Model 10

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Chapter 2

Ten bolted upright in bed as a small shock was administered to her. Though the Creator had told her to get some sleep he had programmed her a long time ago to be administered a shock every thirty minutes while she tried to rest. This was done to try and make her the perfect war machine.

The Creator had reprogrammed her years ago to not require food or water. She could go around four to five days without sleep and be perfectly fine. She could fight for days on end without rest. Ten didn't mind it though, because she knew in the Creator's and Designer's eyes she was close to perfect and she knew she was better than all the other Models.

She laid back down and stared at the ceiling, knowing she would have to begin fighting soon.


Model Five swung her robotic hand at Ten. Five's hand was a shiny metal and she had modified her hand so her fingers were knives. Her other hand was modified so it was a small shield. One eye of Five was robotic and glowed a bright red.

Ten was glad that she was the Model Ten. The earlier models all had noticeable robotic parts, Ten was the newest model. She had been lucky and was given a Designer and Creator that didn't want any noticeable robotic features. They focused more on the brain and nervous system which caused her to be considerably better than the earlier models.

Ten's Creator watched on from the viewing box. His pointer finger was resting on his lip as his foot tapped on the ground. He glanced over at Model Five's Creator who had a smug look on his face at the fact that his older model was holding her own to the newest model.

Ten's Creator would always tell her to go on the defense for about five minutes then switch to offense. He did this to not only toy with the other Creator's but to make sure that if Ten ever needed to protect him she could hold her own.

Creator Five looked over at him and gave him a faint smile. Creator Ten smiled ear to ear before he tapped his watch. A voice box appeared and sound waves slightly moved up and down.

"Model Ten?"

"Yes, Sir?"

"The five minutes are up, have fun," he said before he hung up. He looked back down towards the arena. Creator Five worriedly followed his gaze.

Ten smiled as she jumped back. She flew through the air for about ten feet before she landed. Her feet slid across the ground for a few inches. She tapped what looked like a tattoo on her wrist. The tattoo was a dark blue color; it said T10 on it. When she tapped it the dark blue color turned the electric blue.

A screen projected itself 0ff of her wrist and in front of her face. It was a blank screen. She placed her hand on the screen and her eyes glossed over before they reverted back to normal. Two knives appeared, one in each hand. The knives were the electric blue color but looked like a hologram.

Ten looked up and saw that Five had only moved a couple of feet towards her. That entire process had only taken her about a second.

Ten ran at Five. Five swung her hand towards Ten's face. Ten brought up one hand and blocked Five's hand with her knife. She took her free hand and swiped diagonally, starting at her hip and ending above her head. Five backed up a couple of feet as a red stream of blood emerged from her stomach area. Sparks flew out with the blood as well.

Ten pressed her tattoo again and placed her hand on the screen. A second later her feet were levitating off the ground by about a foot. What looked like an electric blue fire was coming out of the bottom of her feet and was allowing her to float. She placed one foot in front of the other and tilted her toes upward. She shot backward. She looked back and saw she was heading straight for a wall. She jumped up and did a backflip with her legs fully straight and her arms crossed over her chest. Her feet landed on the wall before she started to glide on the wall. She was completely horizontal. She placed both of her hands behind her back and leaned her upper body forward, this increased her speed.

She glided over the viewing box. She quickly glanced to the side and made eye contact with her Creator. He gave her a faint smile. She then made eye contact with Creator Five and saw a horrified look come across his face. She quickly zoomed over the viewing box and was quickly behind Five. Ten bent her knees, doing a full squat before she leaped off the wall.

While in the air the boosters beneath her feet turned off. She turned sideways in the air and turned so her head was down more, making her body diagonal. She pushed her feet forward and down, causing her body to become horizontal. She took one arm from behind her back and moved it back more before she swung it forward with all the force she could muster. Her body started to spin. Her legs disconnected from one another and her other arm extended, knife in hand.

Five saw Ten jump on the wall and after a second, Ten was gone. She heard a noise behind her and she turned around. She saw Ten flipping and spinning through the air. She saw the knife flash in the light and before she could move she felt a sharp pain in her neck.

Ten landed on one foot, she had gained so much momentum while in the air that her feet slid as soon as she landed. She simply held out her arm as she slid by Five. When she finally stopped sliding she heard the sound of metal hitting the concrete. She glanced back and saw Five laying on the ground, dead, her throat slit open.

Ten crossed her arms over her chest and her knives disappeared. She moved her arms quickly behind her, crossing her wrists over one another. She got down on both knees and slightly bowed her head.

Her Creator smiled as he saw her get into her submissive stance. He had made her do this after every fight just to remind her that he was the one that had all the power and it didn't matter if she had gadgets, he was in control. As he walked towards the door he collected all the checks that had been bets on who would win. When he reached the door he turned around and looked at Creator Five.

"Get your thing away from my Model as quickly as possible, please," he said as he walked out of the room.

He made it down to Ten, who was still on her knees. He walked in front of her and placed his hand on her head.

"Good girl," he said.

"Thank you, Sir."

"Stand," Creator Ten said. She stood up and looked up at him, but kept her arms crossed behind her back. He placed his hand behind her neck and slightly pushed her forward. "Let's get out of here before this disgusting Model wears off on you," he said as they walked out of the room, his hand still behind her neck.

"Your work is too perfect to be able to be corrupted."

"You flatter me too much." He paused. "Are there any things that you felt faltered while you fought?"

"The only thing I can think of is that the selection of my weapons could be a bit faster."

"Ok, I'll take you to the Designer right away."

"Thank you, Sir."

"You're the way I keep my fortune so what kind of a Creator would I be if I didn't improve you where improvement was needed?"

"You would be Creator Five." He laughed an airy and somehow stern laugh.

"That's actually funny."

"Thank you, Sir."

They arrived at the door. The Creator scanned his watch on the keypad and the door slid open. They walked into the room. The room had various wires and computers along with robotic body parts spread across the room.

"Hello?" The Creator asked. The Designer soon emerged.

"What does she need improvement on?"

"Her weapons selection could be faster," the Creator said as he gently pushed her into a chair. The Designer grabbed a scalpel and a wire that was connected to what looked like a black glass screen.

"Please strap her in," the Designer said as she started to set up the computer.

The Creator grabbed the arms of the chair and brought them up. Ten rested her arm on the chair and placed her wrists in the restraints. The Creator closed the restraints around her wrists. He reached behind the headrest of the chair and grabbed a leather strap. The strap was connected to the chair so it would hold the persons head in place.

He placed the strap over her head and let it fall naturally around her neck. The Creator reached down and moved a stray strand of hair out of her face. He removed his hand before he reached down and laid his thumb on her tattoo. The tattoo lit up before the screen appeared.

The Designer rolled her chair towards them.

"So, how would you like to make it faster?" The Designer asked both the Creator and Ten. The Creator looked at Ten, awaiting an answer.

"I believe a more effective way of selecting my weapons would be if it was connected to my central nervous system and the weapons would appear on the screen as soon as I think of them so I can grab them."

The Designer turned towards the Creator.

"What do you think?"

"I like the idea but you're the one who modifies her. What do you think?"

"I actually think it's a really effective way of selecting her weapons. We could make it so the screen could disconnect from her tattoo and follow her around so if she is ever fighting she can have both hands and her screen right there," the Designer said as she started to type things into the computer.

"I like it," the Creator said.

"The only downside is that since it will be connected to her central nervous system instead of just her brain and a chip in her brain that certain things will drain her energy faster. She can have up to five plasmablasts, two plasma grenades, and basically anything that has lots of power before it starts to drain her power. Her best bet is to stick with knives, spears, grappling hooks, shields, armor, and her hover shoes. Does that sound ok?"

The Creator nodded his head before he looked at Ten.

"Do you think that with these new changes you would be able to protect me effectively?"

"Sir, if it came down to it I would use myself as a shield until you were safe." The Creator nodded.

"Do it," he said to the Designer. She nodded her head.

She took the scalpel and cut into her neck, right next to her artery. The Creator took the leather strap and placed it into her mouth. Ten closed her eyes and braced herself for pain. The Creator reached behind the headrest and tightened the strap to where she couldn't move her head.

"Starting in three, two, one," The Designer said as she placed the wire into Ten's neck. The blue electricity jolted onto the wire, pulling the artery up a bit.

As soon as the Designer said one the Creator noticed that Ten opened her eyes which were covered in a watery glow. He then noticed that she slightly mouthed: no.

Ten jerked back and her hands slammed into the restraints. A scream came up from her throat as she continued to convulse and jerk. The strap was holding her head still.

Her back arched up as she breathed out heavily. Her back slammed back against the chair and she tried to jolt her upper body forward, but the strap held.

The Creator looked over at the Designer who was typing code onto the black screen. The screen was connected to the wire which was now connected to Ten. The Designer hit one last key before the screen went black again. Ten breathed out heavily as she slightly relaxed.

The Creator reached down and placed his thumb on the tattoo. The screen appeared which revealed two knives. The Creator undid Ten's straps and grabbed her hand. He placed it over the knives and Ten's hand weekly grasped onto the knife. The Creator pulled her hand away and the knife came with it. His grip on her wrist tightened and she let the knife go. Like a magnet, the knife flew back onto the screen.

"I also added a magnetic feature so if she drops her weapons they'll come to her." The Creator looked at Ten and noticed that a sweat had formed on her face. He reached up and undid the strap and the other restraints.

"Do you want me to call security to take her back to her room?" The Designer asked.

"No, I don't want their dirty hands on her." The Creator picked up Ten's limp body and carried her back to her room.

He laid her down on the bed and she started to sit up.

"Don't." That was the only word he had to say for Ten to lay back down. "I'm proud of you. You gained me money, continue to prove that you're the top Model, and went through a huge update."

"Thank you, Sir." Ten's voice was quiet and somewhat weak. The Creator pulled up the screen on his watch and pressed a few buttons. Five holes appeared and he placed each finger in each of the holes. He slowly started to close his fingers.

An ear piercing scream echoed throughout the room. Ten sat up as she grabbed her head with both of her hands. She screamed again as she laid back down. She kicked against the bed and soon ended up on the floor. Tears were now streaming down her face as she screamed again.

"I saw you regret your decision about the update today," he said in a calm voice. Ten quickly grabbed his pants with her hands.

"Please Sir, it was an honest mistake that I didn't mean. I would never regret any decision you had made for me! I'm here to serve you, I would never question you!" Ten cried as she pushed her face against his leg and her grip tightened around his pants.

He pulled his fingers out of the holes and the screen disappeared. He looked down at Ten's shaking and quivering body. He placed his hand on her head. She removed her hands from his pants and placed them behind her back. She looked up at him. He took his hand and wiped away her tears.

"I'm glad that we were able to clear this up."

He reached down and placed one hand on her lower back and the other beneath her legs. He lifted her off the ground and laid her on the bed again. He stood up and opened the door. He turned around to face Ten who was slightly shaking.

"Get some rest," he said as he walked out of the room.

Ten closed her eyes as she blacked out.

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