Model 10

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Chapter 4

"Everything seems to be in order," the Designer said as she read her screen. Model Ten was sitting in a chair with a wire in her neck that was connected to the computer. They had been there the entire night making sure nothing was wrong with her.

"So she's in prime condition?"

"Yes, she is." The Creator breathed out a sigh of relief. "Hey, if Creator Five was able to get here I'm sure you'll be fine," the Designer said as she pulled the wire out of Ten's neck. She started to heal the part she had cut.

Suddenly the Creator's and Designer's watch buzzed. They looked down and read the message: load up.

"Stand," the Creator said. Ten stood up from the chair and awaited orders. The Creator placed his hand on the back of her neck and started to lead her to the military vans.

They made it to what looked like a loading dock. There were security guards stationed everywhere, some in towers, others on the ground. Ten looked around, she had never been outside before and everything seemed different to her in a weird way.

The floor was concrete instead of white marble. A tall concrete wall was stationed many yards away from them and it looked like it wrapped around the entire building. On top of the wall were small towers where guards were stationed, huge lights were placed facing away from them and what looked like speakers were placed in the corners of the tower.

The guards had machine guns hanging around their midsection. They were all wearing what could only be described as army green but looked somewhat brown.

The loading dock was full of military vehicles.

Ten was brought out of her thoughts as her Creator slightly pushed her to the side. They climbed into one of the military vans. Her Creator gently pushed her down into one of the seats before he sat down next to her.

Four guards climbed into the van and sat down across from Ten and the Creator. The Creator tapped his watch and the screen appeared. He tapped various buttons before a video appeared. The video was of the other Models fighting. The Creator crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned back in his seat.

Ten looked away from the screen. She noticed that three of the guards were doing something on their watches, except one. The guard that was sitting closest to the front of the van was staring at Ten. Most of his features were covered up by his gear. Ten averted her eyes and moved her head in various directions, trying to make it a bit less awkward.

In an effort to try and take her mind off of the guard, she pulled up her shooting game and started to play.


The van hit a huge pothole, causing everyone in the van to jerk in different directions. Ten's screen flashed red as a bullet went into her head. She sighed as she shut off her game. They had been on the road for hours and she was tired of playing that game. However, it was the only game she was allowed to have.

Ten glanced up and saw the same guard staring at her. She looked over at her Creator and saw him turn his screen off. He looked over at her.

"We're almost there. I'm just going to check and make sure that all of your nerves are functioning correctly, the last thing we want is for it to come disconnected while you're fighting."

Ten held out her arm to him and he pulled his scalpel out of his suit. He grabbed her wrist and laid her arm across his legs. He took the scalpel and cut down. He cleaned off the scalpel and placed it on his leg before he pulled out the small hook. Before he could pull apart her muscle or skin Ten heard the sound of metal on metal.

She looked down and saw what looked like a grenade rolling across the floor of the van. Her eyes widened as she saw no pin. She quickly activated her shield and placed it in front of the Creator. She grabbed onto him tightly and grabbed the guard directly across from her.

She moved so fast that as soon as the metal sound sounded no one even had time to blink.

A huge bang sounded and soon red and orange were all anyone could see. The blast hit the shield and forced them all back.

The guard that Ten had grabbed was slammed into the metal doors with such force that the locks broke and the doors opened. The next thing she knew was that they were flying through the air. She quickly adjusted them to where the guard would break her fall and she would break the Creator's. Right before they landed Ten saw the scalpel right next to her.

She watched it to see where it would land because she could hear faint footsteps coming towards them and didn't know if she had time to select a weapon. All in a second, they hit the ground. Ten felt as the guard's body moved and twisted in unnatural ways. Ten planted one foot on the ground and pushed off as she let go of the guard.

She turned in the air so that the shield was on the Creator's back and she was on his side. They hit the ground. Ten planted one foot on the ground to make sure they didn't flip again as the shield protected the Creator.

When they finally slid to a stop each of Ten's legs was on either side of the Creator's body. One leg was outstretched all the way, that was the one that had stopped them. The other leg was bent and almost in a squatting position. One of her hands was grasped tightly to the Creator's shirt and the other was placed on the ground.

She looked down at the Creator to make sure he was ok. He was breathing heavily and his eyes were somewhat wide. She heard a noise behind her. Everything around her turned into slow motion. She saw the scalpel bounce into the air as it hit the ground. She quickly grabbed it and threw the scalpel in the direction of the noise. As she did so everything went back to normal speed.

The scalpel shot through a person's throat and they fell to the ground, dead. Something hit the ground beside them and Ten knew it was a bullet. She quickly lifted the Creator off the ground, still keeping the shield on his back. He grabbed the back of her neck in a tight grip, whether it was because he was scared or mad, she couldn't tell.

"Get me out of here," he said quickly. Ten nodded as she started to run to the guard she had used to break her fall. His head was twisted all the way around and his eyes were open.

She quickly grabbed his gun, she didn't want to drain her energy having to use her gun. She looked around and saw the other military van that had been in front of them.

She felt as a bullet entered into her leg. She ground her teeth together in pain before she aimed her gun and fired in that direction. She watched as a person fell off of a destroyed building and hit the ground. She started firing at various other people.

She pulled the trigger but only a clicking noise sounded, she had run out of ammo. She threw the gun down and selected one of her grenades. The grenade was shaped like a disk and was completely blue. She threw the grenade at one of the buildings. It spun through the air until it got to a spot where it sensed the most people. It's sides opened and tiny metal balls emerged. They flew through the building and stuck to anyone and everyone they could find. All at once they exploded.

Ten watched as the building crumbled to the ground. By this point, they were almost at the van. All this time the Creator's grip on the back of her neck hadn't changed. She watched as people rushed at the other van. She selected her knives as they started to run to her. They were at their van that had been blown up. Thier van was slightly on fire in a few places and the smell of gas was evident. It had completely turned on it's side and the underside of the car was facing them.

Ten backed up until she felt the Creator's back hit the van. She selected her knives before she changed the shield to be in the front of him. She jumped up in the air.

She plunged her knife into the first person's head. She quickly pulled it out as another person took aim at her. Right as he fired she ducked and slid on the ground on her knees. She sliced her knife against his knees and he crumpled to the ground. She quickly plunged the knife into his head. She looked back and saw a few people getting closer to the Creator.

She rushed over to him. She grabbed one of the men's heads and lifted herself off the ground. She swung her feet into the person who was behind the person she had grabbed. When her feet collided with his face the sound of bone cracking could be heard and his head turned in an unnatural way. She continued the momentum she had and felt the man's head pop and suddenly she had done a complete circle.

She landed on her feet next to the Creator. He grabbed the back of her neck again. She started to run towards the van. Two of the guards were shooting anyone who was coming at them while screaming at them to move.

Right before they reached the van Ten saw something bounce right in front of her. Her eyes widened as she saw it was another grenade. She quickly grabbed the Creator and threw him towards the van. As soon as he hit the ground, a foot or so away from the guards, the grenade went off.

Ten flew through the air before she crashed into the original van. Her head smashed up against the van and her world went black. She fell on the ground as various pieces of metal cut her. She landed in a puddle of gas, motionless.

The Creator hit the ground and rolled across it until he hit the legs of one of the guards. He looked up and saw Ten laying on the ground, motionless. He tried to stand up to get to her but both of the guards grabbed him, one on each arm. They started to drag him back into the van.

The Creator struggled and kicked and screamed, trying to get out of their hold to get to Ten. He didn't care about the Pigs that wer still shooting at him, he couldn't just leave her after all the years he had spent perfecting her. However, despite his best efforts, the guards managed to get him into the van. They held him down in a seat as he continued to struggle and scream at them. The last thing he saw before they shut the doors was Ten.

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