Understand?" She nodded again and he leaned his back against the wall, his head following shortly after.

His eyes closed and they both fell into silence, a strange, somehow comfortable silence.


Ten's body twitched against the Creator's hand for the second time, meaning the hour was up.

"Ten," the Creator said. Ten's eyes opened and she slowly and groggily sat up, the Creator having to help her. "Now, we will continue with the tests. Are you up for them?"

"Yes, Sir." Her mouth was no longer numb.

"Model Eleven is coming faster than we anticipated so if you feel that your systems are being compromised, tell me. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir." The Creator got off of the bed and grabbed the back of Ten's neck, almost dragging her off the bed. Once up, he pushed her forward and they both walked out of the room.

There was a certain slowness to Ten's step that the Creator hoped would go away within the following days.

Walking back into the Designer's room, Ten saw that a few things had changed. A portable screen was stationed in front of Ten's seat and the Designer wasn't there. Despite wanting to ask what was going on, Ten held back her tongue as the Creator pushed her into the chair. Strapping her in, he brought down the head restraints and after a second, Ten couldn't move a muscle in her body. The Creator pushed the screen forward until it was around a foot in front of her face. With the press of a button, the screen expanded to where it was around the sides of her face, now wherever she looked, she only saw the screen.

Without saying anything to her, the Creator walked over to the Designer's computer and pressed a few buttons, making an image appear on the screen.

Ten flinched at the image, feeling like she had seen it before but couldn't pinpoint where. The image was that of an older Model, laying on a surgical table, awake. What Ten assumed to be their Creator was standing over them, surgical mask, gown, and gloves on him. A scalpal was in his hand and various cuts were on the Model. Medel parts had been removed from the Model and were laying on the table, other people were fixing the dent and broken parts.

Ten moved her eyes to the side, unable to move her head. However, she was met with the same image. Her breathing picked up and her eyes darted in the opposite direction, landing on the same image.

She couldn't escape it.

But the longer she watched it, the more she felt her brain shutting off. It was somehow a familiar feeling to her, despite never remembering ever going through anything like this. Despite her brain essentially shutting down, it began to pound against her skull as she watched the horrifying video. Something was trying to push itself to the surface, but it couldn't.

Now, all she could do was watch.

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